You can not participate in ICANN’s new policy for the domain name in

You can not participate in ICANN’s new policy for the domain name in

If you have a domain name in can be assured of choosing not to participate policy of ICANN’s new domain Transfer .

Previously, if you update the domain information (including First name, Last name, Organization) after 60 days, they must transfer the domain name away is new.

When ICANN’s new policy came into effect, changing any point in relation to the external domain of communication, eg enable / disable domain privacy, you’ll have to wait another 60 days. In addition, there must verify the information by email as well.

This provision of ICANN to help domain name owners more secure when used, to avoid losing the domain name transfer. However, it also brings more unnecessary inconveniences.

Recognizing these shortcomings, the pioneered allows customer can choose not to participate in ICANN’s new policy .

Once logged into your account, you will see the message as shown below:

Select Yes, opt-out of the 60 day transfer lock change domain contact (Recommended) to avoid being locked domain.

If you do not see a message on, also on Account Settings to install.

Scroll down below, in the section Contact Change Transfer Lock tick you select Opt-out of the 60-day lock the domain transfer.

Hopefully the next time the other domain name providers will also have more options, enabling users to manage and use more convenient domain.

Consult introductory article Transfer domain name is what if you do not know.

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Themify Coupon – Discounts up to 75%, $ 100 for the package fell Lifetime Master

You can not participate in ICANN’s new policy for the domain name in
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Special Holiday Offers HostUS, 2GB RAM VPS cost only $ 25 / year

Coupon VPS from Host Us

Welcome the year-end holidays, HostUS taken various promotions including 2 OpenVZ VPS package super cheap prices KVM VPS and VPS STORAGE.

Parameter 2 VPS promotional package this session as follows:



$ 25/per year

  • 256MB of RAM
  • 180GB Disk Space (RAID 10)
  • 1 vCPU Core
  • 1TB Bandwidth
  • 1Gbps Port (Fair Share)
  • 1 IPv4 & IPv6 4
  • Location: US
  • Annual Price: $ 25
  • Quarterly Price: $ 8

Package VPS 2GB This is too good for dich vu seo web, the price is only $ 25 when paid in years, counted out just $ 2.08 / month only. Also pack KVM VPS STORAGE RAM at 256MB web server should not do, however, high-capacity 180GB Disk Space (RAID 10) can do server storage, backup.

In addition, this phase HostUS discount coupon also launched a range of services on site, press the corresponding button to copy code:

8ATPBD47L2 – Shared Hosting 30% discount when paying by year
SDSFI4V78Y – 20% discount Reseller Hosting
M2YSVHK9W2 – 25% Off & KVM VPS OpenVZ packages
GN47EO8JD6 – Comodo PositiveSSL cost only $ 4.99 / year

Deals stretching from now until 01/03/2017 or end slot when registering. The entire coupon, promotion is only for new subscribers only.

If you need to register Hong Kong or Singapore location, refer to article.

Special Holiday Offers HostUS, 2GB RAM VPS cost only $ 25 / year
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Promotional Dediserve 50% lifetime, quick registration 12/2016

Dediserve remains the KVM VPS providers are a lot of people would expect on we by providing good quality, there location Hong Kong and Singapore speed is very fast on ASIA.

Series Crazy Christmas Sale apply cycle time in months or years in comfort, both Resource Pools registration and Server with all the location. Too delicious so you should not ignore offline.

Click the button below to get the coupon code:

Use coupon: RSD9Y5KS1ZB

*** The program lasts from now until 12.31.2016.

Dediserve rarely promotion, each session usually ends prematurely should you be quick order. Payment is by the PayPal or Visa / Master .

VPS here install Windows but the extra $ 21 / month licensing fees, high cost, should not be used. The priority you use the Vultr is cheapest.

Dediserve with location Hong Kong to speed very quickly on Asia, this location is also more stable than Singapore . Priority should choose Hong Kong and Singapore, Indonesia upon registration.

Network Information

Update : lately I see some of you comment flutter Hong Kong location. What are you using to evaluate your application for comment offline.

