Integrates Facebook Chat on blog / website WordPress

Guidelines integrate Facebook Chat on blog / website WordPress.

use facebook chat will increase the efficiency of information exchange between customers and us, bringing rapid response and reliability.

is undeniable is that Facebook are having a growing impact on e-commerce platform in the world in general and Vietnam in particular. Today, almost everyone uses their internet account owner Facebook especially young people. Many businesses and individuals also search whereby customers through social networks. If you are trading online, the integrated Facebook Chat ( Facebook Messenger ) on its website to enhance interaction with customers is a great idea can not better.

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Integrates Facebook Chat (Facebook Messenger) in WordPress

1. First, you need to install and activate the plugin WP Facebook Messenger .

2. Access to Settings => Facebook Messenger and set the parameters required for plugin.

In particular, note the following parameters:

  • Your Facebook Fan Page URL : address fanpage on Facebook of you.
  • Custom text for buttons : to customize the button text Messenger interface WooCommerce .
  • Upload icon or image : selected icon or image for the button Messenger .
  • Main Color : choose colors for buttons Messenger .
  • Custom Text Messenger app for open button : customize the text of the application button Messenger .
  • Language : select the language for the interface Messenger .
  • Display : the display options ( Display but all pages except – appears in all pages, except those you choose below; display for page … – display the page of your choice below).

The other items you do not need to be concerned because they are only for the PRO (paid).

Click the button Save to save it after completion.

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3. And here are the results you will achieve.

The symbol can be drag to any position on the left and right edges of the interface. When you click it, a window Messenger will automatically pop up, allowing users to send messages to your fanpage.

4. If you use WooCommerce to generate online sales shop, a button Messenger will automatically be added to the interface contact help customers more quickly.

5. If you want to add nodes Messenger in the sidebar or footer, use the widget Facebook Messenger .

And the result will look something like this.

It’s great is not it? I wish you success!

Are you integrate Facebook Chat on the blog / your website? You use any solution to do that? Please share it with us in the comments below frame.

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Villa Beautiful By Design Kien Truc AC

Work to do for Google friendly website

Tips “SHOCK TITLE” classics to make SEO

Instructions for installing the Comodo SSL certificate

may phun bi may ep bun bang tai may ep thuy luc may nghien rac may ep rac may ep bun bang tai thiet ke lau dai

Integrates Facebook Chat on blog / website WordPress
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Villa Beautiful By Design Kien Truc AC

Villa Beautiful By Design Kien Truc AC

Design style villas in Architecture AC always own imprints in each villa project. It is for those families which have passion for a living space there are extremely luxurious beauty, ancient. design and villas close harmony with trees, natural.

With a classic design this villa it is an extremely great architecture for a full family life with exciting live experience, class and convenience. Let’s Design Reference Kien Truc AC below villa to inspire as well as samples for your reference.

Designs beautiful classical villa is connected to a modern space:

Design incredibly beautiful villa class

Design architecture of modern beautiful villa not follow symmetrical shapes but instead are forms of decoration has been rethought. Designed with the lines very energetic, free and anonymous contours are very special geometry.

The villa design today has shown the design features a very strange and unique. It did not pay attention to thiết kế biệt thự  lavish too much form outside as the ancient villa architecture.

Instead, in the design of cottages dep today it would favor utilities section inside the villa rather than external decoration. The same architecture that is outside of the villas will be quite simple with the classic decorative lines but very beautiful and luxurious.

Please join us to track more ideas below, if you want to get a beautiful designs neoclassical villa was created based on the old classic design is extremely unique and class thiet ke lau dai dep.


To the villa architecture can bring in external factors, the more harmonious Company Architects designed AC cottages were designed more to other parts of the housing space. Including parts plants or flower pots were arranged around the villas offer natural feel and comfort for your family.


This not only offers decorative elements for design beautiful villas, but also helps the family members to be close to nature, with the advantages of the facade should be designed to bring its villas the most beautiful properties in the facade.


If you have the need for additional design classic villa or other architectural forms go to the right architecture to be met Kien Truc AC all.

In addition to the villa architecture design, Architecture AC consulting projects designed luxury castle with buildings spread along Vietnam such as Hai Son castle General – Ha Nam, Thanh Thang castle – Ninh Binh …

Source: Thiet ke biet thu

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> Design classic castle Tong Hai Son in Ha Nam province, Vietnam

Design planning Dabaco villas in Bac Ninh, Vietnam

Villa Beautiful By Design Kien Truc AC
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Work to do for Google friendly website

Work to do for Google-friendly website

Google friendly is the way to do to get SEOer rank highest search results on page 1 of SEO Google, here I want to mention one aspect of seo people do not talk to the code, the website source code . By the work that your web designer to grasp because it is their rice and clothing pieces that.

website thân thiện với google

Give your visitors the information they’re looking for

Provide high-quality content on your site, especially your homepage. This is the most important thing to be taken. If your pages contain useful information, its content will attract many visitors and entice webmasters to link to your site.

In creating the site useful, information-rich, write the description page and clear precise your subject. Think about the keywords that users would type to find your pages and include those words on your site.

Make sure that other sites link to your website

These links help your data collection process we found your website and can help your site appear higher in the search results of us. When returning results for a search, Google uses text-matching techniques to display complex and important sites suitable for each search. Google analyzes a link from page A to page B as a vote by page A for page B. Votes from the pages “important” more convincing and helping other pages also become “critical. ”

Keep in mind that our algorithms can distinguish natural links than the links are not natural. Natural links to your site develop as part of the characteristics of the web when other sites that your content valuable and that will be helpful to visitors.

Unnatural links to your site are placed there specifically to make your site look more popular to search engines. Some of these types of links (such as link schemes and doorway pages) are covered in principle by Google Webmaster, if these doorway pages or links are useful, the information you recommended mention will be very effective and vice versa is considered spam so incalculable harm.

Only upon natural links are useful for the indexing and ranking of your website.

See more: 

Make your website accessible

Build your site with a logical link structure. Every page should be reachable from at least one static text link.

