Remove query strings in WordPress with WP Rocket plugin

Remove query strings in WordPress with WP Rocket plugin

Quit the query strings in WordPress simply with the WP Rocket plugin.

In a long time ago, I have been instructing you how to remove query strings from CSS and JS files in WordPress to speed up your load. Blog / website right? If you no longer remember what query strings are, you can refer to that article here . Back to the dịch vụ làm sổ tạm trú kt3 main issue, if you are using the WP Rocket plugin version 2.9 or later, you can now easily remove query strings easily without the need. Add code to the functions.php of the theme as before.

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Remove query strings with WP Rocket plugin

WP Rocket is not just a cache plugin, it also takes on the function of a cleanup plugin and chung cư thanh hà database optimizer; HMTL, CSS, JS, Google Fonts optimization; Lazy load images, videos and iframes; CloudFlare … and many other Kiến Trúc AC useful features. That’s why WP Rocket is believed to be used on hundreds of thousands of blogs / websites, although it is a paid plug-in.

Since version 2.9, WP Rocket has been added a new feature in the installation interface, named dich vu thiet ke biet thu dep Static Resources . It allows you to remove query strings from static resources like JS or CSS easily.

All you need to do is tick in the Advanced tools tab of the WP Rocket plugin then click Remove. Button Save Changes to save.

Before Removal:

After removal:


Is not it great? No more worry about interfaces when inserting code into files functions.php the wrong way too. I wish you success!

Are you removing query strings on the static resources of your blog / website? What method are you using to do that? Please share it with us in the comment box below.

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Remove query strings in WordPress with WP Rocket plugin
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