PING and Trace route results from Viettel to Hong Kong location:

PING latencies

 PING ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from 0 ttl = 57 icmp_seq = time = 37 682 ms
64 bytes from 1 ttl = 57 icmp_seq = time = 36 521 ms
64 bytes from 2 ttl = 57 icmp_seq = time = 37 032 ms
64 bytes from 3 ttl = 57 icmp_seq = time = 37 199 ms
64 bytes from 4 ttl = 57 icmp_seq = time = 39 081 ms
64 bytes from 5 ttl = 57 icmp_seq = time = 37 429 ms
64 bytes from ttl = 57 icmp_seq = 6 time = 36 113 ms
64 bytes from 7 ttl = 57 icmp_seq = time = 36 887 ms
64 bytes from 8 ttl = 57 icmp_seq = time = 37 550 ms
64 bytes from 9 ttl = 57 icmp_seq = time = 37 426 ms
64 bytes from ttl = 57 icmp_seq = 10 time = 36 791 ms

Little Trace route through the route

 traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 72-byte packets
 1 ( 2,677 ms 0929 ms 0888 ms
 2 ( 3,443 ms 2937 ms 2170 ms
 3 (125,235,243,172) 4,584 ms 4947 ms 4669 ms
 4 ( 4,930 ms 4254 ms 4962 ms
 5 localhost ( 51,792 ms 55 949 ms 55 919 ms
 6 localhost ( 59,944 ms 58 888 ms 54 992 ms
 7 localhost ( 48,456 ms 48 193 ms 48 490 ms
 8 ( 38,555 ms 38 430 ms 38 269 ms
 9 ( 35,720 ms 37 067 ms 36 347 ms
Promotional Dediserve 50% lifetime, quick registration 12/2016
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EXA birthday, Dedicated Server discount 1.999.000d only E5 2670 CPUs, 16GB RAM

Occasion EXA 05 anniversary of its founding on December 13, 2011, the company has customer appreciation program using the Dedicated Server service only 1,999,000 VND / month now 02 service.

1. CPU: Intel Core E5 1 x 8 2670, 16GB DDR3 ECC RAM, 2 x 120 GB SSD speed, 1 IP, Bandwidth: 100Mbps, Unlimited traffic.

2. 100GB Backup service information

2670 E5 CPU of the current top form, the server uses SSD, DDR3 ECC RAM so delicious. 100Mbps bandwidth of standard forms in VN now. You should not ignore it this deal.

Subscribe contact the business department.

A4 36 Street, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, HCM
Phone: 08 7300 3909
Hotline: 093 829 8278
Email: [email protected]

EXA birthday, Dedicated Server discount 1.999.000d only E5 2670 CPUs, 16GB RAM
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GoDaddy domain name .CLUB discounts are only $ 0.99

Addition promotional Christmas GoDaddy just rerun deals .CLUB domain name, new registrations fell to $ 0.99 only.

.CLUB international domain name match for the club (club), eg football club, the club books, music clubs … Just add a name group, you’ve got a web address with information about the activities of the club for prospective members. This domain name is more widely used on the Internet.

provider GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain name with good service quality, support good support.

deals this time is a good opportunity for you to register domain names for their clubs at a discount – just $ 0.99 / year . Is buying unlimited number always .
*** The price applies to the first year, renewal is $ 14.99 / year. Payment is by PayPal or Visa / Master .

offers you more post GoDaddy Coupon synthesis to know the most attractive offers from this vendor, especially WordPress Hosting only 1 $ / month (donated domain Free) $ 0.99 domain names only from same coupon new orders fell 40%, down 25% extension.

Wish you success.

Update 22/12 : Promotion has just returned.

GoDaddy domain name .CLUB discounts are only $ 0.99
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Christmas & Boxing Day – Hawk Host Hosting up to 50%, with a lifetime coupon

Similar to last year, this year Hawk Host also launched promotions are attractive Christmas and Boxing Day, down to 50%.

Offer discounts will apply for the entire hosting packages at Hawk Host including Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Semi Dedicated Hosting and VPS Hosting-dropping as follows:

  • 50% off the first bill
  • Discount 40% lifetime (Priority used)

Hawk Host Shared Hosting providers are only location Hong Kong with consistent quality, accessible from Vietnam extremely fast, good support, are not affected by off the cable . If you have not registered round up Black Friday, do not miss this opportunity ahead.

