Google AdSense: 10 Methods of optimizing revenue for Web page

Optimize revenue for mobile website

Today 21% of users worldwide using only the phone to go online. Google search system had to revise algorithms to help users find the best sites for mobile and tablet algorithm will prioritize the sites were optimized for mobile devices. Its very good for seo top google

Creating a well-designed website for mobile helps the reader easy to use, search is important because 61% of users will leave the start page if they do not find what you are looking for

Tip 1: helps users easily access:

This factor includes an easy to use (simple beautiful design), easy interaction (the user will be taken to the right content they are interested) and readable (legible font fit)

Tip 2 Test your site

social Source: shares, load speed, load time, the level of interaction of the user interested

visitors: download speed, load time, while users on the site, number of pages viewed per visit

Tip 3: Consistent on different screens

Ensure that users access from a laptop, tablet or mobile phone, the user experience remains the same

Tip 4: Make the site run faster

74% of users will move over the page if the page takes to load 5s

The best practice when placing ads on mobile

Tip 1: when using the advanced features in the ad text, reduce unwanted clicks by placing advertisements content away 150px

Tip 2: Revealing advertisements in half on site to increase user experience and maximize revenue

Tip 3: Change advertisement by 320 × 50 320 × 100 ad templates to give opportunities for higher eCPM

Tip 4: put social networking to link users to easily share

Tip 5: use 300 × 250 ad templates to increase fill rates and eCPM ads

Benefits ad formats for mobile web

format ads jute Responsive ad format that we just have to install code on the web and it will automatically resize to fit each screen, so the ad size will be optimized according to size screen size

ad format ads Anchor size 350 × 20 will fixed at the bottom of the screen when the user drag the screen down to see the content below the ad will slide along and still resting there, if users do not like, they can click the ad and hide away so this ad will not affect the user experience. When I put this advertisement on mobile anchor is ad code will not count against the limit is 1 ad on a mobile screen

Format: Vignettes are covered in full screen ads when a user clicks the phone moved from one page to another.


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Google AdSense: 10 Methods of optimizing revenue for Web page
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