Use a text browser such as Lynx browser, to check out your site. Most of the information gathering process will see your site much as Lynx would. If features such as JavaScript, cookies, session IDs, frames, DHTML, or Macromedia Flash keep you from seeing your entire site in a text browser, then spiders may have trouble news crawl that page , so be limited as much as possible if those features are not really useful for the user.

thiết kế website thân thiện với google

The actions should be avoided

Do not fill your page with lists of keywords, attempt to “hide” the page, or the page up “only the data collection process.” If your site contains pages, links, or text that you do not want visitors to see, Google will review these links and pages deceptive and may ignore your site.

You are not required to purchase the service search engine optimization. A number of companies committed to “guarantee” high ranking for your site in Google’s search results. While legitimate consulting firms can improve the flow and content of your website, other companies use deceptive tactics in an attempt to fool the search engines. Be careful; if your domain associated with one of these deceptive services, it could be banned from the Google index, and then you will know why it.

Do not use images to display names, content, or links important. Data collection process we do not recognize text contained in graphics. Use ALT attributes if the main content and keywords on your page can not be formatted in regular HTML.

Do not create multiple copies of a page under different URLs. Many sites offer friendly version printer or written on it only includes content like pages containing multiple images corresponding graphics. If your site has the same content and can be accessed via different URLs, there are several ways to determine which version of the standard (preferred) of a page. More information on standardization.

Do not use a content source 1 for many websites, it is considered as spam content and google will be extremely picky in this matter.

Use text, readable font, font size just right not too big or too small, between the lines there is a certain distance separating the line and the bottom line. Should use the “” to denote a footnote or a paragraph to clarify meaning.

In the article there are more bold or italics to highlight content, rational use of h1 to h6 tags to change the passage intentionally, to emphasize the content of the article. Do not use white font coincides with the background so google will assume you are trying to cheat the reader.

Always check the content, seo tools such as ahrefs, MOZ, or ranksingals … to check for errors or events in your website. Before you upload your data to website optimization in a standard computer the size and reduce the amount as much as possible, while ensuring the integrity of the content.

During the writing process should not use too many words many times repeated use of synonyms, the same meaning to the phrase or the need to articulate coherent and understandable and less boring the reader.

Use the dot, comma separated logical question, to avoid too long paragraphs, do not follow the logic.

Check possibilities friendly mobile devices. using the following link:

Prevents unauthorized access

Protect the site safe from hackers by regularly updating any software on your site. If management tools your site can send notices about security, make sure that you are in the mailing list to be able to perform timely updates on security.

Content blocked by interstitial application settings

Some sites have started advertising apps for their mobile devices by opening interstitial ads pop up when users browse their sites on mobile devices. This is a bad user experience for screen space on mobile devices is limited; in most cases, interstitial content obscure and often very difficult to ignore.

If you want to promote an app for mobile devices on their website, consider using iOS Smart Banners, Posters original application for Chrome or indexing applications to display buttons set for your application directly in Google search results.

Viewing window with a fixed width

This report shows the page view window can be set according to a fixed width. Some web developers view by identifying windows of fixed pixel size to adjust a page that does not respond to suit the screen size of mobile devices normally.

To remedy this, use responsive design for pages on your site and set the viewing window matching the width of the device and extending respectively. Read more about how to set up the viewing window.

kiểm tra website thân thiện với google

The contents have not been set for the viewing window size

This report shows the pages that need to scroll horizontally to view text and images on the page. This occurs when the page using absolute values ​​in CSS declarations or images designed to show the best with a specific browser widths (such as 980px).

To fix this, ensure that it uses the relative width and position values ​​for elements CSS and also ensure that the image can be enlarged. Read more about sizing content in the viewing window.

Above is some work to do to optimize google-friendly website, which brings greater possibilities for the top seo services you do, if you have any opinion, please comment below to exchange on light.

Soure: dich vu seo

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Tips “SHOCK TITLE” classics to make SEO

>  What should be written in the first post on your website

> Thiết kế biệt thự cổ điển thiết kế lâu đài đẹp

Work to do for Google friendly website
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Tips "SHOCK TITLE" classics to make SEO

Shock title is one of the “ term SEO ” not too strange for you to do SEO. But not the jerk title always brings higher efficiency when used. The purpose of using the article title to help the reader or your customers excited and compelled to click on your article view. The title is the same as the content inside messages, regardless of 2 factors: BOT and users.

Formula 3 title most effective shock

First, let’s see those notes when writing the title serves BOT:

  • The title contains keywords
  • Put important keywords title tag first appeared
  • The length of title not exceeding 65 characters
  • If you can put the brand name in the title
  • Please pay attention to the user, the customer


The formula jerk title
1. C1: Key1 + key2 key + 3 + Brand
2. C2: Brand + Key1 + key2 + key 3
3. C3: Key1 + key2 + key 3
For example: in the article: dich vu seo website

This title was used by 1, but is written quite natural and not keyword stuffing. It is also a tendency to write SEO current title, and also note 5 above: “Please pay attention to the user, the customer.” Next, note that when writing the title serves users:

  • Title write simple, easy to understand
  • Title write naturally, not cramming too many keywords to the title
  • Title I only took 1 standard and is the main content of the article
  • Title stimulate, strike a chord customer

Put yourself customers, when they find that keyword information they want to get what? Please optimized title in that direction and how to use the following headline to increase the attractiveness, attraction for your title.

24 classic title shock method

website thân thiện với google

1. Bringing the total number to title

Putting figure on the title will make users excited, easy to create curiosity.
For example:
“24 headline classic art when writing SEO “.

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2. Use the side events

Create events around the topic being addressed.

3. Age restriction

Decentralization age will help us towards objects more accurately.
For example: “article is not intended for children under 16 years of age”.

4. Terminology and new words

concept, the term, the new definition has always attracted the attention of many people.
For example: “What is Pro Club VietMoz SEO?”

5. Use the detection

Create surprises that users have not found a solution,
For example: “The finding security vulnerabilities while accessing contacts Iphone”.

