Why you should focus on improving the speed of web load in 2017

Every website owner wants to increase the percentage of visitors, reducing the visitors leave. And studies show that one of the main reasons why customers are leaving your website load speed does not meet the requirements.

Through this article you will find the reason why you have to focus on improving the load time of the web to increase customer access.

Why web load speed important?

Speed ​​web load as quickly as possible. This was not anything new for all those who have been studying about SEO.

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Prospect is a very important issue in business. They will be very disappointed when they first come to your website. But it must wait a long time to load. You will lose them right from this moment. That also explains why the percentage of customers who leave your website increasing.

Gomez.com recently did a study found that: Over 50% of Internet users expect a website can be loaded within 2 seconds. Any website that has a longer load time will cause them frustration and preparation out. To go to the website as your competitors but better load performance.

Another study found that: Approximately ¾ users will not return if the website load time longer than 4 seconds.

So if you want to meet the expectations of customers. Make sure your website loaded within 2 seconds.

Let’s create a separate branch access for mobile.

There is a mobile version of your website is a great idea. The most recent research shows that 2/3 of smartphone users would access the Internet through their phones.

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Moreover, the trend over the phone Internet access will increase due to the use of smart phones is increasing, tends to universalize. However, you must also know that the mobile version will run slower version of “tradition”.

That does not mean you should put your code to integer Mobile version. Instead, you must have the appropriate code adjustments to Mobile. To minimize the time to load.

So, how to check the website load speed?

This is quite simple, especially in recent times Google has launched a free online tool. Allows you to check the website load speed.

Example: You go to Page Speed ​​Online

This is a tool developed by Google Labs. You can integrate Page Speed ​​Online on your website as a Extnsion. Or you just use it as a web-based tool.

Page Speed ​​Online will let you know your website load speed. It also proposed a number of options for improving web performance load.

03 important way to get websites to load faster.

There are many ways to improve your website load speed. Here we propose to you 03 most key methods:

  1. Use the GZIP data compression tool

Normally if you want to take a picture or a graphic file to the Web, you have to reduce their size to a certain level to ensure web load speed. But the file will not be sharp as the original. But with GZIP so you do not need. It can reduce the size of the files on your website up to 70%. Without reducing the quality of images or graphics.

  1. Save CSS and scripts as external files (external file).

One of the important things can slow down your website will load up with the stylesheet when readers click on a page on your website. CSS and scripts saved as files external to avoid this problem. Because it means that all files uploaded 1 times just to make your site work perfectly. And of course this means that the page on the website will load much faster.

  1. Using the cache (Cache)

Activating set the cache so that if your website has the risk load a little slower, it may be based on the cached version instead. If you regularly update the cache, the cached version will be “like new” and it feels like a version up-to-date.

How to load Web site faster in 2017?

Hobo Web has made a study of the influence of the web to speed load performance. Their charts have shown that if your site takes 1 second or less to load, then the impact is very small (5% or less). When your website has achieved this speed. Then the customer is leaving because of other reasons, not related to the speed of web load.

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+ https://seosieutoc.com

Use theme Genesis, child theme Magazine, combined with plugin WP Rocket

+ https://rotec.com.vn

Using pure PHP code to optimize the interface information

+ https://kientrucac.com

Therefore, although our study was quoted above are encouraged to load web speed of less than 2 seconds. So why do we not do much more. Surpassing the expectations of readers in 2017? You do everything possible to web load times only 1 second and little more. Then you will get the results they expect.

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Why you should focus on improving the speed of web load in 2017
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