Free SMTP email via the WordPress for SendGrid

Email via SMTP free WordPress with SendGrid service.

You are a headache for email sent from the blog / website WordPress her frequently to go to spam? You are looking for a free solution and stability to email via SMTP or email marketing? If you are in such circumstances then this article is for you. Shortly after this, I will guide you how to register a free account and receive 12,000 free email per month from SendGrid to use for email SMTP and email marketing. Unlike many providers, the registered account SendGrid has now become a lot easier, no longer limited to users in Vietnam anymore.

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Why you should choose SendGrid?

  • Free 12,000 emails per month, used both for marketing email and SMTP.
  • Account registration easier, use a full range of professional features.
  • intuitive control panel, easy to follow, easy to use.
  • Speed ​​emailing fast, very rarely get to go to spam.

Account Registration SendGrid

1. First, you need access to home of SendGrid . Click on the button Try for Free .


2. Fill out the information requested on the registration form and click the button Create Account .


3. If successful registration, you will receive a notification that looks like this.


4. Access to e-mail (email) by you, finding your email SendGrid and click on the button Confirm Email Address to verify the address.


5. A form will appear again, asking you to declare some personal information required.


Click on Save to save it after completion.

6. An email will automatically be sent to your mailbox, notice the account registration was successful … gratifying.


So you can start using the full range of functions of SendGrid then.

Email via SMTP free with SendGrid

1. Install and activate the plugin WP Easy SMTP .


2. Next, visit Settings => WP Easy SMTP and proceed to configure the following parameters.



  • From Email Address : The sender’s email address.
  • From Name : the name of the sender.
  • SMTP Host : you fill the
  • Type of Encription : choose the form of email encryption. If your site has installed SSL select SSL . Conversely, select TLS .
  • SMTP Port : If you select SSL port 465. If selected to fill the TLS the port will be 587 or 25.
  • SMTP Authentication : Yes.
  • SMTP username : fill in the username SendGrid of you.
  • SMTP Password : enter the login password of your SendGrid.

Click on Save Changes to save.

3. Test try SMTP was active or not using the form below.


4. If you receive an email or a notice like this, it means the ability to send mail via SMTP were operating normally.


However, check the settings of the plugin view was correct or not. Try changing view port fix errors. If you still can not send mail, the more likely your host has blocked this feature. Please contact the vendor for support.

Above is the detailed instructions on how to send email through SMTP in WordPress with SendGrid . Hope it will help you to configure email to the blog / your website more easily. Any questions, suggestions please pleased to comment below frame for support and answers.

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Free SMTP email via the WordPress for SendGrid
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