Zalo is a social network is not inferior to Facebook, in Vietnam, to meet the increasing information needs of the Zalo is faster and faster.

A recent user of this app has released a new feature called Zalo Charging which is getting the attention of so many people.

However, it must be said in advance that bán máy ép bùn băng tải giá rẻ this feature is only used for the TP power sector.

HCM detached.

First, to check the electricity bill with Zalo, go to Zalo> go to Contacts> Official Account

Select “Find more official account”

Click the Search > type “EVN”.


EVN HCMC > then Send a message

Click the Search button, select any feature you like.

You will be asked to enter the Customer Code (PExxxxxxxxx format) . You just enter this code the first time, the vincity đại mỗ next time you can use the function as usual.

Besides the ability to view the outstanding fee is how much, you also see the diagram of the power consumption of his family, then adjusted to reasonable.


Zalo is a social network is not inferior to Facebook, in Vietnam, to meet the increasing information needs of the Zalo is faster and faster.
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How to increase traffic from Facebook?

How to increase traffic from Facebook to your blog / website?

Facebook Facebook is not the first social network, however it is one of the largest and most important social networks today. There are a number of social networks that are capable of replacing Facebook in terms of features. However, no social network Kiến Trúc AC can achieve the recognition of a large number of users such as Facebook . Facebook is not only a place to exchange, make friends … but also can be used for business. You can leverage it to drive product sales growth and service, to shopping or even to generate traffic to your blog / website.

Further reading:

How to increase traffic from Facebook?

Here are some suggestions that can help you significantly increase traffic from Facebook in particular and from social networks in general:

Make your profile Facebook interesting: provide as much information as possible. You should know your profile is a great weapon. Publish your profile máy ép bùn băng tải giá rẻ so many people can see it. If they find your profile interesting, they can become one of your regular customers.

  • Theme address blog on your profile Facebook : Write about how your blog / website can help people and its services. You can also write these on your wall.


Add as many of you as possible: Make your network bigger. The larger your network of friends, the more people you know about your blog / website.

  • Do you have an interesting profile and a large enough network of friends? But it will not help if you do not regularly post articles, status. You should regularly post about your blog / website. Otherwise, the traffic from Facebook will decrease over time.
  • Do not just be busy with vincity tây mỗ your own profile: check the profile of others. Study what they like. Join their groups and events. You should build chung cư thanh hà mường thanh a good relationship with others.
  • Create a fanpage for your blog / website, try to promote it and earn as much “like” (or “like”). You can also buy “likes” for fanpage (not recommended). Through fanpage, you can share content from your blog / website with your fans.


Use different apps to make your fanpage more attractive. This can make people more interested in your fanpage.

  • You can also create a group and add all your friends into it. They may add more people. Then share content from your blog / website on the group. This can be an effective way to promote your blog / website.


Use Facebook ads to introduce your blog / website: you can open CPC or CPM campaigns. Advertising Facebook can generate a large amount of traffic to the blog / website. Of course it will cost you money so you need to balance between the receipt and spend before doing.

  • If you have a privacy issue, you can use two separate accounts. One for business purposes and one for personal use.
  • Do not forget to take advantage of the cover feature to introduce your blog / website.


Facebook is changing daily. So it is very difficult to set up some specific tactics. But if you follow the suggestions above, you will surely earn a good page rank. Good luck!

Do you know of other more useful tricks that increase traffic from Facebook ? Please share it with us in the comment box below.

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How to increase traffic from Facebook?
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9 Tips for Writing Effective SEO Content

9 Tips for Writing Effective SEO Content

Each Webpage is a major factor in a Web site, which is like a book page throughout the book. Google will evaluate and rank your website based on each such Page.

Article content is the most important factor for a good site, many good sites will erect a Website good. The search engines công ty seo will rank your website based on many factors, however content is always the number one.

Whether you’re writing your latest blog post or posting the same post for Google +, you need to keep two things in mind. First you need to do that is to join your readers. Second, make sure your text is SEO effective!In this article you will learn 9 tips for writing effective SEO content. Use 9 tips to improve your search engine optimization strategy.

