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As we learn in the article Sitemap – What is your Sitemap? On the definition and role of the sitemap, the sitemap play an important role in navigating Googlebot, help search engines crawl the site.

And because of the importance of this tool to the website, at the following let’s also create a sitemap embarked on following the instructions later. Currently, there are two main ways to create a sitemap that is created manually or using software support. First, let’s go first to find out how: How to initialize the sitemap manually.

NOTE: This will be complicated for those who can not read code. But the extremely simple if you know a bit of code. Therefore, if you do not know anything about the code, can ignore and move on to the 2nd way

The sitemap manually initializing

One of the simplest types of Sitemaps Google XML sitemap support it. You can create a site map the following form:

One of the simplest types of Sitemaps Google XML sitemap support it. You can create a site map the following form:

http: //www.example.com/sitemap1.xml.gz
2004-10-01T18: 23: 17 + 00: 00


In it, you’ll need to change the information of the following tags:

  • : the address of a page link on the site to add to the sitemap
  • : the last update of a link on the page

Build the sitemap in this way will make you forced to adding each new link to the sitemap on the site. You will have to turn more information of each link on the page. These links will be added to the information should be declared for 2 cards and and placed in the

After you’ve added all the important links on the page you add memory to the card sitemap to finish by the end of the declaration of the links in the sitemap and now you’ve got a complete sitemap.


So you can see how this craft very hard and forces you to constantly add new links on a page when you post new content to add. And after the addition is complete, you will have to re-submit (submit) the new sitemap to Google edits.

So you can use immediately following the 2nd way to create a sitemap for your website, how to create a sitemap using support tools.

How to create a sitemap with software support

One of the most common tools now help you create a sitemap that standard tools Yoast SEO (aka SEO by Yoast ). Known as a WordPress plugin SEO optimization is the most common use today, with features that support users onpage optimization Yoast SEO also brings a feature for users to create and customize content in your sitemap.

Yoast SEO will divide the content on the site into several different categories like post (content published on the site), category (categories) or post tag (the tag has on site), … to create a sitemap. The tool also automatically initialized prioritization (priority – the priority order data collection) for the pages on the site and how often Googlebot crawls should make to these pages.

And your sitemap will now form www.domain / post-sitemap.xml (with path /post-sitemap.xml). Examples of VietMoz sitemap: sitemap .

Note the sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools submit

Once you have sitemap, this time next job that you need to do is submit (send) the path of the sitemap to Google through Google Webmaster Tools (Webmaster Tools). You can just send in your path and update your sitemap, Google was able to get the site diagram. You also do not need to update every time there is more fresh content on your site.

Above is 2 seo tips you can simply try to create a sitemap for your website. There’s also plenty of other plugins that can help you create a sitemap page. However, it should be noted that installing many different plugins to create a sitemap on your site will be able to happen the conflict plugin.

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2 simple ways to help you create a sitemap – Sitemaps
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