Plan your keywords for any website

Share for those novice SEO the way to plan keywords for any website. You can use any of a Mix and Match can also to give the the optimal solution for your website

With the new website should have clear plans keywords which are planned content always, this will help you manage the content of their website from the beginning to avoid duplicate content, as well as help you fully exploit the contents of the array, aspects of the field you

Plan keywords for any website

The first is Google Keyword Plan

The first tool that I want to discuss is the most basic tools to tell SEOer knows. It’s planning tool keyword ( Google Keyword Plan ) of Google. This is a tool for planning of Google Adword keyword to support the ads in the campaign planning to run your ads.

This tool is a tool that all SEOer are used, this tool does not show you the list of keywords related to the keywords you need to analyze, it also gives the amount of search / month, assess the needs of the user search by month and gives you an overall picture of the trends most searched keyword (search time and time most users demand the lowest). From there you can know when to accelerate key business to achieve the most effective.

What you need to do is visit the Google Keyword Plan (If you do not have an account, register it). If so, choose Log on Adwords.

In the next window select the new keyword search using the phrase, website or catalog. Get the keyword in the box below and select Get ideas at the bottom.


Enter your keyword analysis and selected box Inspired

Here GG will list out all of the keywords to the keywords you wish insole analysis as well as the average amount of monthly searches. And it also shows the total monthly search volume and display according to the year you have an overview of the trends of users.


You can download the relevant keyword list for ease of analysis.

If you save the file excel fails you can choose to save it in Google Driver will not be sorry and you can copy go freely.

From keyword list that you will select keywords that fit your keyword analysis. Note that your keyword analysis deeper (more keyword choices both both short-term), you will cover more content and thoroughly exploit your niche field.

However, to use this tool effectively, you need to analyze the keywords within the same array. For example, you analyze key “warts” then you need to add a key analysis of the search niche, but more like “symptoms warts”, “How to treat genital warts” … So shall get more comprehensive analysis with many more niche keywords.

Ex keywords have more searches:

+ thiết kế biệt thự   About 3,941,000 results

+ dịch vụ seo  About 2,790,000 results

+ máy ép bùn băng tải  About 1,890,000 results

And further as a result of the Google Keyword analysis Keyword Plan also somewhat scratch you need to analyze carefully the necessary array of keywords and remove extraneous markings ^^.

Followed by the keyword analysis tools in GWT

Log in to Google Webmaster Tools (Google Webmaster Tools) to item search traffic -> Keyword analysis


keyword analysis tools in GWT

Google will return for your keyword list strengths of your website, you can make use of it in order to find common array keyword rankings are good and promote it. This can help increase website traffic if you do well the array has filtered out from there.


keyword analysis tools in GWT

followed by a keyword search directly from the Google search window

When you search on Google, Google always shows the hint keyword search are many. You can make use of it to analyze your keywords and find the relevant keywords that people search. Since then added to the list of keywords for your SEO plan.


Take hints from Google

You can avail it by typing the keyword analysis should then add characters from a to z and experience the results. Every time you type a letter you will receive a list of suggestions from Google different. Please note that keyword immediately to complement your keyword list.

Add one more suggestions from Google that Google Related Searches

Every time you do a search on Google, you pull down the bottom of the search results you will see the keywords suggested by Google is the following:


Google Related Searches

Those tags are more interested users. You can take advantage of it to add to your keyword list.

Followed by the keyword analysis tools online

That What you need to do is enter a keyword and select Suggest this ^^ waited results.

Plus you can use the software to support analysis of keywords such as:

Long Tail Keyword map Pro Hay Pro

Both are tools to support effective keyword analysis. With Keyword Map Pro you only need to enter keywords and keyword list returns received by each array.

Also with Long Tail Pro it Google Keyword analysis is based on Google’s Plan, you simply fill out the account information that will get results.

About 2 software support, you can consult and down on Google.

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Plan your keywords for any website
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