Include keyword phrases in the title

Google search engines focus on bán máy ép bùn băng tải the title of your article or blog. So if your title contains the keyword phrase then it will be a very important part of creating effective SEO content.

Also, to attract the reader’s attention, use an odd number in your title. For example, in this article we have 9 tips.

Use keyword phrase in sub titleThe use of keyword phrases in sub titles is very useful for both your readers and your Google ranking as you divide your article with sub headlines. Readers appreciate that because secondary Kiến Trúc AC titles make it easy for them to read your articles. Also, most people skim over the Internet. Therefore, if readers can find the segment they need most, they will stay and read it.

Google search engines like it because they also scan your posts for sub headlines. Based on the words and phrases in your subheadings, Google search will evaluate your article.

4 Important Factors of Content Passionate Guest

Improve Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy by Using Keyword Lenses Containing 125-150 Words

Do not make a rookie SEO strategy mistake! When small business owners first learn about how seo siêu tốc to improve their blog’s SEO, they often go too. Thank you! You DO NOT want to do this. Google will punish you, rather than welcome you.

When you use your keyword phrase in an article too many times, the Google search engine thinks làm sổ kt3 tại hà nội that you are cramming keywords! This is a no big mistake, because it looks like spam.

So how many times is too many times? A well-written article that is using effective SEO only includes keyword phrases containing 125 to 150 words.

Use the keyword phrase in the first sentence of the Blog and bold it

The only time you will break rule number 3 just after the title. Your title (if possible) must include your keyword phrase. Then, immediately you want to use your keyword phrase in the first liền kề thanh hà mường thanh sentence of the article. To break things down you can change the first sentence into a question.

In addition to using the keyword phrase in the first sentence of the blog, be sure to bold it! Bolding it again will allow your keyword phrase to add weight when the Google search engine scans your article.

4 simple sticky notes to create attractive titles

Use Images and ‘Alt Text’ option

When Google searches your article, it also indexes the images you have included in your posts. It uses the description in ‘alt text to help accomplish this.

The important thing about images is that Google Image Search works the same way Pinterest does. When someone clicks on an image from Google’s image search, they will be taken to the corresponding article or website. This means your site can quickly and easily rank on the first page of Google. Google Photos for Your Location!

Add italicies to your Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Since you are using your keyword phrase that contains 150 words, highlight it once with italics. When Google’s search engines scan your article, they pay special attention to the words or phrases that are highlighted. You can highlight the keyword phrase with italics or by using bold features.

The only free SEO Training in the Philippines
Use your keyword phrase in the last sentence of your article

Just like you use keywords in the first sentence of the article, you want to include it in the last sentence of your article. Think of those SEO articles as an Oreo cookie. The headings, first and last sentences are the outer layers of the cookie while the sub-subclasses and fill colors are highlighted.

Make your keyword phrase a link to be able to click on an article or related product

Similar to highlighting, when you create a keyword phrase that clicks on a link, Google search allows your keyword phrase to add weight.

This is usually something you will do at the beginning or end of an article. For example, if you are writing a series, you can include links to other articles at the bottom of the article. Or, to have a great article, you can suggest them to come back and read it with a clickable link at the top of the article.

It is important that clickable links include keyword phrases.

Make your content easy to share

The more Google search engines will see the content of thiết kế web your blog post on different websites, then your site will rank as a whole. Therefore, it is important that you make your content easily shareable.

Are you going to use these 9 tips in your search engine optimization strategy?

Did you find out what the keyword phrase of this article is?

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9 Tips for Writing Effective SEO Content
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What are keywords? The 5 Most Important Things About Keyword Research SEO

What is a keyword? The 5 most important things about keyword research SEO

For SEO the job of choosing the right keywords will help the SEO person to properly navigate the article, the topic concentrates in the highest direction of the keyword.

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Proper keyword navigation will make SEO work easier and search related keywords as well as expand the topics around that keyword.

What are keywords? How to select keywords effectively?

1. What are keywords?

The keywords are those words or phrases describing the content. They can be used as liền kề thanh hà cienco 5 metadata to represent images, text documents, database records, and web pages.

Users can tag photos or text files with keywords related to their content. Then, these files dịch vụ thiết kế biệt thự đẹp can be searched using keywords. This makes finding files much easier.