6. Target specific objectives

Your title should be directed to a specific target. Thus users will understand the contents toward the object you want to be?
Example: “Management Software SEO for SEO Club Pro”

See more: thiết kế biệt thự Pháp cổ thiết kế biệt thự đẹp thiết kế lâu đài

7. Celebrity

Based on celebrities to attract readers.
Example: “She has been enrolled in VietMoz SEO”.

thiết kế website thân thiện với google

8. Adding adjectives and adverbs

Use of words such as “easy”, “fast”, “100% success” to highlight the title you want to talk to.
For example: “How to hack money viettel 100% success “

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9. Exaggerated problems

Improving the value of something to make the reader feel curious to see.
For example, “do not know the best SEO sales”

1 0. Posed the question

Header with questions like: “Where, why, what” will make people have discussions, issues that help you make the most efficient way.
For example: “where cheap SEO service providers on the planet?”

11. Promotion

The promotions always attract the attention of the user.
Example: “Sign up today to learn seo received 100 million bonus.”

12. Confidential

Hint to reveal the information is about to take place.
For example: “Lee Nam reveal her true gender.”

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13. The story itself experience

Sharing the experience of his own to the reader knows, this is always something a lot of people interested, to draw lessons from it.
Example: “Sharing experience writing SEO articles 30 1 day “.

14. Goat head hanging, selling dog meat

Create content tin hot but not mentioning his title launched. This will attract users to click on the article but worth giving the user will not have, so be careful when using.

15. Use the crowd support measures

This way will make more people interested in what they’re talking about looking for support.
For example: “For too 1 SEO management software for SEO VietMoz Pro Club.”

16. Time and money

There is a specific time or a certain amount will also make easier for users to click on your article.
Example: “SEOer VietMoz 1 month for 20 million”.

17. Reports, statistics, source credibility

This will make the user feel more confident.
For example: “Google’s statements about the number of users Youtube in Vietnam.”

18. Overview draw

conclusions about a problem that many people are interested:
For example: “The whole plot of the Chinese in the 981 rigs”

19. Comparison

Use words comparison makes the user click on the article to read.
Example: “Higher Wages shoeshine both directors”.

20. Following the event hot

Create the information related to a particular event log are a lot of people interested.
Example: “SEOer VietMoz not just shape it.” “Planning on 1 page SEO – It’s unbelievable.”

21. Create motion lifetime

Creating milestone events taking place during which the user is watching.
For example: “Live events of the 2014 World Cup finals”.

22. Create the unexpected, think

Create something that makes the reader think of the place information that someone is talking about.
For example: “The truth behind China illegally drilling platform”.

23. Controversial, inhibiting the crowd

Using this way will create more buzz around the issue you’re talking about.
For example: “The Japanese: Vietnam full trash stealing things.”

24. Use words urging

Using anonymous words urging users about a problem that the user is disturbed.
For example: “See it now before it’s deleted: Video Ngoc Trinh first highway … .goi” . Above is the method of shock 24 classic title that you can apply to articles to help readers could not look away and ignore your article

Above is the method of jerk title highly effective when used. You can use the how to make SEO This unique for application in writing articles offline!

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 > Instructions for installing the Comodo SSL certificate

Tips "SHOCK TITLE" classics to make SEO
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See photos in Slideshow mode on Windows 10

Before his article with instructions on how you how to Windows Photo Viewer for Windows 10 also in this article is 1 small tips for you to view photos in slideshow mode or slideshow on Windows 10

Some beautiful wallpapers on villa architecture for window 10.


Screened or Slideshow mode available on Windows 10, but you do not need to install any software or other application.

How to see your photos of this type are often used to review the entire folder of photos to have a great experience more vivid when it full screen without obstructing other components.


View images in slideshow mode or the slideshow on Windows 10

To view photos or images an entire folder option in slideshow or slideshow mode on Windows 10 you follow a few simple steps.

1. In the folder containing the image you should see

2. Images can be viewed in slideshow mode, if the default is not checked, it will screen all important image folder. Click Manage as shown below, and select Slideshow

3. In the slideshow mode you can use the keyboard back and forth to see the fast or so it automatically switches were (automatically moved with the slide 3 Slow, Medium and slideshow Fast slideshow you are sharing right click shows set this book)

See also: Thiết Kế Biệt Thự Đẹp đẳng cấp từ mọi góc nhìn


To exit the slide show mode, you press the ESC image in the left corner keyboard.

Oke, so that they have little to guide 1 TIP You can view pictures that are convenient than the conventional view mode Full screen and not have to.



See more:

Thiết Kế Biệt Thự Cổ Điển Đẹp – Biệt Thự Kiến Trúc Cổ Điển Cao Cấp

> Thiết Kế Biệt Thự Cổ Điển Xa Hoa Nhất Hà Nội

>  Máy ép thủy lực máy phun bi máy ép bùn băng tải

Some beautiful wallpapers on industrial plants


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Free IObit Smart Defrag Pro software 5.4

7 practical method to increase the Domain Authority

See photos in Slideshow mode on Windows 10
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What should be written in the first post on your website

See the Google version AMP Kien Truc AC dich vu seo

Boom era of Information Technology, c basil’re living in the digital era, Route information has been spread out before our eyes. With sharp, intelligent, astute people Vietnam has approached very quickly. So far, the Internet has been in both remote rural areas. We do not need to discuss its impact on the lives of people. Because it represents too clearly in the life around us.

you? As the young generation of the country, the future of the country, I’m sure you have equipped many of knowledge about Information Technology. Want to master “the game”? You want to assert themselves in this field? And you decided to write a Web site, to test myself in a certain field.

Very well, you are very assertive, have “vision” and “bravery”.

At this point we want to make sure that you have learn The process of designing a website SEO standards (Refer to the here ). It is an extremely important step to ensure that your website works most effectively. Should not be overlooked.

OK, finished. You already own a website SEO standards. You started writing the content for it. The first article, referred to as the first bricks laid the foundation for a house. Just that was enough to tell the importance of this article. You have to consider, choices … to your house to where high though always solid.

In this article, we wish to send to you the hint, the experience has gone through. For the first article you achieve the most effective.

