7 practical method to increase the Domain Authority

Practical method to increase the Domain Authority

All About Domain Authority viewed here: Domain Authority (DA) is what? Complete Guide for Beginners

Most website owner (webmaster) have a common goal, which is: Standing at higher rankings in the ranking of search engines .

There are many online web metrics. But only some data have become exponentially critical. Because the data that went into the world of SEO. One of them is Domain Authority (DA). You may have heard about Domain Authority you should read this article to get insight and be more specific about DA.

DA is a number (in a scale of 100) developed by Moz.

It estimates and decide the location of a web page will look like in the rankings of the search engines (Google, Bring …). A website with a point DA high will also have a high position in the rankings of the search engines (ranking high ranking in the results returned when searching a relevant keyword).

You are to know how to increase DA for your website? In this article we will share 7 practical methods to increase your site DA . But first, we’ll tell you about the importance of the problem to increase DA site.

Why the increase DA is important for the website?

Increase DA will increase the ability ranks high in the rankings of Google or other search engines. Sometimes, you will see the web page content is less, less attractive but have a higher ranking on the results returned by search engines. It is because of DA of sites with little content higher DA other web page. DA very important in the ranking of search engines.

The note on DA:

+ To calculate DA more than 40 expressions of a site to be included in the calculation.

+ The website in a higher position in the rankings of the search engines will be DA higher.

+ DA high will lead to higher rankings and more Traffic than (learn more about Traffic).

+ DA will not increase even in one night, it is a process.

There are a few things that we do well will improve your score DA for the site. Of course it will not be easy, but also not as difficult as climbing Mount Everest.

So, how to increase the DA for your website?

Well, DA can not be bought or stolen from anywhere. To raise the point of DA you need to have a sound strategy, long, with thousands of quality content. And must be very, very, very much patience. If the point of DA Your are between 10 and 15 you can easily increase it to 30-40 points. But from 50 points or more jobs will become more difficult and increasing DA will slow. So, learn seven steps will help you have a better DA.

  1. Post article with quality content (attracted many readers)

You need to have quality articles to improve the point of DA. Unique content, accessible always welcome anywhere though. You must have a specific strategy on human, time, facilities … for this job. It does not matter how long you write it. Content is important you get readers writing received. The issue you raised has caused excitement for the reader or not.

You should keep in mind: “Content is King” (Content Is King). Your content is what draws readers, and you can not compromise with the readers of the content. You can use photos, video content to make your article more attractive, interesting. Because there saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” (a picture is worth a thousand words). A good content should also have an appropriate amount of time. A good content can not be less than 800 words.

Here are some points to note:

+ Do not copy someone else’s article and then posted on its website.

+ In the article, please use synonyms instead of using a word many times.

+ Avoid digressions, not to mention the problem is not related to the article topic.

+ Make your articles or more professional.

  1. On-Page SEO (learn about On-Page SEO)

On-Page SEO is a method of optimization. It plays an important role in moving DA your from low to high. It includes technical factors, such as: The page title, keyword placement, keyword density . Here’s a simple checklist to help you maintain a website optimization:

Avoid keyword stuffing, keep keyword density from 0.5 to 1.5%.

Keyword Targeting : Choose a perfect keywords for your article. These keywords are preferred term because it easier to calculate the ratings. Try to use keywords in the beginning the focus of your article.

permalink structure (learn more about the permalink) : Using a structured SEO – permalink friendy which contains your keyword focus.

Description Essential (Meta description) : Fill a basic description of the content of your article, do not empty it, and which must contain your keyword focus.

Writing headlines by keyword : The title of the article on your website should be attractive and sufficient means, be better off starting with your keyword focus.

Optimizing images : Images used in the article should be optimized to boost your SEO Top Google status.

If you do not take care of SEO, will hinder the improvement of DA of you on the charts. On-Page Optimization (on page optimization) is the best technique to bring the attention of the readers to your website. And right SEO will increase DA of you.

  1. Internal Links (Internal linking) is a secret

The best example of internal links that Wikipedia. There are content with DA up to the maximum (100 points). Internal links increase the average duration of a visitor to your site. Create links to other relevant articles on your website and create your article with more information, more attractive readers. But it also has drawbacks: The link to the old article are related or similar content .

