File structure disavow links in Google Webmaster Tools

Disavow File – File containing domain or URL link backlink is considered unnatural and violates the principle of management of Google

Most SEOer all know the simple structure of this file. Therefore, this article is intended solely for your share SEOer novice, or just met penalty manual actions, or first-time exposure to this file, or unfortunately you have forgotten its structure, the post this will remind you and will be difficult to forget the next time.

disavow: Url of

disavow links file structure is very simple

 #domain bad
Domain: domain 1
Domain: domain 2
Domain: links

disavow Me file * .txt file link is offline

There are three points to note in this file.

  1. The first line [#domain dau] This is a comment line, if you want to write a comment may begin with the # sign, it is the same line <!–    Notes   –> in the code that you still have
  2. domain: The next line is the domain contains bad backlinks. Refusing backlink from that domain both
  3. The last line is to refuse certain backlink from a url of a certain domain.

You can choose custom domain URL or refuse backlink from that domain format flock. and after a successful upload files will have the following message:


Get notified directly after successful upload files. Just tap “Done” to finish.


message from Google shortly after successfully disavow link

After disavow links I can delete files that are not?

There are offline. After you download the link disavow file associated with 3 options for you options as shown above:

  • + Choose File – Add new
  • + Download files
  • + Delete uploaded files

Thus after the website was completely removed tasks you can delete that file if you want to get away from the site was back backlink disavow offline.

And after finishing link disavow what you need to do it this review article: The task manually uninstall – The uninstall link penalties unnatural

disavow file structure links in Google Webmaster Tools

File structure disavow links in Google Webmaster Tools
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