Displaying related posts at any location in the article

Display related posts at any location in your post.

Many of you have asked me inbox and comments how to display a list of related posts at the head of articles like WP Basic ? Actually I do not need any plugins or code anything. This insertion is done entirely by hand. However, if you want to do the same thing in a way that completely automated this article is for you. Today, I will guide you how to display related posts at any location in the article with the plugin Inline Related Posts .

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Display related posts in the article

1. First, as usual, you need to install and activate the plugin Inline Related Posts .


2. Once activated, you will be automatically redirected to the plugin page introduction. Please scroll down and click on the button Continue using the free version .


3. In the settings page, tick the Active to activate the plugin settings.


4. Declare the necessary settings for the plugin.



  • Related text Call-To-Action or : title of the article concerned, enter any word that you want, “Consult” for example.
  • Theme : choose the style that appears to related articles.
  • Initial opacity% : opacity of relevant articles.
  • CSS margin-top : parameters based distance above.
  • CSS margin-bottom : parameters based distance below.
  • Related Text Color : font color of the title.
  • Post Title Color : color article title.
  • Box Background Color : the background color of the frame displayed articles.
  • Border Color : outline color of the display frame.
  • Display border shadow : Display shadow effect to borders.
  • Display “Powered by” text : display the information of the plugin.
  • Real time preview : interface preview of the article concerned.
  • Insert in already existing posts? : insert the relevant article on the old article.
  • How many boxes per single post? : the number of frames related articles in each article.
  • N. Only last posts of days (set to zero for no limits) : just insert frame related articles in the article was published after a certain number of days, to 0 if you want to add to all the posts.
  • Interval Between the boxes (minimum N ° words) : location displaying the relevant article.
  • Insert a box at the end of the post? (If needed) : inserts a frame at the end of the article.
  • Use on page : used on the page.
  • Use on post : used in the article.
  • Search similar posts : the basis for identifying and displaying related article.
  • Link “rel” attribute : set the attribute “rel” for links related articles.
  • Link “target” attribute : set the attribute “target” for the link of the article concerned.
  • Metabox integration : Display 1 frame meta box in drafting the article or page, allows you to disable features related articles of the given page.

After setup is complete, click the button Save to stay and enjoy the fruits. I wish you success!

What do you think about the features of the plugin that I just mentioned? You know a more effective solution to display related posts in the post? Please share it with us using the comments below frame.

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Displaying related posts at any location in the article
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