Reset password management server HocVPS Script

HocVPS Script has supported a number of tools to manage the server and change the password to access the tool via the link If after swapping passes you do not mind, please follow this operation to reset regain new pass.

HocVPS Admin Script supports the change password tool:

  1. HocVPS Admin Script access any path containing port (limited detectors pass)
  2. File Manager access path
  3. phpMyAdmin access path

To change the password for this tool, after logging into HocVPS Admin Script you press the menu Change Password select the corresponding tool and then enter a new password is finished.


If you have changed the password to log on HocVPS Admin Script to reset connect SSH, then run this command:

. /etc/hocvps/scripts.conf
printf "admin: $ (openssl passwd -apr1 admin)  n"> /home/$mainsite/private_html/hocvps/.htpasswd


  • The first line to read configuration HocVPS Script taking the parameters $ mainsite .
  • 2nd Line reset the password on admin .

That’s it, now you can login with your new password Admin HocVPS admin I got you. Please log in and change your password immediately different.

Note, if you log in a password more than 3 times the wrong block access will be 1 hour!

Reset password management server HocVPS Script
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