For example: a photographer can use a program such as Extensis Portfolio or Apple iPhoto to tag biệt thự đẹp his natural photos with words such as “nature.”

“Tree”, “flower”, “landscape” … Through tagging photos, he can later locate the location of all flower images simply by searching for the keyword ” Flower “.

The keyword is used on the Web in two different ways: The first is as search terms for the search engine the second is for the shoulders. Game words determine the content of the site.

The role of search terms for the search engines

  • Whenever you use the search engine to find something, you need type the keyword to help the search engine know. That you are looking for something and will give you relevant answers immediately.

For example, you are looking for used cars, you can type the phrase “used car” as of your keyword . After that, the search engine will pay you for results with all web pages with content related to your search term. The more keywords you type in, the more specific the results you get will be “delicious” much. Therefore, if you are looking for a specific used car, you can enter search terms like “used Honda Accord black car” to get the results. More accurate results.

Many search engines support operators to use with keywords to refine search better. For example, when you type the phrase “apple and computer” instead of the phrase “apple – apple” if you are làm sổ tạm trú kt3 tại hà nội looking to find the in electronic products of Apple, instead of the apple rich vitamins doctors usually I advise you to eat every day, the results are not bad at all.

    • Web content description role

In addition to playing the search terms for the search engines, the keywords also assume the content description role of a search engine. Site by using keyword declaration tag (keyword meta tag). This tag is located atin HTML and contains words that describe the content of the web page.

The purpose of the keyword tag is to help search engines identify and organize web pages, like the rotec việt nam examples of the photos in the section above. However, webmasters have been known to use inaccurate tags to get higher search engine rankings and now search engines do not place too much emphasis on keyword tagging when the index Pages.

2. How do effectively select keywords?

When Google pays special attention to the quality of your content so it can perform well in organic search, this means choosing the right keywords affects the success of the content you post.

The four most important elements of the essay attract visitors.

We, who do not want to attract a lot of traffic to your site, but in fact, the results are not unique to the increase in traffic. What we really expect is that all those visitors will become real guests who are interested in our products and services and are willing to pay to get them. To do this, we must choose the right keywords it will magnetize and connect your site with the right customer. ]

8 Things to create a good website that adheres to Google Adsense policies.

The process of keyword research is “hard to chew,” but once you do it right, it will bring amazing results for your inbound marketing efforts.

Here are 5 steps to help you choose keywords effectively:

1) Check your site with the eyes of a potential customer

This step sounds familiar, but it is often overlooked. When builds the keyword you need to make sure that the words and phrases you choose are closely related to your business.

The website will represent you, telling your prospects that you are selling or offering products or services. Start investing and think about how your prospects might be looking for your product in any way . Remember that terms or phrases that are relevant to your field will be very helpful as they will attract those who are interested or involved in that field.

2) Find out the keywords of your competitors

Once you have listed your main competitors, visit their websites and find out which keywords they are targeting . Are the keywords they are using similar to the keywords you are embarking on?

Write to us the income 30k to 150K and earn 1-3 Back Link Do-follow

One of the easiest ways to discover a few keywords is to look at the source code on each web page, first of all the source code on the homepage. This can be done by right-clicking on the main content area of ​​the page and choosing to view the “page source” from the site. Once complete, enter chung cư thanh hà mường thanh the search function (command + f) and enter “keyword” in the search box. The results will show you the keywords that your competition is optimizing for each page.

3) Understanding long keywords

When embarking on your research, you need to understand that the actual keyword is hard to rank well and should not be used. Meanwhile, long tail keywords a combination of 3 (or more) words or phrases will yield far more positive results as they reflect the way a user’s search . Long tail keywords will help you better fine-tune your search terms to your site, attract relevant traffic, and provide a much higher conversion opportunity. Do not be discouraged by the fact that long tail keywords have lower search volumes, because in terms of actual performance they are much more competitive. At the same time, keep in mind that geographic formats are useful in creating long tail keywords because they only attract people searching for a product / service in a specific location.

