Reactions to integrate Facebook Like WordPress

Guidance integrated Facebook Like Reactions to WordPress.

If you are a follower of Facebook or at least involved in social networking Facebook then surely you’ve seen the emoticons such as: love (love), Haha (laughs), Wow (surprised), sad (sad) and Angry (angry) and then, right? Facebook Like Reactions is a new feature to be officially put into use not long ago. However, it has received an enthusiastic response from users. Instead of merely Like (like) like before, users can add new symbols to express his true feelings for a post or status.

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What if integration features Facebook Like Reactions on blog / website WordPress her? I guess interoperability of readers for your articles in particular, and blog / website you will generally become a lot better.

If you are looking for a solution to do that, immediately after these are plugins to help you realize the idea of ​​a simple way.

Top 3 best plugins help integrate Facebook Like Reactions to WordPress

1. MyEffecto – Instant Visual Feedback – Download

" MyEffecto is an interesting plugin, is programmed to integrated system helps you evaluate entries based on emotions to your blog / website WordPress around. it does this by providing your visitors with a simple menu, including how includes many different emotional reactions, from positive to negative, like on Facebook .

2. DW Reactions – Download

" DW Reactions is a simple plugin that allows you to integrate a reaction menu (based on UX design of Facebook ) to blog / website WordPress of you. the menu includes six basic reactions: like, love, laughter, surprise, sad and angry, like like Reactions on Facebook .

3. Feelback Reactions – Download


This is l Select the last in our list. Feelback Reactions offers you a comprehensive solution for integrating a feedback system simple emotions on blog / website WordPress her. Not only include emoticons systems based on prototypes Facebook as you expected, it also added a few other great choices, ensuring the interface to suit each blog / website.

Above are three useful plugins to help integrate Facebook Like Reactions on blog / website WordPress . In your opinion, what is the optimal solution? If you know better than any other plugin, do not forget to share with us in the comments below frame.

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Reactions to integrate Facebook Like WordPress
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