Remove Emoji to speed up load for blog / website WordPress

Removing Emoji to speed up load for blog / website WordPress.

If you do not know, Emoji is the open source help show emotion icon on the internet in general and WordPress in particular. Emoji supports most popular platforms, from Windows Android Mac OS iOS to Linux … that is why it appears everywhere, from the message on the phone to chat services, social networks, blogs, websites. On WordPress Emoji officially available since version 4.2 and maintained until now.

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Emoji helps the articles, comments become more lively, expressing the feelings of the writer. However, not pages need also to Emoji especially the e-commerce sites, corporate web … In addition, these icons are loaded directly from the server of we have made quite a big size (rather small as you see displayed on the web), not compressed for optimum speed capacity should slow decent web load. In case you feel Emoji not really necessary, it is best to disable it to save space part HTML help blog / website load faster.

Emoji Help Eliminate load faster WordPress

In order to completely remove Emoji from WordPress you just insert the following code into the file functions.php theme or child theme is used .

Or install and activate the plugin Disable emojis . It’s simple and fast, right? I wish you success!

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Remove Emoji to speed up load for blog / website WordPress
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