How to fix memory limit in WooCommerce

How to fix memory limit error in WooCommerce.

No doubt, WooCommerce is the best, most popular ecommerce plugin on the platform. WordPress Nowadays. Different from other competitors, WooCommerce is equipped with almost all the features so you can build yourself a perfect website sales. Therefore, to operate a website well using WooCommerce you also need to have a strong enough hosting (VPS) configuration.

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Memory limit error in WooCommerce

Minimum requirements to operate WooCommerce is your hosting must have memory limit of 64MB or higher. Most hosting providers currently set PHP memory limit greater than 64MB. However, though, when you install WooCommerce you will still receive the message memory limit is only 40MB.

For example: I am using Linux Hosting of PHP memory limit is up to 128MB.

Php-memory-limit-ftech-linux-hosting “width =” 934 “height =” 271 “/>

However, when checked in System Status of WooCommerce it still error only 40MB.

Woofommerce-bi-loi-memory-limit “width =” 1148 “height =” 430 “/>

How to fix memory limit error?

Very simple! Just open wp-config.php and look for the text:

Add the following code to the top of the text:

256M “is the number memory limit you want. When finished, click the “ Save Changes ” button to save the settings. Now, go back to  System Status of WooCommerce you should get something that looks like this:

[194590035] woocommerce-limit-memory-limit “width =” 1147 “height =” 431 “/>

Is not it simple? I wish you success!

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How to fix memory limit in WooCommerce
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