Coupon Vultr December – Offering free to $ 103, down 20% Server old Account

Vultr is the service provider world-renowned Cloud Server that you are confident using the blog Watch Me and Learning VPS . With so many preferential deals, not difficult for you to start using the service here.

rates are pretty cheap here, VPS good quality, high uptime, that’s why Vultr first appearance in VPS recommended list on Lowest package only $ 5 / month 768MB RAM is made yes, 1,000GB bandwidth is worth using. No vendor dare to give equal value and this configuration where.

time Vultr is present in 15 cities spanning the world, especially with location Singapore and Tokyo, Japan for Vietnam download speed very quickly is not inferior to domestic suppliers so you can be assured of long-term use.

Vultr who had plenty of promotions trial so you have time to experience the experience. Time limit extended to this year proved Vultr very confident in the quality of service provided to customers.

You read the details of each program listed below for your choice to suit demand prior to registration offline.

Note : the purpose of the promotion to your Credit donate enough time to install, configure and select the optimal server for actual demand. Rather than creating very high configuration servers to take advantage of all the money being donated.

Vultr Coupon December – Offering free to $ 103, the old account also presents

The entire amount is offered only for registration in Vultr VPS. New account can only choose 1 of 3 top promotions alone, think carefully before signing up.

1. Doubling the load for the new account, up to $ 103

This is the most spectacular program of preferential Vultr to give new customer first register for an account here. Immediately after registration and account recharge, will donate immediately Vultr corresponding amount, doubling the amount you receive, of up to $ 100 .

-> Register now

For example, if your account has not been here, know this program, register for an account and then loaded into $ 100 immediately will receive $ 200 account!

The amount of this bonus will expire in 12 month period, spoiled used. Additionally, you can incorporate additional promotion 4, bringing the total amount can get up to $ 103. Recharge account via PayPal or Visa / Master feature.

This is best promotions ever of Vultr, take advantage of opportunities that registration offline. Sorry does not apply to old accounts.

More information here .

2. Donate $ 53 for a new account

If you do not like to deposit into your account to be duplicated, use this promotional 2. Vultr are donated free of charge to new account 53 $ Free Credit.

a very simple way, you just visit this promotional link to register the account.

Soon will be taken to a page Billing enter the information Visa / Master (not used PayPal) to confirm that you are now $ 50 in finance feeling all. 4 Use promotions more you will get a total of $ 53 Free .

The amount of this trial is limited to use 60 days calculated from the start of receipt.

More information here .

3. Donate $ 23 free for new accounts

Similar Promotional 2, you only need to register a new account, verify the card information was given $ 20. Promotional plus 4, you get a total of 23 $ free .

After account register here and you go to Billings, loaded $ 5 through accounts PayPal or enter information Visa / Master then filled gift Code SSDVPS is immediately donated $ 20.

Shelf life is 30 days for this code.

4. Connect with Twitter to get more Vultr $ 3

Just account login Vultr click and click, you will receive added just $ 3 of Vultr. This promotion is exclusively for Twitter users.

Only Promotional No. 4 is applicable to other programs!

See details here .

5. Promos for the old account

If you already have an account here, then, do not be sad because Vultr are promotional 20% discount on all packages Compute Instance .

Just you login to your account, visit this link is going to see price fell 20% as below:

The plan from 1GB RAM or higher to get 20%, 768MB RAM too cheap plan should prices remain $ 5 / month.

6. 50GB Free Storage Block Free Trial

Vultr are awarded for the entire customer 50GB Free Storage Block but is only used with location New York, New Jersey only.

If you need to add capacity VPS, do not miss this exciting promotion department.

See details here .

Visit Vultr here .

Refer to the installation guide, Managing VPS blog Learning VPS . In particular, I have all guidelines optimized VPS 2GB RAM running at over 4k Vultr online.

VPS in Vultr can install both Windows for the remote to Download / Upload offline. The tool exchange traffic is prohibited.


  • your bank account will be charged $ 2.5 card information to confirm, then a few weeks the money will be automatically refunded.
  • If you get the message This card is not Eligible for free credit promotions ie your bank card is not accepted, it should go through the other cards until the card to add it.
  • When Deploy VPS can take several minutes to complete, to keep track of your schedule, please click on the button in the Console View VPS management site.

Absolutely not register multiple accounts to take advantage of a promotional series lest blocked!

Vultr or refusal of bank card bank, VP Bank and Virtual Visa Cards, Prepaid Cards. You can use Visa / Master of Techcombank, Vietcombank to register.

Due to fraud, registering multiple accounts to use Free High Credit should Vultr tightly controlled registration from Vietnam . Account registration can take 24 hours – 48 hours to verify manually, after finishing verify if the community is not $ 50 and not violate any policy of Vultr, be wrote the ticket for them to check and manually add it.

If after add the card information that error Unable to process payment ngôn: This transaction was denied by the credit card ISSUER please check the following issues:

  1. tags have been enabled by changing the PIN at ATMs yet?
  2. has enabled cards of international payment yet? -> Call up the bank asked, taking the number printed on the card. Some banks like TPB, VIB is not already active.
  3. Information has declared standards yet?
  4. account balance is not sufficient, noting a number of banks required to maintain an account balance.
Coupon Vultr December – Offering free to $ 103, down 20% Server old Account
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