Build structures for SEO friendly URLs

Build structures for SEO friendly URLs for Wordpress

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URL of a website is the representative . Representatives of the business community on the net. So it should mean, people can read, understand and search engines can find them most easily. The construction of structures friendly URLs with search engines like Google … is also a good signal elements for SEO. Friendly urls dịch vụ seo  are much appreciated by its optimized user friendly site structure.

Here are some notes might help you in restructuring URL
1. The URL should read.

Using these words, the meaning of the URL. Making them readable, consumers will be more likely to click on a website that are meaningful to them. You can replace one character stands in a word it may be the name of the company. Or a keyword that helps customers better understand the board’s website.

2. Removing the ID (Identification) and the numbers.

Removing the ID, numbers, special characters, or the code is often created by the foundation of the e-commerce provider. We make a URL or more ugly, repugnant to the reader. Get rid of them now.

3. A canonical URL and navigate to popular content on the website.

Each URL has a different structure. But when users search for content will be able to create copyright issues content. Please use the canonical tag to keep secure and justify the uniqueness of the “eyes” of the search engines.

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4. Please cover your keywords

You can build Authority by covering the keywords in the URL. It may appear in the Domain Name (see article on Domain Authority) the category, or the website. But excessive use of it (abuse) can harm the ranking of the website. So be meticulously calculated, wiser in adding keywords to the URL.

5. Try to harmonize with the URL of the website header

During the search engines and media. Your URL appear with the corresponding separate title. To gain the confidence of customers you need to harmonize them by adding similar text to the URL that is used in the header of the site.

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6. Exclude words too popular, too general (stopword) out of the URL.

Stopword as: and, of, a, the, but, etc. .. They should be excluded in order to shorten the URL structure. The use of stopword is considered unnecessary in the URL structure If you are using WordPress platform, you can use the Yoast SEO to automatically remove stopword from the permalink.

7. Limit the number of folder (Folders) .

The directory (Folders) is used to distinguish the products and services, the abuse they also bring unfavorable results, for example to find a product, but the customer must click 3 – 4 times, they will leave the site immediately, so take a long time.

8. Using separated from (word separators).

Word separators used to add to the end of a keyword, a complete product name or the title of an article in the building structure URLs, to explain, complementing keyword, product or article title. For this purpose, you can use dashes “-” underscore “_” as these are separated from the suggestion.

9. Set moderate redirections (Regulation of navigation).

You can set divert customers from one page to another. It will help increase the exposure of customers to the website. But setting up redirection once, twice longer acceptable. If customers leave vicious in a shift will not be able to help you get the trust of customers. As well as receiving points on the rankings of the search engines.

10. Consolidating the URL www and non-www

Version www and non – www domain names are handled separately in the search results, so it is advisable to consolidate by establishing reciprocal navigation.


Conclusion : URL structure is an important factor to your website causing sympathy with customers when they appear on the search results, it also is fundamental to Google reviews on your website. Hopefully these suggestions will help you to restructure your website URL.

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Build structures for SEO friendly URLs
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