This will help search engines easily find content on your website and collect them quickly. Internal links also help to spread the Link Juice and Page Authority throughout your site (learn more about link juice and page authority). Internal Links will allow both users and search engines easily towards your website. For internal links effectively make sure all internal links are do-follow.

  1. Create high quality links for your website

will not easily get high-quality links. But when there is, it will be very valuable for your website. Many webmasters make mistakes at this point. they only care about the number of backlinks that are not interested in its value. Should have faced many difficulties in gaining Domain Autority for the website on the search engines. We believe that their method is not right for blacklink. They create links to these sites and get lower quality backlinks in minutes. But the backlink they receive no value, even an adverse effect on DA website.

There are many people who are hard day and night just to get high quality backlinks. What is wrong in this action ? In fact they were right. Those who earn blacklink by illegal means will pay the price for that. Their website can lose rankings even penalized by Google. So good method to create high quality links is what? We recommend the following steps:

a. Share your post on social networks

Let’s focus on the media website has Domain Authority high. When you share your post on FaceBook or Twistter with quality content. Your post will have more share, more like. Accordingly it will survive long and many, many fields known. Remember that even the best content should be shared and developed.

Share on social networks is a skill. To master this skill requires a specific strategic and practical experience is indispensable.

b . Posts by readers.

There are posts of readers is the best way to develop the brand and increase visits to your website. Creating favorable conditions and safety in the process of improving point Domain Authority for your website. Guest Posting has always been a convenient and effective way to help rally Domain Authority for your website. If you do it in a systematic and logical. If you want to have lots of guest posting you should:

+ Think open and put up the best content.

+ Try to put content on the website articles are of high quality.

+ Avoid stuffing link (link stuffing) as it will adversely affect the ranking of the website. More bad can you be punished.

+ Only post content related to the website content that you intend to post.

+ Use the relevant links.

c. Satisfaction is a natural link The builder (learn more about this phrase on Google).

You just need to write quality content (information rich, legitimate, easy to read, …). Good content will not only be beneficial for your website, your readers. It will also be of much help to those other sites. Why so ? For example, you post it to your website an article of luong.Toi read and find more useful information for the article are incomplete. So your article helped me finish it and my website has an article quality.

should create content that can connect. To be able to get more links to your website the most natural way.

  1. Reject all bad links (Bad links)

It is the actions necessary to remove the bad link frequently affect the position of your website on Google. Remove bad links is also an important task to achieve quality links. You have to keep your link profile “clean”.

Many webmasters were unaware of this.

This should be done regularly and continuously a quality plan. If you do not refuse and remove bad links will harm your website by little, bit by bit. And your website will lose points Domain Authority serious. Bad links directly impact your project. Therefore required a good link profile to get high points DA. To get a good link profile you should focus on removing bad links and generating quality links.

  1. Be patient and wait for your Domain “aging”.

The age of the domain will help to increase the ranking as well as point Domain Authority website. If your domain has been used for 3 to 4 years that is still active. That means you were operating effectively. There are quality content, there are quality links … It is Google appreciated. You should not worry to the point DA or the ranking of your keywords on the search engines when your domain only 2 months of operation. Just the content on your website is always quality Domain Authority will increase over time.

Age of domain is an important factor in SEO. Today, it does not mean that the new website can not rank high or improved Domain Authority. They certainly can be done but will take more time. So have patience and let the time pass.

  1. Increased frequency of post

To keep your website always Update. You must increase the frequency of post on the website. Not easy to get post to post on the website regularly. But if you plan and implement scientifically and accurately you will achieve results not bad for your project. Domain Authority may increase if you continue to post regularly. But it will go down if you do not do it. Other benefits of posting regularly:

– Traffic higher, higher revenue, higher rankings.

– Achieve more quality backlinks.

– Create trust with readers.

– Strengthen exchanges and sales capabilities.

* Conclusion

Above are seven steps you can take into your SEO strategy. To be able to create a high quality website through raising points Domain Authority of it.

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7 practical method to increase the Domain Authority
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