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search engine optimization is seen as the way marketing online most effective. If your website appears on Google and all the other search engines, you will own a massive traffic for free from the internet – from which you can is a large customer base and increase sales.

users search to search for products usually by their potential customers really need, so if your website does not appear on the search engine, you have missed the best customers, as well as a major source of revenue miss.

That is why many businesses focus on search engine optimization – this is a beneficial investment and long-term impact of a enterprise. The pay-per-click advertising (Google Adv, Facebook Adv …) will only last while you afford to maintain such ads on the search engines, whereas search engine optimization will help your product exists just your website is still active.

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What is SEO?

SEO is also regarded as a sector in the marketing, communications and advertising, is a marketing careers or for those who do the work to optimize the search device, a method of making up to our advantage.

Through SEO, the administrator can take their website to the top of the SERP (search engine result page – search results pages) with relevant keywords to increase visits and competitiveness with rivals.

SEO is a separate work, a very independent but sometimes is one of the advertising campaign of the administration. If awareness of the importance of SEO, the administrator will reap success, earn huge customer base from the search engines.

The term SEO can also be used to refer to those who do the work search engine optimization, is the advice given optimization projects for clients’ Web sites.

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SEO do?

Currently, SEO jobs in Vietnam are increasingly popular, it is regarded as a money-making enterprise, a work full of mind or a creative field of art unique!

For the business enterprise on the Internet, the fight for top position in the rankings of the search engines is extremely important.

Most Internet users use search engines daily and can only look at the first page of search results. So if a customer is looking for your site, and you happen to be listed on the second page of search results, there will be less likely customers visit your page.

Google decides the order of search results look like?

Google uses over 200 criteria to determine the order of search results and the exact algorithm is a secret – the same thing happened to the search engines of Yahoo and Microsoft.

However, these standards are split between on-page factors such as the actual text and content and other factors outside of the site including the number of external links to the site called Backlink .

How to get your website to the search engines keep an eye on?

Google publicize their SEO guidelines. First, make sure that your website is search engine known, this means that there is a “spiders” crawl over your site content and data stored in the database of Google.


Since then, the optimization depends on a combination of editorial and technical. Basically, the content, especially the title should describe the contents and use the keywords that customers often use. This demonstrates the importance of Post Standard SEO

Some sites may try to “trick” Google, or by downloading the site with too many irrelevant keywords, or through intermediary sites have links that have no content all.

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There have to pay to be ranked higher in the search results pages?

You can pay for the donor site (sponsor link), but it is a costly way to get customers, especially if you have a lot of customers visiting. SEO focuses on the impact the search results list with a ranking system SEPRs.

You can pay for a SEO experts to advise her how to increase your rankings, but you can not directly pay Google to appear in higher rankings .

An important part of SEO is to identify keywords and repeat them in the title, the first paragraph and in the web page address. The link to the other post from the home page are also effective. Because the home is often the search engine more widely known.

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Find somewhere writing services ensure professional, most reputable?

You’re the Boss? Your business strategy is tied to the Internet? You want to brand your PR? And you do not have time for this? So, please communicate this to us. We would rather you finished it brilliantly.

Service post was no longer new. Copywriter team presence across the country Vietnam. However, a Standard SEO articles matching website must abide by many of Google ranking factors. Therefore, finding a reputable unit, professional is not easy.

Our team, under the guidance, led by dich vu seo. With nearly 20 years in the profession. With these “trophies” did “subversive” Vietnamese IT world for many years. We are proud and confident to bring our customers the best quality articles.

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6 Tricks to put your website in Google Top1
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