How to increase traffic from Facebook?

How to increase traffic from Facebook to your blog / website?

Facebook Facebook is not the first social network, however it is one of the largest and most important social networks today. There are a number of social networks that are capable of replacing Facebook in terms of features. However, no social network Kiến Trúc AC can achieve the recognition of a large number of users such as Facebook . Facebook is not only a place to exchange, make friends … but also can be used for business. You can leverage it to drive product sales growth and service, to shopping or even to generate traffic to your blog / website.

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How to increase traffic from Facebook?

Here are some suggestions that can help you significantly increase traffic from Facebook in particular and from social networks in general:

Make your profile Facebook interesting: provide as much information as possible. You should know your profile is a great weapon. Publish your profile máy ép bùn băng tải giá rẻ so many people can see it. If they find your profile interesting, they can become one of your regular customers.

  • Theme address blog on your profile Facebook : Write about how your blog / website can help people and its services. You can also write these on your wall.


Add as many of you as possible: Make your network bigger. The larger your network of friends, the more people you know about your blog / website.

  • Do you have an interesting profile and a large enough network of friends? But it will not help if you do not regularly post articles, status. You should regularly post about your blog / website. Otherwise, the traffic from Facebook will decrease over time.
  • Do not just be busy with vincity tây mỗ your own profile: check the profile of others. Study what they like. Join their groups and events. You should build chung cư thanh hà mường thanh a good relationship with others.
  • Create a fanpage for your blog / website, try to promote it and earn as much “like” (or “like”). You can also buy “likes” for fanpage (not recommended). Through fanpage, you can share content from your blog / website with your fans.


Use different apps to make your fanpage more attractive. This can make people more interested in your fanpage.

  • You can also create a group and add all your friends into it. They may add more people. Then share content from your blog / website on the group. This can be an effective way to promote your blog / website.


Use Facebook ads to introduce your blog / website: you can open CPC or CPM campaigns. Advertising Facebook can generate a large amount of traffic to the blog / website. Of course it will cost you money so you need to balance between the receipt and spend before doing.

  • If you have a privacy issue, you can use two separate accounts. One for business purposes and one for personal use.
  • Do not forget to take advantage of the cover feature to introduce your blog / website.


Facebook is changing daily. So it is very difficult to set up some specific tactics. But if you follow the suggestions above, you will surely earn a good page rank. Good luck!

Do you know of other more useful tricks that increase traffic from Facebook ? Please share it with us in the comment box below.

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How to increase traffic from Facebook?
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