If you do not do well, it is likely your website will fail. But if you do well, you have set a solid foundation for success. The goal: Readers must be attached to the back of your website, you’ve read your first post. They exclaimed with friends that your website is wonderful. Many people were not important issues, when they already own website quickly post for a lot, as if to demonstrate that they are on the Internet. That is the wrong action, because readers will never be impressed with your website, and you will lose them forever.

So let’s find out what should be written in the first article.

  1. Please tell us: Who are you? (Who are you?).

You recently joined the online network. No one knows anything about you. If you want to get the trust of readers, want them to come back to you, stay with you longer. You have to let them know who you are. It’s just like real life every day is not it? The first meeting it is necessary to have “introductions”. And to earn the trust, you must sincerely, fully introduced. The first article on the website, too. Let readers know:

– The life experiences that you have experienced is what?

– This Website Is this your first website?

– Are you a pro or not? Or are you just a blogger?

Try to talk much about himself, through which the reader will learn about you, arise intimate feeling and they will trust you more, want to hear what you say. You should also use multiple images in the article to express yourself in a more intuitive. Readers will be interested in learning more about you. Many experts in this field say: Do not just be “the strange man behind the keyboard”. Let readers understand and “see” you.

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In short, the more you provide information about yourself, the more chances you gain the confidence of readers. You have created a good impression right from the start of exposure.

  1. Please tell us: Why do you have this website?

This is an extremely important point. If readers do not know they will not have a reason to trust you. You have to make the audience believe that this website is because they are made. To answer this question, you ask yourself:

– Why do people come to your website again?

– they want to find something in it?

– And what you have available to them?

Tell readers why are you building this website? They will appreciate it and they’ll want to connect with your routine.

  1. Please tell us: You will write something on your website?

It is similar to the question number 2. Once you’ve answered the question number 2, then this question will be easier. Let them see what they are expecting from you. Let them know exactly what they will see when visiting your website. Even better, you can give readers a schedule that will be updated. Credibility to your readers will increase. Do not give what is generic, broadly. Let’s focus on a specific topic. This will also be beneficial for points Domain Authority (article link) and readers will see you as an “expert” on the issue credibility.

  1. You are writing for anyone to read?

In this first article, do not forget to talk about the website’s target audience (target audience).

– Your site may write to any object?

– They look like (ambitious, lazy, busy ron.v.v.).

goal is: You have to let readers see them is welcome, and trust that you understand their problems.

  1. How do readers can participate in your website?

You must tell us this.

– Through Comment (Comment)?

– Guest Posting (reader’s article)?

– method to contact you if readers have any questions, problems questions?

You must let them know that they can reach you if they need to. Also do not avoid the dissent of readers. Sometimes there are people who disagree with you. You need to let them get to share it with you. Otherwise they will not believe you because not the same opinion.

See also:  Thiết kế biệt thự Pháp đẹp máy phun bi máy ép rác máy nghiền rác thiết kế biệt thự cổ điển đẹp

Therefore you have to do anything to readers that their feedback is appreciated and encouraged.

  1. Specifically target your website to readers.

You should share the goals of the website for readers in the first post.

– What do you want to achieve through this website?

– Short-term objectives in 3-6 months what is your?

Share them with your readers, they will appreciate the transparency and clarity on your website. They will trust you more and more, and want to return to your Web site. At the same time, readers will also arise ideas to help you achieve those goals.


If the first article on your website has all the elements we mentioned above. Be confident that you have a good start.

Please make sure that readers already know you are an honest, passionate and open-minded.

Make them understand that you are here not to cheat, swindle. You are helping them, your presence is their joy.

Hopefully this article will give you the most practical suggestion.

Come with us to have the best references in your journey.

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Instructions for installing the Comodo SSL certificate

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Plan your keywords for any website

What should be written in the first post on your website
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Instructions for installing the Comodo SSL certificate

Installing the Comodo SSL certificate

PositiveSSL of Comodo SSL Certificate Domain Validation is a lot of people used by low cost, easy to install, does not require paperwork to confirm the information at all.

In this article, I will guide you how to install the certificate on the server PositiveSSL using Nginx.

If you have not registered SSL certificate, refer to promotional SSL blog thiết kế biệt thự

1. Generate certificate

SSL After registration, you need to conduct a new receiving generate the certificate file.

In this step, you need to give Private Key (and CSR Key), be careful to save Private Key to use the steps below. Depending on where you register the certificate that supports key functions automatically generate different.

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Format private key form:

GvYZ / 9pOqYYUpA / rZnAAUAFyqdnMcMsYmD6W / m4J9W7 / onDrQX7ExzfAKhbWy + FA
v18S8P7arvjxnjXoS8rs4 / IVwiqLy5PqispyEmlsFp19 / TpJeYltVrrPofiS7 / IV
RJrYwZ3s8U2iFF7ZK / wX7pVN36XM187pFg6vcIjKWdnOUmgPsOYof6d72koddiPm
oOuDIHAd3M3i1OrhLmx1usHmbL5hj2ls9MI6LOjm15ZAGk + q7lIOsdRfAto8pgE7
u7oB4ts / AgMBAAECggEAaLYGP4oEpzjNLi + qtm5HNxaFG3fn6JAw6XYLvnHGhC5I
vcjVNBlf44zQG4UMeZ9T / aoVFtmDifRMDQQ62MdzgJs4AE0U2 + MEbN3NBySbeXID
Email sent from Comodo SSL certificate with the same title as follows: ” Your PositiveSSL Certificate for “, in the mail with attachment 1 zip consists of two files:

You use any editor, Notepad ++ for example, open the file seosieutoc_com.crt copy and paste the entire contents of the file on top of saved in the file ssl-bundle.crt

At this time, the certificate file ssl-bundle.crt will contain the contents of two files .crt and .ca-bundle

2. Install SSL certificates

This step alone operation on server installation HocVPS Script the server installed Nginx server manually or else how do you keep reading same carefully to understand. Entanglements place to leave a comment I will support always.