Press the corresponding button below to get the coupon and to the registration page.

Offer Shared Hosting

– 50% Off Shared Hosting packages all, only from $ 1.45 / month
40% lifetime discount on Shared Hosting packages

Promotions Reseller Hosting

– 50% Off Reseller Hosting packages, they fell from $ 6.49 / month
40% Lifetime Discount Reseller Hosting packages

Semi-Dedicated Hosting Promotion

Semi-Dedicated Shared Hosting packages are configured with higher, more cattle, better load. Suitable for sites with medium and high traffic. There location Singapore to choose to use.

– 50% Off Semi-Dedicated Hosting packages, they fell from $ 7.99 / month
40% Lifetime Discount Semi-Dedicated Hosting packages

VPS Hosting Offer

– 50% Off VPS Hosting packages,, only from $ 9 / month
40% Off VPS Hosting packages lifetime

  • Payment is by all accounts PayPal and Visa / Master .
  • unpaid invoice will be canceled after 96 hours.
  • each customer a coupon can only be used once only.
  • Not applicable for the old service (upgrading and extension).

deals will start from 13h (1pm) dated 12.24.2016 and lasted until 12h59 dated 27.12.2016 hourly Vietnam. If you are in need of immediate one hosting package, the current Hawk Host coupon are many other incentives, reduction of up to 40% .

addition Hong Kong the current Hawk Host There are 5 different locations to choose from: Singapore, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Dallas and Washington. Can send ticket requests move between different locations hosting, for example from Singapore to Hong Kong … is light, until satisfactory choice location is defined.

I wish you success!

Boxing Day – Boxing Day took place on 26/12 every year (the day after Christmas) or maybe the second day of next week if the day 26/12 year falls on a Saturday or Sunday; rooted in England in the mid-nineteenth century, under Queen Victoria, and in Ireland, it is also known as St. Stephen’s Day. Holiday gifts are usually carried out in a number of Western countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland.

Christmas & Boxing Day – Hawk Host Hosting up to 50%, with a lifetime coupon
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MyThemeShop Coupon – Price 1 theme only from $ 19, the whole theme is only $ 87

MyThemeShop is one of the suppliers theme / plugin for WordPress large are very popular in the world today. Although only in operation since early 2012, but to date no later than 4 years, MyThemeShop had over 100 themes, plugins 23 and familiar customers to over 350,000 people.

In terms of quality, I evaluated the products of MyThemeShop running very light, beautifully designed, fully support the latest technology. In addition to the theme / plugin premium, MyThemeShop there are many free products use a lot of communities. In addition, the coupon program with attractive deals for customers are also frequently launched MyThemeShop.

WordPress Theme

MyThemeShop currently has 104 WordPress theme, divided into the categories:

  • Blogging Themes
  • Business Themes
  • eCommerce Themes
  • Magazine Themes

Many of these themes which are of universal application, meaning that a theme can be easily installed makes Blog Theme, eCommerce Theme Magazine Theme or … The whole theme of MyThemeShop support enhanced features basics of WordPress as:

  • 2 Columns
  • 3 Columns
  • AdSense Optimized
  • Fixed Header
  • Full Width
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Responsive
  • Slider
  • Translation Read

interface previous Coupon Sharing his use of MyThemeShop theme, quite gratified.

WordPress Plugin

Not only distinguished WordPress Theme, MyThemeShop also had several popular plugins used, but nearly half of these are free.

The Plugin paid (regular price $ 29) here include:

  • WooCommerce Products Added To Cart Or Already Purchased
  • WP Time To Read
  • WP Contact Widget
  • WP Google Translate
  • WP Notification Bar
  • WP Testimonials
  • Subscribe Pro WP
  • WP Review Pro
  • WP Mega Menu

The Free Plugin here include:

  • Launcher
  • WP Review
  • WP Tab Widget
  • WP shortcode
  • Google Plus Badge Widget

MyThemeShop Coupon

1. Theme $ 1 from $ 19 only

Currently, MyThemeShop are devoting great deals for Coupon – The latest theme has just been launched, cost only $ 19 .

