No longer limited to the Google AdSense Ad Unit on the website

Welcome came with an online seminar Google AdSense organization. If you do not see me in the last seminar, I would like to introduce ourselves as professional manager Van is the strategic partner for Google AdSense and Google AdMob in Vietnam market and its main job is to help publishers and app developers to optimize Google AdSense revenue from AdMob and Google. Today I was very happy to see you again to share these tips on optimizing for your AdSense account.

Firstly I would like to thank you for taking the time to attend a talk today with your Google AdSense and professionals throughout the duration of this seminar if you have any questions want send to yourself, then you please click on the button in question on the website of this seminar and its experts will try to answer as many questions as possible during the program. Also if you are interested dowload the document of the seminar today, then you click on the download button at the site of today’s program.

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And now I will begin the discussion today, the content includes the following topics:

1. Update new Google AdSense policies

2. The level of user interaction: 3 key steps to create better traffic

3. Improving site speed

Today I want to update with the new policy you are the experts AdSense changes related to limit the number of ads on a page.

Previously in the old policy that you are running AdSense knows that on each site only allowed to place up to 3 advertisements recently this policy was updated and professionals spent part of AdSense policies limits go so present on every page you can place more than 3 ad.

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As long as the ad rates in line with the content and the need to ensure website content is the focus disproportionately more ad rate policies are called policy-related inventory has its value has to say about the links in this article to all your slides if available, you can download click on this link to learn more details.

According to this policy, though limited to three ads on a page is no longer available, but experts still can suspend or disable ad serving on pages with little or no value to the people use and put too many ads, the site will be suspended, the ad runs until the change is made to ensure the site’s content and must proportion is the main focus of the site.

No longer limited to the Google AdSense Ad Unit on the website
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