Genesis responsive slider theme created for Paradise

Genesis Creation Guide responsive slider for Paradise theme.

If you do not know, since version 4.2, we have integrated additional support features responsive slider in theme Paradise . This means that you can insert a slider display messages, pages, products … on the homepage or any widget area are supported. Responsive slider will help you display the list of articles or product highlights to attract the attention of customers. It includes the ability to customize the look of flexible and work well on any screen size, from desktop, tablet to mobile.

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Genesis theme responsive slider for Paradise

Demo Genesis responsive slider

For details and more intuitive, and you can see a live demo here.

Installation instructions Genesis responsive slider

1. First, you need to install and activate the plugin Genesis Responsive Slider ( links ).

2. Next, visit Genesis => Slider Settings and set the required parameters for the slider.

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  • Would you like to use posts or pages : you want to display messages, or product page … on the slider.
  • Choose a term to quyết what slides to include : select category or tags you want displayed on the slider.
  • List mà category, tag or other taxonomy IDs to exclude : ID card or categories that you do not want displayed on the slider.
  • Choose the include / exclude slides using their post / page ID in a comma-separated list : display or remove the page / article by ID something from the slider.
  • đó post IDs list to include / exclude : list pages / posts you want to display or remove by ID.
  • Number of Slides to show : number of pages / posts displayed on the slider.
  • Number of Posts to Offset : the number of posts compared to the actual difference. For example, you display a list of the latest article and set this parameter to 1, the slider will not appear on the latest articles that show the new posts 2nd backwards.
  • Order By : sort articles by date published, title, ID or random arrangement.
  • Time Between Slides (in milliseconds) : display time of 1 slide on the slider, in milliseconds.
  • Speed ​​Slide Transition (in milliseconds) : transition time between two slides, in milliseconds.
  • Slider Effect: Select one of the following : between 2 slide transition effects.
  • Slider Maximum Width (in pixels) : the maximum width of the slider.
  • Slider Maximum Height (in pixels) : the maximum height of the slider.
  • Display Next / Previous Arrows in Slider : display the navigation buttons on the slider.
  • Pagination Display in Slider : display paging button slider.
  • Do not link Slider image to Post / Page : do not link the image on the slide with posts / pages.
  • Display Post / Page Title in Slider : display the article title / page on the slide.
  • Display Content in Slider : display the content (text) on the slide.
  • Hide Title & Content on Mobile Devices : Hides the title and the content on the phone (only showing pictures).
  • Select one of the following : selection show or display content summary.
  • More Text (if applicable) : edit button more. If you do not want to display the button, leave blank.
  • Limit content to […] characters : section length limit content on the slide.
  • Width Slider excerpt (in percentage) : the width of the display content on the slide, in%.
  • excerpt Location (vertical) : location display content on a slide (vertically).
  • excerpt Location (horizontal) : location display content on a slide (horizontally).

After setup is complete, click on Save Settings to save.

3. Visit Appearance => Widgets => drag and drop widgets Genesis – Responsive Slider and drop on Home – Top .

Set the title for the widget or empty if you want. Click on the button Save to save. Now, access your home page and see the results offline. Simple as that, to wish you success!

All questions and comments relating to the creation of responsive slider theme Paradise please post a comment in the box below for support and answers.

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Genesis responsive slider theme created for Paradise
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