Safe source of quality backlinks to time WHERE?

I wonder if history repeated in 2014 or not, but recently a lot 4rum and fell into the grid system of Google penalty. You can review it here “ Integrated systems and website received 2015 “.

The multiple systems and sites that many SEOer himself startled, because many of them were used as sources of backlink from 4rum main backlink sources. You can read more free articles Vip system that day and now to get an overview of the situation before and now SEO. So what is the solution to help solve problems in this ceremony backlink?

solution is a lot, depending on each person has different ways to create individual solutions for themselves to stand in the SEO market is increasingly fierce. The system received a very normal thing to do is not new to SEOer anymore.

Always prepared psychologically

Most SEOer to participating system clearly identify this problem is not sustainable source of backlinks and also not high quality. Join any system or any 4rum too, may for any reason you banned poonah + delete the entire article shall be deemed to have lost backlink sources, and it can take at any time (with many why then, probably because you spam or possibly due to bad play). And one more thing is the system SEOer joining the system likely will be penalized anytime mild punishment is fine, if heavy fines are losing the entire index => lost entire backlink from that system. So this is not a sustainable source of backlinks and can take anytime. That’s why most companies SEO services are not used outside the campaign forum build links of them. (Consider and put it into the appropriate position for the campaign to build your link)

Quality backlink sources

Source backlink is no shortage, there is that it depends on the cost and duration of the project.


Selection of appropriate backlink sources

There are costs the backlink building process will be shorter, the project will be speeded up so that will be completed soon (ie buying and selling text, talk to the same field sites … any way to get backlink source quality and the fastest, even more people using less costly it is dịch vụ seo hack insert hidden links to other sites). If you do short-term projects, it would of course you’ll have to think about these solutions. However this will also hide risky, very risky because Google could be fined for falling into Google’s filter or any particular algorithm (You can track Synthesis the Google algorithm update in 2015 ), and more if they do well not be able to complete the project but hard to keep the top for long.

For those who do not have enough cost to implement such a backlink search on building long-term sustainability website or want to avoid SEO secure Google’s algorithm, you can choose from below.

It is the use of web 2.0 and social availability as the main source of backlinks. All other backlink sources will use the nofollow backlink sources exhausted but mainly will be the Web 2.0 and social.

They have conditions they used to map, we’re used poor quality furniture that is free ^ _ ^

Here, I’ll share the many Web 2.0 users and people refer to index, and then only one, without the update, one more and then share in the comments index help offline. ^^

Source backlink quality and safety with time
http : //
http: // taymay .vn /
http : //
http: // www. /

Add 2 site allows blogging

Update backlink from Google offline



And there are many other blogs will slowly update for anyone needs. Who needs the demo does leave your comment reply offline. There are many quality blog Vietnam who wish not to ignore ^^

Combined with quality backlink Social pushing

Social been used The most popular: (Write a blog post is such) (Writing notes is offline)
https : //

Updating ^^

So use this Web 2.0 and Social look like?

Instead everyday, all day and go on to earn a backlink 4rum then transferred to post it on the Web 2.0, take a moment to use the Social Web for both primary and index Web 2.0 to increase as well like quality.

It will be hard to lose backlink sources and will be fairly stable, unless that blog shut down, or spam too, abused its policy violation locked new blog or delete blogs. Blogspot has been fined series so keep in mind when using link building model for blogs. WordPress also should not be able to insert the link as soon as the blog is deleted, has many SEOer being (an individual, which is not ^^) …

Combining parallel to the process of link building that you should combine with other all sources including nofollow backlink. Combined here to increase popularity Domain and combined filter list the same field as well as interactive to stick with it over. And combined to increase the quality of other web 2.0 stories.

Above are a few share of SEO for “Source backlink quality and safety over time” and it will not become obsolete in the near future . And with customizable industry sectors, with the field of competition, depending on the extent pushed the number and quality of the entire social web 2.0 both 4rum and other backlink sources ahead.

Safe source of quality backlinks to time WHERE?
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