Move all JavaScript into footer in WordPress

Move all JavaScript into the footer of WordPress.

If you do not know, in the version 4.2.6 of the theme Paradise was released on 02/24/2017 and then, we have removed code async (download asynchronous) JavaScript (JS) and instead transfer the entire code JavaScript down footer. The reason we do so is because the async JS load error can cause lack of JS in some cases, but also makes the interface features of the blog / website that appears incomplete, especially when using create cache plugin.

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Unlike the asynchronous loading techniques (JS files can be located in the header but delayed loading, forced to wait for all the other components are downloaded, the download is complete, resulting in error-prone on browsers not good support async), moved down footer JS will help blog / your website more stable operation, while ensuring load JS final rule.

How to move all JavaScript into the footer?

There are two different ways to do this: 1 is inserted directly into your code snippets functions.php of theme / child theme you are using, 2 is to use the plugin.

Use code snippets

Insert the following code at the end of file functions.php theme / child theme that you are using.

Save, view source blog / website and see the results.

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Using the plugin

For you “passion” plugin, you can use the plugin Scripts To Footer to do this. With just a few simple settings that you can master the plugin so I will not detail here introduced. Finally, wish you success!

Have you ever turn down footer JavaScript in WordPress ? You know other solutions simply and more efficiently? Please share it with us using the comments below frame.

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Move all JavaScript into footer in WordPress
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