Create a file folder containing the certificate:

mkdir -p / etc / nginx / ssl / seosieutoc_com /
Save the content certificate file in this folder, copy / paste using Nano editor

nano /etc/nginx/ssl/seosieutoc_com/ssl-bundle.crt
Save the content shared folder Private Key:

nano /etc/nginx/ssl/seosieutoc_com/seosieutoc_com.key
Creating parameters DH 2048 bit file, the process will generate a while:

mkdir / etc / nginx / cert /
openssl-out /etc/nginx/cert/dhparam.pem[19459015dhparam2048]
Next, we will adjust the Nginx configuration file. For example, your domain name is the file will be the path configuration is /etc/nginx/conf.d/

Open up the configuration file with nano

nano /etc/nginx/conf.d/
Configuring SSL processing requests

In block server … 2nd adjusted as follows:

+ Transfer listen 80 default_server ; to listen ssl 443 http2 ;

+ The line server_name; add the SSL configuration has been optimized yourself:

ssl_certificate /etc/nginx/ssl/seosieutoc_com/ssl-bundle.crt;
ssl_certificate_key /etc/nginx/ssl/seosieutoc_com/seosieutoc_com.key;
TLSv1 TLSv1.1 ssl_protocols TLSv1.2;
ssl_prefer_server_ciphers on;

OCSP ## Stapling resolver;
ssl_stapling on;
ssl_stapling_verify on;
ssl_trusted_certificate /etc/nginx/ssl/seosieutoc_com/ssl-bundle.crt;

# Improve performance with HTTPS session resumption
ssl_session_cache shared: SSL: 50m;
ssl_session_timeout 1d;

ssl_session_tickets off;

# DH parameters
ssl_dhparam /etc/nginx/cert/dhparam.pem;

# Enable HSTS (
Strict-Transport-Security add_header “max-age = 31536000” always;
Redirect entire www http to https link

In block server … at the top:

+ Transfer server_name ; to server_name ;

+ Transfer rewrite ^ (. *) http : //$1 permanent; to rewrite ^ (. *) https : //$1 permanent;

Results are as follows:

listen 80;
server_name ;
rewrite ^ (. *) https : //$1 permanent;

Now when accessed and will automatically redirect to

Redirect entire www https link to https

Add new block server … at the top

http2 listen ssl 443;

ssl_certificate /etc/nginx/ssl/seosieutoc_com/ssl-bundle.crt;
ssl_certificate_key /etc/nginx/ssl/seosieutoc_com/seosieutoc_com.key;
TLSv1 TLSv1.1 ssl_protocols TLSv1.2;
ssl_prefer_server_ciphers on;

rewrite ^ (. *) https: //$1 permanent;

At this time when access will be automatically redirected to

Configuring SSL with port management HocVPS Admin Script

If you install SSL for the domain name used HocVPS Script, add SSL configuration required when using the port. For example, if your installation to the default port 2313 .

Find block server … line listen 2313;

Add text and paragraph ssl SSL configuration similar to below:

server {
listen 2313 ssl http2 ;
access_log off;
log_not_found off;
error_log off;
/home/ root;
index.htm index.html index.php index;

ssl_certificate /etc/nginx/ssl/seosieutoc_com/ssl-bundle.crt;
ssl_certificate_key /etc/nginx/ssl/seosieutoc_com/seosieutoc_com.key;
TLSv1 TLSv1.1 ssl_protocols TLSv1.2;
ssl_prefer_server_ciphers on;

auth_basic “Restricted”;
auth_basic_user_file /home/;

Now HocVPS Script link Admin login will be

Nginx configuration file will eventually be similar to the following:

http2 listen ssl 443;

ssl_certificate /etc/letsencrypt/live/;
ssl_certificate_key /etc/letsencrypt/live/;
TLSv1 TLSv1.1 ssl_protocols TLSv1.2;
ssl_prefer_server_ciphers on;
ssl_ciphers EECDH + CHACHA20: EECDH + AES128: RSA + AES128: EECDH + AES256: RSA + AES256: EECDH + 3DES: RSA + 3DES:! MD5;

rewrite ^ (. *) https: //$1 permanent;

listen 80;
rewrite ^ (. *) https: //$1 permanent;

server rar

ssl http2 listen 2313;
access_log off;
log_not_found off;
error_log off;
/home/ root;
index.htm index.html index.php index;

ssl_certificate /etc/letsencrypt/live/;
ssl_certificate_key /etc/letsencrypt/live/;
TLSv1 TLSv1.1 ssl_protocols TLSv1.2;
ssl_prefer_server_ciphers on;
ssl_ciphers EECDH + CHACHA20: EECDH + AES128: RSA + AES128: EECDH + AES256: RSA + AES256: EECDH + 3DES: RSA + 3DES:! MD5;

auth_basic “Restricted”;
auth_basic_user_file /home/;

location /
$ uri $ uri try_files / /index.php;
location ~ .php $
fastcgi_split_path_info ^ (. + . php) (/.+) $;
include / etc / nginx / fastcgi_params;
fastcgi_index index.php;
fastcgi_connect_timeout 1000;
fastcgi_send_timeout 1000;
fastcgi_read_timeout 1000;
fastcgi_buffer_size 256k;
fastcgi_buffers 4 256k;
fastcgi_busy_buffers_size 256k;
fastcgi_temp_file_write_size 256k;
fastcgi_intercept_errors on;
fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME /home/$fastcgi_script_name;

location ~ / .
deny all;
Check your Nginx configuration standard view has not

nginx -t
Restart Nginx

service nginx restart
If you use WordPress, install the plugin Really Simple SSL to redirect http to https automatically and transfer the entire link .css, .js to https. The address bar will be green at this time.

Access time to enjoy the fruits domain only. Wish you success.

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The most searched keywords: dich vu seo, thiết kế biệt thự cổ điển, máy ép bùn khung bản

Why you should focus on improving the speed of web load in 2017

Google AdSense: 10 Methods of optimizing revenue for Web page

Instructions for installing the Comodo SSL certificate
3.2 (63.53%) 170 votes

Why you should focus on improving the speed of web load in 2017

Every website owner wants to increase the percentage of visitors, reducing the visitors leave. And studies show that one of the main reasons why customers are leaving your website load speed does not meet the requirements.