>> Go to the registration page here .

2. Reduced additional $ 12 when you buy the theme

To encourage customers to try, there are always coupon deals MyThemeShop $ 12 discount when any buy any theme.

Example theme MoneyFlow price on the website is $ 69 $ 59, after using the coupon will only $ 47 only.

3. 75% discount when registering Extended Membership package

In addition, the coupon 75% discount for Extended Membership package from earlier still used. The final price payable will only have $ 87 applicable for the first month, then, need to pay extra every month to renew $ 9 more.

I wish you a good day!

MyThemeShop Coupon – Price 1 theme only from $ 19, the whole theme is only $ 87
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Themify Coupon – Discounts up to 75%, $ 100 for the package fell Lifetime Master

With MyThemeShop Theme Junkie Elegant Themes … Themify also gives users the theme WordPress pretty easy use that the price affordable, from just $ 49.

Known as the “ Drag & Drop Website Builder “, every theme in this provider is equipped with drag and drop interface makes it easy to design its website.

Just choose the features and sort them into the appropriate location that you would be right interface for your site demo already. This is also the highlight of Themify attract customers.

Currently, Themify There are over 50 themes (free / paid), with more than 58,000 customers. The theme here is pretty diverse with many different fields:

  • blog and magazine
  • Corporate themes
  • eCommerce themes
  • Portfolio themes
  • Responsive themes

Use these beautiful themes in Themify have advantages such as easy installation / management, SEO support, unlimited domains, providing detailed documentation, support through forum / emails … and there are trial 30 days again.

However, if you are designing one online shopping website, then consider because Themify not provided with Ecommerce / Online Store on his theme that only supports the theme so that compatible with the corresponding plugin.

References 1 favorite theme in the Themify:

Prices in Themify very flexible theme:

Single Theme Buy 1 get 1 theme any$ 49
Themify Standard Club The whole theme$ 79
Themify Developer Club The entire theme and photoshop files$ 99
Themify Master Club The whole theme, and photoshop plugin files$ 139
Themify Lifetime Master Complete themes, plugins and photoshop files Lifetime$ 399

rates are not too high, simple management interface easily, beautifully designed themes … Themify is also a good option especially if you’re just beginning to become familiar with web design.

For more motivation for this choice, Watch Me introduce to you coupon discounts up to 30% applicable to all themes, plugins, addons … in addition, new customers will be 50% when switching from another provider on Themify .

Themify Coupons – Discounts up to 50%

1. 50% discount for new customers

*** Applies to new customers want to switch back to using the theme in Themify.

2. 30% discount on the entire theme, plugin, addon or membership packages

On the occasion of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Themify launched coupon 30% discount for the entire theme, plugin, addon or membership packages (except Lifetime Master). $ 1 from $ 34 only theme only.

Particularly with Lifetime Master package, when registration please use the coupon below, you will be fell $ 100 price $ 299.

*** Discounts apply from now until the end of 2016 offline.

3. 75% discount for the package Master Club

Besides the 30% discount on the occasion of the end of the year above, Themify are reduction of up to 75% for package Master Club, only $ 139 $ 34.99 only . This promotional program is introduced on page StackSocial, so you need to buy through this page.

Click the button below to go to the registration page

After payment on StackSocial you will receive an email with a link redeem click on it to get License Code and order on Themify .

4. 20% off coupon for any theme, plugin, addon or membership packages

In addition, a 20% discount coupon all products and services from earlier were still in use.

Wish you success!

Themify Coupon – Discounts up to 75%, $ 100 for the package fell Lifetime Master
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Coupon Vultr December – Offering free to $ 103, down 20% Server old Account

Vultr is the service provider world-renowned Cloud Server that you are confident using the blog Watch Me and Learning VPS . With so many preferential deals, not difficult for you to start using the service here.

rates are pretty cheap here, VPS good quality, high uptime, that’s why Vultr first appearance in VPS recommended list on Lowest package only $ 5 / month 768MB RAM is made yes, 1,000GB bandwidth is worth using. No vendor dare to give equal value and this configuration where.

time Vultr is present in 15 cities spanning the world, especially with location Singapore and Tokyo, Japan for Vietnam download speed very quickly is not inferior to domestic suppliers so you can be assured of long-term use.