4) Use the Google keyword tool

Google keyword tool is very useful and effective for keyword research. The first thing you should do when using this tool is create account and login . Creating thiết kế biệt thự kiểu pháp this account is straightforward. Start by entering the word or phrase you want to target. This tool will provide you with closely related search terms, local and global searches made monthly for your specific keywords, and the competitiveness of your keywords (links only). Regards to AdWords). Be sure to test all three factors when targeting relevant keywords for your specific product or service.

5) Research your current SERP ranking

Once you’ve decided which keywords to target, it’s important to investigate your current SERP ranking. By enter the website URL and the keywords that you want to test, you will be able to discover which Google page you are ranking for each term. Using this free online tool will quickly help you identify which keywords you should target first.

Doing keyword research will bring a lot of benefits to you when you do it right. Hope these tips help you.

What are keywords? The 5 Most Important Things About Keyword Research SEO
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Remove query strings in WordPress with WP Rocket plugin

Remove query strings in WordPress with WP Rocket plugin

Quit the query strings in WordPress simply with the WP Rocket plugin.

In a long time ago, I have been instructing you how to remove query strings from CSS and JS files in WordPress to speed up your load. Blog / website right? If you no longer remember what query strings are, you can refer to that article here . Back to the dịch vụ làm sổ tạm trú kt3 main issue, if you are using the WP Rocket plugin version 2.9 or later, you can now easily remove query strings easily without the need. Add code to the functions.php of the theme as before.

Further reading: dự án thiết kế biệt thự pháp đẹp

Remove query strings with WP Rocket plugin

WP Rocket is not just a cache plugin, it also takes on the function of a cleanup plugin and chung cư thanh hà database optimizer; HMTL, CSS, JS, Google Fonts optimization; Lazy load images, videos and iframes; CloudFlare … and many other Kiến Trúc AC useful features. That’s why WP Rocket is believed to be used on hundreds of thousands of blogs / websites, although it is a paid plug-in.

Since version 2.9, WP Rocket has been added a new feature in the installation interface, named dich vu thiet ke biet thu dep Static Resources . It allows you to remove query strings from static resources like JS or CSS easily.

All you need to do is tick in the Advanced tools tab of the WP Rocket plugin then click Remove. Button Save Changes to save.

Before Removal:

After removal:


Is not it great? No more worry about interfaces when inserting code into files functions.php the wrong way too. I wish you success!

Are you removing query strings on the static resources of your blog / website? What method are you using to do that? Please share it with us in the comment box below.

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Remove query strings in WordPress with WP Rocket plugin
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How to use Search Operators Link Building a positive way

How to use Search Operators Link Building a positive way

Every day you knocked on hundreds of keywords on Google. But how much of the content returned really helpful to you?

Of course there will be issues we will find exactly what they need, but sometimes we will find the complete results are not as expected.

This article is all about how to use the operator to search (Search Operators).

But why we use Search Operators?

Because: Using Search Operators can help your job search more effective than 60% (more than 60% you will have the chance to get the desired link)

So let’s start

The search operator is what? A simple search operator is a character or a character string used to obtain search results more specific. There are thousands of operators you can use to improve the efficiency of searches from the search engines on the Internet.

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This article will mention 9 important operator that you can start using today.

important that the operator should be aware linkbuilder (learn more about Link Building terminology)

  1. allinanchor

This operator will give you search results as text that contains the content you are looking

For example, you search with the keyword: “best hotel in Hanoi” to find all results that include “hotels – the best – Hanoi” you can use the operator: allinanchor : the best hotel in Hanoi, it will help you get the results returned most accurate

  1. Allintext

This operator will give you the web page containing the search keyword.

For example, you search: What is link building you will find specific sites that contain “link”, “building” simply type: allintext: what is link building the results returned will surprise you. Kiến Trúc AC đơn vị thiết kế biệt thự cao cấp tại

  1. Allintitle

Similarly Allintext, this operator will provide you with the article titled as the problem you are looking for.

For example, you search for keywords: dog trianing you can find the article titled on “dog” “trianing ” using math mail: allintile: dog trianing it returns search results as the article title contains keywords.