Through this article you will find the reason why you have to focus on improving the load time of the web to increase customer access.

Why web load speed important?

Speed ​​web load as quickly as possible. This was not anything new for all those who have been studying about SEO.

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Prospect is a very important issue in business. They will be very disappointed when they first come to your website. But it must wait a long time to load. You will lose them right from this moment. That also explains why the percentage of customers who leave your website increasing. recently did a study found that: Over 50% of Internet users expect a website can be loaded within 2 seconds. Any website that has a longer load time will cause them frustration and preparation out. To go to the website as your competitors but better load performance.

Another study found that: Approximately ¾ users will not return if the website load time longer than 4 seconds.

So if you want to meet the expectations of customers. Make sure your website loaded within 2 seconds.

Let’s create a separate branch access for mobile.

There is a mobile version of your website is a great idea. The most recent research shows that 2/3 of smartphone users would access the Internet through their phones.

See also: Mẫu thiết kế lâu đài đẹp

Moreover, the trend over the phone Internet access will increase due to the use of smart phones is increasing, tends to universalize. However, you must also know that the mobile version will run slower version of “tradition”.

That does not mean you should put your code to integer Mobile version. Instead, you must have the appropriate code adjustments to Mobile. To minimize the time to load.

So, how to check the website load speed?

This is quite simple, especially in recent times Google has launched a free online tool. Allows you to check the website load speed.

Example: You go to Page Speed ​​Online

This is a tool developed by Google Labs. You can integrate Page Speed ​​Online on your website as a Extnsion. Or you just use it as a web-based tool.

Page Speed ​​Online will let you know your website load speed. It also proposed a number of options for improving web performance load.

03 important way to get websites to load faster.

There are many ways to improve your website load speed. Here we propose to you 03 most key methods:

  1. Use the GZIP data compression tool

Normally if you want to take a picture or a graphic file to the Web, you have to reduce their size to a certain level to ensure web load speed. But the file will not be sharp as the original. But with GZIP so you do not need. It can reduce the size of the files on your website up to 70%. Without reducing the quality of images or graphics.

  1. Save CSS and scripts as external files (external file).

One of the important things can slow down your website will load up with the stylesheet when readers click on a page on your website. CSS and scripts saved as files external to avoid this problem. Because it means that all files uploaded 1 times just to make your site work perfectly. And of course this means that the page on the website will load much faster.

  1. Using the cache (Cache)

Activating set the cache so that if your website has the risk load a little slower, it may be based on the cached version instead. If you regularly update the cache, the cached version will be “like new” and it feels like a version up-to-date.

How to load Web site faster in 2017?

Hobo Web has made a study of the influence of the web to speed load performance. Their charts have shown that if your site takes 1 second or less to load, then the impact is very small (5% or less). When your website has achieved this speed. Then the customer is leaving because of other reasons, not related to the speed of web load.

See also: Fast loading speed of some sites


Use theme Genesis, child theme Magazine, combined with plugin WP Rocket


Using pure PHP code to optimize the interface information


Therefore, although our study was quoted above are encouraged to load web speed of less than 2 seconds. So why do we not do much more. Surpassing the expectations of readers in 2017? You do everything possible to web load times only 1 second and little more. Then you will get the results they expect.

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Plan your keywords for any website

Google AdSense: 10 Methods of optimizing revenue for Web page

The most searched keywords: dich vu seo, thiết kế biệt thự cổ điển, máy ép bùn khung bản

Why you should focus on improving the speed of web load in 2017
3.7 (74.44%) 180 votes

Plan your keywords for any website

Share for those novice SEO the way to plan keywords for any website. You can use any of a Mix and Match can also to give the the optimal solution for your website

With the new website should have clear plans keywords which are planned content always, this will help you manage the content of their website from the beginning to avoid duplicate content, as well as help you fully exploit the contents of the array, aspects of the field you

Plan keywords for any website

The first is Google Keyword Plan

The first tool that I want to discuss is the most basic tools to tell SEOer knows. It’s planning tool keyword ( Google Keyword Plan ) of Google. This is a tool for planning of Google Adword keyword to support the ads in the campaign planning to run your ads.

This tool is a tool that all SEOer are used, this tool does not show you the list of keywords related to the keywords you need to analyze, it also gives the amount of search / month, assess the needs of the user search by month and gives you an overall picture of the trends most searched keyword (search time and time most users demand the lowest). From there you can know when to accelerate key business to achieve the most effective.

What you need to do is visit the Google Keyword Plan (If you do not have an account, register it). If so, choose Log on Adwords.

In the next window select the new keyword search using the phrase, website or catalog. Get the keyword in the box below and select Get ideas at the bottom.


Enter your keyword analysis and selected box Inspired

Here GG will list out all of the keywords to the keywords you wish insole analysis as well as the average amount of monthly searches. And it also shows the total monthly search volume and display according to the year you have an overview of the trends of users.


You can download the relevant keyword list for ease of analysis.

If you save the file excel fails you can choose to save it in Google Driver will not be sorry and you can copy go freely.

From keyword list that you will select keywords that fit your keyword analysis. Note that your keyword analysis deeper (more keyword choices both both short-term), you will cover more content and thoroughly exploit your niche field.

However, to use this tool effectively, you need to analyze the keywords within the same array. For example, you analyze key “warts” then you need to add a key analysis of the search niche, but more like “symptoms warts”, “How to treat genital warts” … So shall get more comprehensive analysis with many more niche keywords.

Ex keywords have more searches:

+ thiết kế biệt thự   About 3,941,000 results

+ dịch vụ seo  About 2,790,000 results

+ máy ép bùn băng tải  About 1,890,000 results

And further as a result of the Google Keyword analysis Keyword Plan also somewhat scratch you need to analyze carefully the necessary array of keywords and remove extraneous markings ^^.

