Guides point of VPS domain name DigitalOcean

Likewise Vultr DigitalOcean also has its own name server system for customers to use. With simple style, add a domain to manipulate the system and manage DNS DigitalOcean extremely easy.

First, log into your account and click on the section DigitalOcean Networking in the top menu. Immediately add the domain interface system appears as below:

In the Add a domain enter the domain name and corresponding IP Server and press Create Record .

Immediately domain will show below, the Domains click the domain name has continued to add to the configuration.

Now available on an A record for hostname is @ . For domain name you need extra work record www again.

Click the button CNAME Mr. Name you enter www hostname fill @ then click Create a CNAME Record .

Thus, your domain name and www @ 2 record, and then it is ready to go. The next job is pointing the name server’s domain name DigitalOcean,, again to complete.

If the domain name server only supports 2, you can use the and is enough.

To add another record, select the Record Type your turn, and then enter the hostname Name is finished.

Wish you success.

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Guides point of VPS domain name DigitalOcean
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