  1. Allinurl

This operator will minimize the returned results to only show results that contain the keyword in the URL of the website

For example, you search: “tạo reviews” if you simply search returns results will very much and will take time to find what you need, but to find keywords in the URL of the site you use the operator: allinurl: tạo Reviews


  1. Intitle

This operator will give you back the results contain a specific part of the search keywords in the article title

For example, you search: link building basic, to ensure not return the results are not basic, you use the operator: link building intitle: base it will return results containing “base” in the title and “link building” is random search as usual.

Note: How to write the intitle without spaces (spaces) between the operator and the keyword

intitle: base : spelling

intitle: base : spelling error

6. Site

operator is used to search for articles from a specific website

For example, if you want to see all of the articles in website, you simply need to use the operator: site: This will restrict the results from Google which show only those articles from

  1. + (now the seal “)

Initially, the + operator is used to find the exact word or phrase limiting the search results are not desired. After 2011, Google has updated the + to sign now to search for a word or an exact phrase, you can simply leave it in the”.

For example, to search for the Guest post (Guest Post) for link building you can use the operator: link building “write for us” . This will result in building-related link with the specific phrase “write for us” appear in the title, appears in the URL, in the description or in any other place on the web. Rotec Viet Nam cung cấp máy ép rác giá rẻ, máy ép thủy lực chính hãng, máy ép bùn băng tải giá tốt xem tại

  1. ~

operator ~ is used when you want to search for words or similar problems, synonymous with the keywords you are looking for.

For example, you are looking for: link buiding guide

You can use the operator ~ link building ~ guide

The search will not pay you for your keyword results “link building guide” that it will return results such as “link building help”, “link building tutorials” , “link building tips” etc …

  1. *

operator * (asterisk) is a little-known operator to use search terms that between the words in the phrase are involved compatible (placeholders ).

For example, you search: Vietnam * country

Google will find the site that contains the phrase that begins with “ Vietnam” followed by other keywords and then the “country” . So the result could look like this:

best Vietnam Country

– Vietnam top country

– Vietnam is my favorite country

etc …

Two suggestions for the use of operators to search for link building

  1. Guest posting will always be the top priority method in link building, it will give you a solid online platform and created trust with customers. To find opportunities to get the Guest posting you can use the operator: write for us guest post, the blog for us, writers needed

For example: intitle: seo “write for us” returns the following results:

  1. Link Roundup (acquirer link)

Link roundup could be very effective if you have some quality information to provide. To find the site as link roundup you can only use the operator: intitle: roundup “…”

For example: intitle: roundup “weight loss tips”

Note: After the search for sites that accept link roundup you can contact them and present them with your content.


– This is how you can use search operators an easy way to find suitable sites for desired even can achieve great links.

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How to use Search Operators Link Building a positive way
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Importance of ssl certificates for seo 2017

Importance of ssl certificates for seo 2017

Information Security is a concern of the whole world, especially for Google Chrome Google to help users browse the web more securely, Chrome will have a security icon in the address bar browser to inform users about the security of their information.

Google Chrome will add a clear notice about this issue when users visit websites not using HTTPS mode. Starting in January 2017, Google will have both announced to webmaster tool about the dangers of unsafe security to users. And this ability is also seen as a sign of Google SEO for website promotion.

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Previously Google Chrome just yet a neutral thing for customers between sites with https and no, this is easy to cause customer confusion. Neutral reflection that will not appreciate the reality of the current state of the web site.

Currently under Google most major sites have switched to HTTPS to secure better information for users. Research shows that users are not aware of a common site unsafe for a more secure site. Google’s plan is beginning anwm 2017 labels and safety evaluation index for the website. Especially in these pages with the Form collect user information, such as login, newsletter sign ….

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First in this plan is labeled unsafe and continue to be mounted red warning icon will even plan to change the entire security regime for non-HTTPS pages and will inform the risk components insurance.


Google will continue to update and perfect features, so Google to alert the webmaster about this trogn webmaster tool. Hope the webmasters can quickly update it.


HTTPS stands for “Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol”, It is a combination of HTTP and SSL security protocol or TLS allows to exchange information securely over the Internet.

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HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, is a combination of HTTP and SSL security protocol or TLS allows to exchange information securely over the Internet. HTTPS protocol often used in sensitive transactions need strong security.