Followed by the keyword analysis tools in GWT

Log in to Google Webmaster Tools (Google Webmaster Tools) to item search traffic -> Keyword analysis


keyword analysis tools in GWT

Google will return for your keyword list strengths of your website, you can make use of it in order to find common array keyword rankings are good and promote it. This can help increase website traffic if you do well the array has filtered out from there.


keyword analysis tools in GWT

followed by a keyword search directly from the Google search window

When you search on Google, Google always shows the hint keyword search are many. You can make use of it to analyze your keywords and find the relevant keywords that people search. Since then added to the list of keywords for your SEO plan.


Take hints from Google

You can avail it by typing the keyword analysis should then add characters from a to z and experience the results. Every time you type a letter you will receive a list of suggestions from Google different. Please note that keyword immediately to complement your keyword list.

Add one more suggestions from Google that Google Related Searches

Every time you do a search on Google, you pull down the bottom of the search results you will see the keywords suggested by Google is the following:


Google Related Searches

Those tags are more interested users. You can take advantage of it to add to your keyword list.

Followed by the keyword analysis tools online

That What you need to do is enter a keyword and select Suggest this ^^ waited results.

Plus you can use the software to support analysis of keywords such as:

Long Tail Keyword map Pro Hay Pro

Both are tools to support effective keyword analysis. With Keyword Map Pro you only need to enter keywords and keyword list returns received by each array.

Also with Long Tail Pro it Google Keyword analysis is based on Google’s Plan, you simply fill out the account information that will get results.

About 2 software support, you can consult and down on Google.

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Google AdSense: 10 Methods of optimizing revenue for Web page

7 practical method to increase the Domain Authority

What is Domain Authority? How to check the Domain Authority?

Plan your keywords for any website
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Google AdSense: 10 Methods of optimizing revenue for Web page

Optimize revenue for mobile website

Today 21% of users worldwide using only the phone to go online. Google search system had to revise algorithms to help users find the best sites for mobile and tablet algorithm will prioritize the sites were optimized for mobile devices. Its very good for seo top google

Creating a well-designed website for mobile helps the reader easy to use, search is important because 61% of users will leave the start page if they do not find what you are looking for

Tip 1: helps users easily access:

This factor includes an easy to use (simple beautiful design), easy interaction (the user will be taken to the right content they are interested) and readable (legible font fit)

Tip 2 Test your site

social Source: shares, load speed, load time, the level of interaction of the user interested

visitors: download speed, load time, while users on the site, number of pages viewed per visit

Tip 3: Consistent on different screens

Ensure that users access from a laptop, tablet or mobile phone, the user experience remains the same

Tip 4: Make the site run faster

74% of users will move over the page if the page takes to load 5s

The best practice when placing ads on mobile

Tip 1: when using the advanced features in the ad text, reduce unwanted clicks by placing advertisements content away 150px

Tip 2: Revealing advertisements in half on site to increase user experience and maximize revenue

Tip 3: Change advertisement by 320 × 50 320 × 100 ad templates to give opportunities for higher eCPM

Tip 4: put social networking to link users to easily share

Tip 5: use 300 × 250 ad templates to increase fill rates and eCPM ads

Benefits ad formats for mobile web

format ads jute Responsive ad format that we just have to install code on the web and it will automatically resize to fit each screen, so the ad size will be optimized according to size screen size

ad format ads Anchor size 350 × 20 will fixed at the bottom of the screen when the user drag the screen down to see the content below the ad will slide along and still resting there, if users do not like, they can click the ad and hide away so this ad will not affect the user experience. When I put this advertisement on mobile anchor is ad code will not count against the limit is 1 ad on a mobile screen

Format: Vignettes are covered in full screen ads when a user clicks the phone moved from one page to another.


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What is Domain Authority? How to check the Domain Authority?

7 practical method to increase the Domain Authority

Onpage SEO tips & Offpage 2016: +100 SEO tips

Google AdSense: 10 Methods of optimizing revenue for Web page
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7 practical method to increase the Domain Authority

Practical method to increase the Domain Authority

All About Domain Authority viewed here: Domain Authority (DA) is what? Complete Guide for Beginners

Most website owner (webmaster) have a common goal, which is: Standing at higher rankings in the ranking of search engines .

There are many online web metrics. But only some data have become exponentially critical. Because the data that went into the world of SEO. One of them is Domain Authority (DA). You may have heard about Domain Authority you should read this article to get insight and be more specific about DA.

DA is a number (in a scale of 100) developed by Moz.

It estimates and decide the location of a web page will look like in the rankings of the search engines (Google, Bring …). A website with a point DA high will also have a high position in the rankings of the search engines (ranking high ranking in the results returned when searching a relevant keyword).

You are to know how to increase DA for your website? In this article we will share 7 practical methods to increase your site DA . But first, we’ll tell you about the importance of the problem to increase DA site.

Why the increase DA is important for the website?

Increase DA will increase the ability ranks high in the rankings of Google or other search engines. Sometimes, you will see the web page content is less, less attractive but have a higher ranking on the results returned by search engines. It is because of DA of sites with little content higher DA other web page. DA very important in the ranking of search engines.

The note on DA:

+ To calculate DA more than 40 expressions of a site to be included in the calculation.

+ The website in a higher position in the rankings of the search engines will be DA higher.

+ DA high will lead to higher rankings and more Traffic than (learn more about Traffic).

+ DA will not increase even in one night, it is a process.

There are a few things that we do well will improve your score DA for the site. Of course it will not be easy, but also not as difficult as climbing Mount Everest.

So, how to increase the DA for your website?

Well, DA can not be bought or stolen from anywhere. To raise the point of DA you need to have a sound strategy, long, with thousands of quality content. And must be very, very, very much patience. If the point of DA Your are between 10 and 15 you can easily increase it to 30-40 points. But from 50 points or more jobs will become more difficult and increasing DA will slow. So, learn seven steps will help you have a better DA.

  1. Post article with quality content (attracted many readers)

You need to have quality articles to improve the point of DA. Unique content, accessible always welcome anywhere though. You must have a specific strategy on human, time, facilities … for this job. It does not matter how long you write it. Content is important you get readers writing received. The issue you raised has caused excitement for the reader or not.

