Facebook 2017 update of the latest features

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Facebook increasingly update the appropriate features and more user friendly. Top 3 updating Facebook 2017 under his belt will certainly be useful for many business kinhh. And help in retaining facebook users to stay longer.

Facebook Audience Network delivers ads to more than one billion people

Since its launch in October 2014. Facebook Audience Network helped advertisers reach users outside facebook: mobile apps, mobile websites and videos with the most efficient price.

According to Facebook, the advertisers participating in Audience Network can increase on average by 16% compared to the way they advertise on Facebook and Instagram.

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If you do not use Audience Network ads to reach your customers. Why not try it right now. On average, advertisers have seen a 12% increase in the rate of conversion to the campaign website. And a 17% increase in the campaign settings for mobile applications while expanding its advertising with Facebook Audience Network.

How to advertise Facebook Audience Network: You need to set by customizing the selection of advertising positions your Facebook.

Facebook is testing run ads in video

As reported by Recode, updating Facebook 2017 will start showing ads within video and pay for the publisher.
The InVideo ad format means advertising will be inserted into the video after people have watched the video for at least 20 seconds. Unlike other video platforms, Facebook does not allow more advertising on the video when it is published. The video contains ads must also be at least 90 seconds.

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In 2016, Facebook users have danh100 million hours every day to watch the video. Advertising in video means you can lose money advertising within video content unbranded related to your target audience.


Reach more potential buyers than with dynamic ad

Target is one of the best ways to reach interested buyers to your Facebook campaigns. You can find the right person at the right time for their products.

Facebook has many options specifically targeted to people interested in your services. When using Facebook mobile advertising, advertisers are now able to reach people who are highly likely interested in a particular product.

According to Facebook: “Now, if someone watches a lot of furniture on your website, Facebook can conclude that this person is interested in buying furniture, and they can be a good candidate to dynamic ad serving for furniture. ”


How advertising activity update:

To start, you need to download the product catalog to Facebook. Product portfolio is a file that contains a list of all the products you want to promote. Next, more pixels on your site Facebook to track the products that people see, in addition to their cart and purchase. We will compare the products that they interact with the product in your product catalog to show them appropriate ads.

Finally, create dynamic ads in the Power Editor, where you will set up how you want your ad to display information in their product portfolio.

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Facebook 2017 update of the latest features
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