Vultr who had plenty of promotions trial so you have time to experience the experience. Time limit extended to this year proved Vultr very confident in the quality of service provided to customers.

You read the details of each program listed below for your choice to suit demand prior to registration offline.

Note : the purpose of the promotion to your Credit donate enough time to install, configure and select the optimal server for actual demand. Rather than creating very high configuration servers to take advantage of all the money being donated.

Vultr Coupon December – Offering free to $ 103, the old account also presents

The entire amount is offered only for registration in Vultr VPS. New account can only choose 1 of 3 top promotions alone, think carefully before signing up.

1. Doubling the load for the new account, up to $ 103

This is the most spectacular program of preferential Vultr to give new customer first register for an account here. Immediately after registration and account recharge, will donate immediately Vultr corresponding amount, doubling the amount you receive, of up to $ 100 .

-> Register now

For example, if your account has not been here, know this program, register for an account and then loaded into $ 100 immediately will receive $ 200 account!

The amount of this bonus will expire in 12 month period, spoiled used. Additionally, you can incorporate additional promotion 4, bringing the total amount can get up to $ 103. Recharge account via PayPal or Visa / Master feature.

This is best promotions ever of Vultr, take advantage of opportunities that registration offline. Sorry does not apply to old accounts.

More information here .

2. Donate $ 53 for a new account

If you do not like to deposit into your account to be duplicated, use this promotional 2. Vultr are donated free of charge to new account 53 $ Free Credit.

a very simple way, you just visit this promotional link to register the account.

Soon will be taken to a page Billing enter the information Visa / Master (not used PayPal) to confirm that you are now $ 50 in finance feeling all. 4 Use promotions more you will get a total of $ 53 Free .

The amount of this trial is limited to use 60 days calculated from the start of receipt.

More information here .

3. Donate $ 23 free for new accounts

Similar Promotional 2, you only need to register a new account, verify the card information was given $ 20. Promotional plus 4, you get a total of 23 $ free .

After account register here and you go to Billings, loaded $ 5 through accounts PayPal or enter information Visa / Master then filled gift Code SSDVPS is immediately donated $ 20.

Shelf life is 30 days for this code.

4. Connect with Twitter to get more Vultr $ 3

Just account login Vultr click and click, you will receive added just $ 3 of Vultr. This promotion is exclusively for Twitter users.

Only Promotional No. 4 is applicable to other programs!

See details here .

5. Promos for the old account

If you already have an account here, then, do not be sad because Vultr are promotional 20% discount on all packages Compute Instance .

Just you login to your account, visit this link is going to see price fell 20% as below:

The plan from 1GB RAM or higher to get 20%, 768MB RAM too cheap plan should prices remain $ 5 / month.

6. 50GB Free Storage Block Free Trial

Vultr are awarded for the entire customer 50GB Free Storage Block but is only used with location New York, New Jersey only.

If you need to add capacity VPS, do not miss this exciting promotion department.

See details here .

Visit Vultr here .

Refer to the installation guide, Managing VPS blog Learning VPS . In particular, I have all guidelines optimized VPS 2GB RAM running at over 4k Vultr online.

VPS in Vultr can install both Windows for the remote to Download / Upload offline. The tool exchange traffic is prohibited.


  • your bank account will be charged $ 2.5 card information to confirm, then a few weeks the money will be automatically refunded.
  • If you get the message This card is not Eligible for free credit promotions ie your bank card is not accepted, it should go through the other cards until the card to add it.
  • When Deploy VPS can take several minutes to complete, to keep track of your schedule, please click on the button in the Console View VPS management site.

Absolutely not register multiple accounts to take advantage of a promotional series lest blocked!

Vultr or refusal of bank card bank, VP Bank and Virtual Visa Cards, Prepaid Cards. You can use Visa / Master of Techcombank, Vietcombank to register.

Due to fraud, registering multiple accounts to use Free High Credit should Vultr tightly controlled registration from Vietnam . Account registration can take 24 hours – 48 hours to verify manually, after finishing verify if the community is not $ 50 and not violate any policy of Vultr, be wrote the ticket for them to check and manually add it.