You should keep in mind: “Content is King” (Content Is King). Your content is what draws readers, and you can not compromise with the readers of the content. You can use photos, video content to make your article more attractive, interesting. Because there saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” (a picture is worth a thousand words). A good content should also have an appropriate amount of time. A good content can not be less than 800 words.

Here are some points to note:

+ Do not copy someone else’s article and then posted on its website.

+ In the article, please use synonyms instead of using a word many times.

+ Avoid digressions, not to mention the problem is not related to the article topic.

+ Make your articles or more professional.

  1. On-Page SEO (learn about On-Page SEO)

On-Page SEO is a method of optimization. It plays an important role in moving DA your from low to high. It includes technical factors, such as: The page title, keyword placement, keyword density . Here’s a simple checklist to help you maintain a website optimization:

Avoid keyword stuffing, keep keyword density from 0.5 to 1.5%.

Keyword Targeting : Choose a perfect keywords for your article. These keywords are preferred term because it easier to calculate the ratings. Try to use keywords in the beginning the focus of your article.

permalink structure (learn more about the permalink) : Using a structured SEO – permalink friendy which contains your keyword focus.

Description Essential (Meta description) : Fill a basic description of the content of your article, do not empty it, and which must contain your keyword focus.

Writing headlines by keyword : The title of the article on your website should be attractive and sufficient means, be better off starting with your keyword focus.

Optimizing images : Images used in the article should be optimized to boost your SEO Top Google status.

If you do not take care of SEO, will hinder the improvement of DA of you on the charts. On-Page Optimization (on page optimization) is the best technique to bring the attention of the readers to your website. And right SEO will increase DA of you.

  1. Internal Links (Internal linking) is a secret

The best example of internal links that Wikipedia. There are content with DA up to the maximum (100 points). Internal links increase the average duration of a visitor to your site. Create links to other relevant articles on your website and create your article with more information, more attractive readers. But it also has drawbacks: The link to the old article are related or similar content .

This will help search engines easily find content on your website and collect them quickly. Internal links also help to spread the Link Juice and Page Authority throughout your site (learn more about link juice and page authority). Internal Links will allow both users and search engines easily towards your website. For internal links effectively make sure all internal links are do-follow.

  1. Create high quality links for your website

will not easily get high-quality links. But when there is, it will be very valuable for your website. Many webmasters make mistakes at this point. they only care about the number of backlinks that are not interested in its value. Should have faced many difficulties in gaining Domain Autority for the website on the search engines. We believe that their method is not right for blacklink. They create links to these sites and get lower quality backlinks in minutes. But the backlink they receive no value, even an adverse effect on DA website.

There are many people who are hard day and night just to get high quality backlinks. What is wrong in this action ? In fact they were right. Those who earn blacklink by illegal means will pay the price for that. Their website can lose rankings even penalized by Google. So good method to create high quality links is what? We recommend the following steps:

a. Share your post on social networks

Let’s focus on the media website has Domain Authority high. When you share your post on FaceBook or Twistter with quality content. Your post will have more share, more like. Accordingly it will survive long and many, many fields known. Remember that even the best content should be shared and developed.

Share on social networks is a skill. To master this skill requires a specific strategic and practical experience is indispensable.

b . Posts by readers.

There are posts of readers is the best way to develop the brand and increase visits to your website. Creating favorable conditions and safety in the process of improving point Domain Authority for your website. Guest Posting has always been a convenient and effective way to help rally Domain Authority for your website. If you do it in a systematic and logical. If you want to have lots of guest posting you should:

+ Think open and put up the best content.

+ Try to put content on the website articles are of high quality.

+ Avoid stuffing link (link stuffing) as it will adversely affect the ranking of the website. More bad can you be punished.

+ Only post content related to the website content that you intend to post.

+ Use the relevant links.

c. Satisfaction is a natural link The builder (learn more about this phrase on Google).

You just need to write quality content (information rich, legitimate, easy to read, …). Good content will not only be beneficial for your website, your readers. It will also be of much help to those other sites. Why so ? For example, you post it to your website an article of luong.Toi read and find more useful information for the article are incomplete. So your article helped me finish it and my website has an article quality.

should create content that can connect. To be able to get more links to your website the most natural way.

  1. Reject all bad links (Bad links)

It is the actions necessary to remove the bad link frequently affect the position of your website on Google. Remove bad links is also an important task to achieve quality links. You have to keep your link profile “clean”.

Many webmasters were unaware of this.

This should be done regularly and continuously a quality plan. If you do not refuse and remove bad links will harm your website by little, bit by bit. And your website will lose points Domain Authority serious. Bad links directly impact your project. Therefore required a good link profile to get high points DA. To get a good link profile you should focus on removing bad links and generating quality links.

  1. Be patient and wait for your Domain “aging”.

The age of the domain will help to increase the ranking as well as point Domain Authority website. If your domain has been used for 3 to 4 years that is still active. That means you were operating effectively. There are quality content, there are quality links … It is Google appreciated. You should not worry to the point DA or the ranking of your keywords on the search engines when your domain only 2 months of operation. Just the content on your website is always quality Domain Authority will increase over time.

Age of domain is an important factor in SEO. Today, it does not mean that the new website can not rank high or improved Domain Authority. They certainly can be done but will take more time. So have patience and let the time pass.

  1. Increased frequency of post

To keep your website always Update. You must increase the frequency of post on the website. Not easy to get post to post on the website regularly. But if you plan and implement scientifically and accurately you will achieve results not bad for your project. Domain Authority may increase if you continue to post regularly. But it will go down if you do not do it. Other benefits of posting regularly:

– Traffic higher, higher revenue, higher rankings.

– Achieve more quality backlinks.

– Create trust with readers.

– Strengthen exchanges and sales capabilities.

* Conclusion

Above are seven steps you can take into your SEO strategy. To be able to create a high quality website through raising points Domain Authority of it.

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Description tags and how to write a description tag SEO standards?

Onpage SEO tips & Offpage 2016: +100 SEO tips

7 practical method to increase the Domain Authority
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