Description tags and how to write a description tag SEO standards?

Description tags and how to write a description tag SEO standards?

Tags describe has been one of the factors important for website ranking. The description tag optimization helps a website rank well in Google. However, when Google started to update the original algorithm and no longer use the description tag in the original ranking algorithm, the forgotten SEOer started optimizing for this card.

This is a very unfortunate mistake.

Through this article, you will understand why a good description tag plays an important role in SEO and optimization criteria card list this description.

Right now, let’s find out why I should write a description tag, as Matt Cutts – Google Webspam former leader has announced Google does not use the description tag in ranking (published in personal blog of Matt Cutts )

Why optimized description tag as Google does not use it for ranking?

1 – There is no direct impact, but have an indirect impact on website ranking

Though Google has not publicly use the description tag in ranking, and automatically extracting the content on the page to fit the description tag of the user query, however, write the description tag will help increase the click through rate (CTR) on the website, helping earn a large website visit and CTR rates.

Why so?

We all understand that, when users search for certain information, they are forced to read through the information of a search results before clicking on the result of this. And title tag same description tag is the information that users first read before accessing the website. Meanwhile, the title tag is too short and difficult to fully convey an advertising message full of content on the page. At this point, the description tag will take effect.

To demonstrate more clearly the importance of the description tag for CTR rates and visit, you can see an example below:

Below are examples of two descriptive card: a card and a card optimized by Google automatically quoted for the query “the importance of the description tag”

  • tags optimized description:


  • description tag is automatically quoted:


You can see the contents of the description tag is automatically communicated to cite not enough users a message. And certainly will not be able to click rate card has been optimized description.

2 – Google: “Keeping the duplicate description tags are not necessary”

Although announced not use the description tag in ranking, but Google also recommends that administrators need to keep your website description tags are not duplicated. Matt Cutts made a video made it clear in this regard:

Which as we all know, these two factors have a very positive influence ranking.

Thus, although not use the description tag in ranking, but the description tag still play an important role for this search engine.

The ranking criteria optimization

The following is a brief check list optimizations description tag:

  • Containing primary keyword Let sure of keyword important most on pages export is in meta described . Often tools find for will darken highlights keywords identical to query search user in card section describes your . Note, try to insert keywords in a natural way possible.
  • Remember burn clear readability e Hey is essential for a description tag . Whether you cram too many t keyword in the described is absolutely not and it will not help for you to get any clicks from readers. N End-users, search are getting smarter, and they certainly will have some protection against sites that expression spam .
  • Consider the description tag as a paragraph ad short for website in addition to the main keyword insertion, you also need to write a description tag appeal like a brief blurb for the content on the page. Therefore, the description tag should not be too rigid and to fit with contents on page website you.
  • Length M ot described meta should be in the range of 135 160 characters (although recently Google has testing to display a description tag longer ). If you write longer, Google will truncate your description tag and replaced with an ellipsis .
  • No duplication as mentioned above, Google has advised all SEOer not let card title and described duplicate. Even though you may not need to write them, but absolutely should not write a duplicate. Google may punishment for this duplication.
  • Review use paragraph rich B ang using data is structured, you can makes your description becomes richer, more attractive ratio page click on .
    For example more stars rank more counts vote of visitors row information products event.

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Description tags and how to write a description tag SEO standards?
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