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HTTPS protocol using port 443, which ensures that the following properties of information:

Confidentiality: use encryption methods to ensure that the messages exchanged between client and server is not a third party to read.

Integrity: using hashing methods to both the client and server can be confident that they are getting the message that there is no loss or edit.

Authenticity: uses digital certificates to help the client can trust that server / website they are visiting is the server / website they want to, not been tampered with.


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The resort to 3rd party (usually CA) to authenticate the identity of the website plus the attention of the user that the Web sites that use HTTPS and SSL certificate valid it will help eliminate completely the risk of phishing desktop.

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> May nghien phe lieu gia re, may ep bun dang bang tai

Genesis responsive slider theme created for Paradise

Tầm quan trọng của dịch vụ SEO trong thiết kế biệt thự đẹp

Importance of ssl certificates for seo 2017
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Taking items from Google Chrome accelerated by blocking animation

Taking items from Google Chrome accelerated by blocking animation

In order to limit costs RAM status, as well as computing resources to speed up Google Chrome, the blocking animation ( also known as gif) are believers each transmission technology and applied effectively. If you are interested, the same Prime Real Vip learn at this article dentist.

Step 1: First, to block images on Google Chrome, you access the following lines:  to access the utility Animation Policy.

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Then proceed Add to Chrome (Add to Chrome) and Add extension (Add gadgets) into the browser as usual.

Step 2: After successful implementation, utility Animation Policy will inform icon lightning appears at the end of the address bar. This utility will control the entire operation of the animation, which allows users to easily turn on / off everything at will.

See also: máy ép bùn giá rẻ xem tại Rotec Việt Nam hoặc

Step 3: When you click on the extension icon, will have three options:

– Allow all animated images (allows running animation).

– Allow animated images, but only once (allows running animation, but only once).

– Disable all image animation (block entire animation).

Step 4: Once selected, users need to press F5 to refresh the web page and apply the changes. So, now that you have been able to speed up Chrome by blocking animations already. It’s convenient is not it.

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> Máy ép rác giá rẻ, máy ép thủy lực chất lượng cao

> Máy ép bùn băng tải Việt Nam, máy nghiền rác thải tốt

> Dự án liền kè Thanh Hà Cienco 5 giá rẻ

Move all JavaScript into footer in WordPress

Taking items from Google Chrome accelerated by blocking animation
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Move all JavaScript into footer in WordPress

Move all JavaScript into the footer of WordPress.

If you do not know, in the version 4.2.6 of the theme Paradise was released on 02/24/2017 and then, we have removed code async (download asynchronous) JavaScript (JS) and instead transfer the entire code JavaScript down footer. The reason we do so is because the async JS load error can cause lack of JS in some cases, but also makes the interface features of the blog / website that appears incomplete, especially when using create cache plugin.

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Unlike the asynchronous loading techniques (JS files can be located in the header but delayed loading, forced to wait for all the other components are downloaded, the download is complete, resulting in error-prone on browsers not good support async), moved down footer JS will help blog / your website more stable operation, while ensuring load JS final rule.

How to move all JavaScript into the footer?

There are two different ways to do this: 1 is inserted directly into your code snippets functions.php of theme / child theme you are using, 2 is to use the plugin.

Use code snippets

Insert the following code at the end of file functions.php theme / child theme that you are using.

Save, view source blog / website and see the results.

See also: Rotec Việt Nam bán máy ép bùn dạng băng tải giá rẻ

Using the plugin

For you “passion” plugin, you can use the plugin Scripts To Footer to do this. With just a few simple settings that you can master the plugin so I will not detail here introduced. Finally, wish you success!

Have you ever turn down footer JavaScript in WordPress ? You know other solutions simply and more efficiently? Please share it with us using the comments below frame.

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Genesis responsive slider theme created for Paradise

Thiết kế biệt thự đẹp sang trọng tại Việt Nam

Những mẫu thiết kế biệt thự Pháp đẹp tinh tế

Thiết kế biệt thự Pháp phong cách cổ điển đẳng cấp thượng lưu

Move all JavaScript into footer in WordPress
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