If after add the card information that error Unable to process payment ngôn: This transaction was denied by the credit card ISSUER please check the following issues:

  1. tags have been enabled by changing the PIN at ATMs yet?
  2. has enabled cards of international payment yet? -> Call up the bank asked, taking the number printed on the card. Some banks like TPB, VIB is not already active.
  3. Information has declared standards yet?
  4. account balance is not sufficient, noting a number of banks required to maintain an account balance.
Coupon Vultr December – Offering free to $ 103, down 20% Server old Account
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Theme Junkie Coupon – Discounts up to 50%

Referring to WordPress Theme can not help but say to Theme Junkie – supplier of good quality themes that prices are affordable, a lot of Vietnam use Blogger .

Established since 2009, so far, Theme Junkie had than 48 theme with 6 free plugin handy. The theme at this provider are often designed simple but elegant, consistent with the need to create technology blog, magazine pages small.

Like most other premium theme, Theme Junkie provides a custom interface is very nice and professional with optimal features for website SEO, choose the layout, allows inserting code directly from the settings panel as well as help you easily insert ads in the optimum position.

Some commonly used theme in Theme Junkie:

Blog Watch Me currently use this theme TheWorld in Theme Junkie be excellent optimization, load very fast, gentle, easily edit, add functions.

For the price, Theme Junkie has 3 different plan as follows:

  1. Single Theme : buy 1 theme $ 39.
  2. All Themes Package : with $ 49 to own the entire theme.
  3. Lifetime Package : pay $ 99 one-time, lifetime ownership.

To purchase separately one theme was $ 39 then, so if you skip registering the additional $ 10 to register the plan All Themes Package or more, will be more efficient .

Theme Junkie Coupon – Discounts up to 50%

Like MyThemeShop Theme Junkie regularly provides preferential coupons, special promotions for customers.

1. 50% discount for new customers

*** Applies to new customers want to switch back to using the theme in Theme Junkie.

2. 30% discount on the occasion of Christmas and New Year’s Eve

From now until the first week of the new year – 2017, when purchasing any theme or package in Theme Junkie members use the coupon below you will also be 30% .

The coupon on, the price will be a theme 27.3 $, All Themes Package and packages only $ 34.3 Lifetime Lifetime owns the entire theme only $ 69.3 only.

3. 20% discount coupon package Lifetime

In addition, there is currently a 20% discount coupon for Lifetime packages anymore.

*** Payment is by PayPal or Visa / Master .

To use the coupon code, the page Checkout you click on the link Click here to enter your code then enter the code. Immediately column Your order displays discount information if valid code. See image guidance here .

Theme Junkie Coupon – Discounts up to 50%
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Promotions last year, up to 50% GreenCloudVPS Lifetime

Prepare end 2016, GreenCloudVPS launched the final phase welcoming sale of Christmas and New Year.

2016 was a very successful year of GreenCloudVPS, with many achievements. To gratitude to customers, welcomed the end of the year holidays, GreenCloudVPS launched promotional discount of 50% lifetime VPS.

The program lasts from now until 01/01/2017 or may finish earlier than when the VPS packages are sold out.

Returning customers can contact support to apply discounts if you renew the service with the corresponding period as promotions.

1. With KVM or OpenVZ VPS

– 20% OFF lifetime when you pay with quarterly coupon code ILX8NQ22SU

– lifetime 30% discount if you pay with coupons semi-annually CK75K7BPWM

– Reduced lifetime maximum 50% if paid in the year, limited to 50 times using coupon 8RBQCRC2SI

2. Lifetime 20% discount on all packages Windows VPS if you paid in the year using coupon T634QEBU7K

3. Promos Dedicated Server

– Give Free Windows License if you pay quarterly or more. When order just choose Other from the list and note the version of OS Windows wants to use is.

– A special deals for dedicated servers will be announced on 12/25/2016 and 01/01/2017, you tuned more offline.

In addition, there are many packages GreenCloudVPS other VPS optimized for running tool, browsing … Invite you to refer to the entire here .

Looking Glass:

Promotions last year, up to 50% GreenCloudVPS Lifetime
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