Clean WordPress header for better SEO and load faster

Clean WordPress header to SEO better and load faster.

If you are a secondary user then surely you will never notice that WordPress The default has a lot of code insertions are not really necessary in header HTML source code, right? Why do I say we do not really need? Because we do not have any benefit for SEO as well as users in Vietnam are rare advantage of those features. On the contrary, they occupy an area (correction capacity) of HTML made blogs / websites load more slowly, search bots harder to collect more data needed.

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These components should be removed to clean header

  • Really simple discovery links (rsd_link)
  • WordPress version (wp_generator)
  • RSS feed link (feed_links and feed_links_extra)
  • Link to the index page (index_rel_link)
  • wlwmanifest.xml (wlwmanifest_link)
  • Random post link (start_post_rel_link)
  • Parent post link (parent_post_rel_link)
  • Next and previous post links (adjacent_posts_rel_link)
  • WP shortlink (wp_shortlink)

Code clean header WordPress

To remove all of the above code in the header of WordPress you simply add the following code into the file functions.php theme or child theme is use.

Save, clear the cache (if any) and a page view source conducting any blog / website you to see the results. It’s simple, right? I wish you success!

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Clean WordPress header for better SEO and load faster
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