Blocking access from certain countries into WordPress blog

Blocking access from certain countries on blog / website WordPress.

Blog / website WordPress Your are gong against denial-of-service attack ( DDoS ), steal data or password … from a probe or a certain number of countries in the world? You headaches do not know how to reinforce defenses to protect the blog / website and your customers from hackers? Immediately following solutions will help you somewhat alleviate such worries. Of course, nothing is perfect, but if you combine it with other solutions, the effect will be much better. And what I’m referring to here is blocking access by IP of the country or territory.

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Block access by IP of certain countries

1. First, as usual, you need to install the plugin IP2Location Country Blocker . After installation, you postpone the activation offline.

2. Next, visit here and register for an account IP2Location Free.

3. Successful registration, you will be redirected to the download site IP database.

Please download files ending 2 as shown in the image above.

4. Use WinRAR (or the software has a similar function) to extract 2 file, obtained 2 .bin file inside.

5. Access folder wp-content / plugins / IP2Location-country-blockers through File Manager of cPanel / DirectAdmin or FTP / SFTP upload 2 .bin file on it.

6. Activate the plugin IP2Location Country Blocker you will get a notification that looks like this.

Click on Download Now to move to the setup page.

7. Skip the set Lookup Mode because you have done in the previous steps. 2 important components you need to set the Frontend Block List and Backend Block List .


  • Frontend Enable Blocking / Enable Backend Blocking : enable IP blocking access by countries in the list below.
  • Click on the country that you want to block access to the blog / website. Press hold CTRL to choose if you want to block multiple countries simultaneously.
  • Show sau khi page visitor is blocked : set the page displays a message when IP access blocked. You can leave the default page or create a customized one page.
  • Send email notification to : send notifications to the administrator or a particular user upon detection of IP in the list are trying to access is blocked.
  • Secret code to bypass validation : create a secret code so that users are blocked from the country can still gain access to your page by entering the code into the browser address bar. See an example to better understand the mechanism of action.

After setting each piece is finished, remember to click the button Save to save. Just a few simple actions alone but can help you somewhat reassured about the attacks from certain countries. I wish you success!

If the blog / website that you do not use the code WordPress you can still block access by national IP by following the instructions on the form following .

Do you know other measures simpler and more efficient to IP blocking of certain countries? Please share it with us in the comments below frame.

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Blocking access from certain countries into WordPress blog
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