Process design a standard Web page SEO

Process design a standard Web page SEO

In this article we have no ambition to fully detailed presentation of the stages of the design process. We only offer generalized content of the stages that a process of designing a website SEO standards must be.

Prior to the main content of the article. We want you certainly saw the importance of SEO in business, the ultimate goal of a website (most of) is profitable for the owner. To achieve its objectives right from the website design process had to adhere strictly designed best. So that there is a website SEO standards. So let’s get started.

  1. The purpose and idea of ​​building a website (Purpose & Idea)

This will be a central issue throughout the process of designing a website. The designer will have to stick to it to build up a website as the most satisfied customers. For example, an online sales website, or a website information, an entertainment website, movies, or branding … During the design process must not leave this matter. After you have determined the purpose, we have no idea (can reference from different sources) to have the most complete website.

  1. Domain & Hosting (domain name server and Internet connection)

Website is a high-tech products. At the same time it also represents you in the Internet community. So it must have a “name”. And it was put under very strict rules.

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Any website, whether big or small scale as Internet connections are equal, peer. And each site is defined by a unique link address. For utility for users who do not have to remember the numbers of the IP address. The domain name was created to solve this problem. Services within the meaning of the domain name means that the domain name. In essence, the domain name is the location identifier of a computer on the Internet in other words the domain name is the name of the network, the name of the server on the Internet. Because nature only and only 1 on the Internet, you can not be Domain name registration when that someone else is the owner. Domain name must be short, easy to remember, express the purpose … (Read more What is Domain?).

Hosting as storage services and sharing online. Space is installed on a server with Internet services such as World Wide Web (www), file transfer (FTP), Mail … You can hold your site content or data on that space. Hosting is also a place of interaction between users and websites. It also supports activities for the internet software. The task of web design is to choose a suitable host with demand. It must satisfy the criteria of speed, safety, maximum customer support …

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summary you must determine the website’s domain name, for example:, … guaranteed to be some of the criteria mentioned above. Next is to identify a service provider suitable host.

  1. Site Map (Sitemap)

Site map (diagram of a website) is a list that lists all the items of information on your website with a brief description of the information items . Site map should be easy to use in the implementation of the quick search to find out the necessary information as well as to move through the links on your website. Site map should be a perfect scheme of the website . Site map is the need for your website to achieve a high position in the search system. Because the search system appreciated for websites have a navigation scheme website.

Sitemap is a factor search engines appreciate. You should dig deeper on this issue (Sitemap is?).

  1. Target Audience (target customers)

Or in other words Target Audience is defined object oriented website. These objects must ensure: sufficient liquidity and demand. This problem requires the implementation of a process: market intelligence, market segments, to find out Target Audience . There is a classic wallet: This is the process of looking portraits “God”.

In essence, this phase has been formed since you define the purpose for your website. For example, you can not sell a disc for a deaf. Nor can share an article on information technology in the “Heart of the night” … Very practical, very intuitive, easy to understand, but to do good you really have to invest the time.

  1. Design & Coding (Design and Writing code)

There will be a professional Designer and Coder solve this problem. But obviously you can, let’s work hard so that your website can run well on all browsers normally. Please express ideas previously identified on the website. To come as close as possible the purpose of the website. A website user-friendly interface with Google users will always be appreciated (sitemap, colors, content …).

  1. Estimates (Estimate)

Nothing is free. To own a website you also have to spend a certain amount. The problem here is, you spend money but you get nothing? Of course, an effective website, achieving goals is the most complacent aesthetic results. Italy we want to say, you have to invest in the right direction. So you must have a detailed plan from the start with the idea of ​​building a website. In it you have to have a specific estimate for during since embarking on the design until the website operation and maintenance of websites operate most efficiently. In our opinion, there are three types of costs that can not be ignored. And to calculate carefully so effectively:

– Cost is the first domain name

– 2nd Cost Hosting is hired.

– 3rd Cost is the cost for the design, website programming.

Why do we mention the problem estimate of process of designing a website SEO standards ? Simply put, you spend 2-3 million to have a website. I spent 12 million to own a website. My friend spent 18 million to have a website … I think you have to understand we want to talk about something, “of any money that” of the tools taught then.

  1. Web Optimizations (website optimization)

This is a process and it is mandatory. An optimized website is not a “dead sites”. V à course it does not give the owner any something. An effective website it must have been ranking on the search engines. Want to improve the ranking of a website, it is a process. Because the search engines such as Google, Bring, Yahoo … will collect more than 40 manifestations of a website to assess them on the charts (rank). Therefore, we recommend that you optimize your website right from the design.

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* Conclusion The process of designing a website SEO standards go through the basic steps that we have given in this article. Compliance and implementation in earnest we guarantee your website will operate most efficiently. The biggest benefit to the owner.

Process design a standard Web page SEO
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