OneDrive turn into a network drive in Windows 10

OneDrive turn into a network drive in Windows 10

You have a memory data TB OneDrive with free goods, but you do not want to use the OneDrive app on Windows 10 because it automatically download the data in your sync folder. This will cause complete memory your computer very quickly. So today will introduce a Windows 10 tips free OneDrive cloud help you turn into a network drive on your computer in parallel with the drive C, D others. The benefit of this is that it only shows the files and folders of your data in onedrive, only when you open it up, it automatically downloads new your device. This procedure also applies to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 offline.

First to do this you need to know the ID of your OneDrive account. For ID, you first log into your account and look up OneDrive browser address it in the form .

On the other xxx is your OneDrive account ID, ID-copy this link and add
When a pharmaceutical line link with ID, open File Explorer by pressing the key combination “Win + E”, select the Computer tab and select “Map Network Drive.”

In the Map Network Drive window, you select the drive letter for your OneDrive, paste the link of the form: into the Folder and click Finish to continue.

Even then Windows will conduct OneDrive connection.

Then you will be asked to enter your email and password Onedrive his account. Before you click OK, you be sure to choose an area of ​​the “Remember my credentials” for the next time you connect without having to enter account names and passwords again.

login process is complete, you will see the drive in the My Computer OneDrive right next to your other hard drive you.

With Computer tips you absolutely can use OneDrive as a drive on your computer, all operations you can use as a normal hard drive. Very simple is not it /? Do not forget to like and share them with friends offline. Good success!

OneDrive turn into a network drive in Windows 10
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