4 Extensions personalized help, beautifying your Chrome browser

Google Chrome is increasingly common to use both on PCs and on mobile because it is a very powerful software, great experience. We also switched from Firefox to Chrome so long for that day shows Chrome Firefox runs very smoothly but also the more updated version is even slower :(. Say happy as that, if you are working with your browser, surf many have never felt alone Chrome’s interface is too boring, you want more tools to further the launch this browser. Please also find 4 we tool that helps you personalize, Chrome browser beauty today offline.

You start to see where the Chrome browser and home page is too boring, then please install Bing Wallpaper, it will proceed to download wallpapers from Bing and set it as wallpaper for Chrome page on your Home page . Photos taken from Bing very good quality, updated, constantly changing according to one certain time period will help you feel interesting each time you open the browser on it

Live Start Page is an application that allows you to set a wallpaper especially .gif animated wallpapers on home page of your Chrome browser. Live wallpaper always create a unique style for its users instead of as normal static background image. In addition to this extension also supports real-time display, quick access pages, weather, to-do list. Very interesting is not it?

Be Limitless is a great extension of time tracking and activity of your browser in a tab moi.Su use this extension, you can job scheduler (as the conference, duration), goal setting (daily, every year), and it will remind you from time to time. Not only that, it will analyze the sites you’ve visited and offer you detailed data . This will help you a lot to avoid distraction while working with browser.

Momentum is an extension that will give you inspiration, new motivation every day. It would be great if every day to open the computer, open Chrome on and you will find a very nice natural background with a famous quote inspires you? This extension allows you to set goal of the day helps you focus, show weather information and 1 famous saying at the bottom. Alternatively you can also access your applications from the Link top left of your screen, you can also set up a number of custom link to access quickly. Moreover m chili clocks and great wallpapers are the key strengths of this extension.

Above is Computer tips with 4 powerful extension that helps you personalize and beautify your chrome browser, depending on the needs of its user try downloading and experience light. Good success!

4 Extensions personalized help, beautifying your Chrome browser
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OneDrive turn into a network drive in Windows 10

OneDrive turn into a network drive in Windows 10

You have a memory data TB OneDrive with free goods, but you do not want to use the OneDrive app on Windows 10 because it automatically download the data in your sync folder. This will cause complete memory your computer very quickly. So today Chiasebanquyen.com will introduce a Windows 10 tips free OneDrive cloud help you turn into a network drive on your computer in parallel with the drive C, D others. The benefit of this is that it only shows the files and folders of your data in onedrive, only when you open it up, it automatically downloads new your device. This procedure also applies to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 offline.

First to do this you need to know the ID of your OneDrive account. For ID, you first log into your account and look up OneDrive browser address it in the form https://onedrive.live.com/?id=root&cid=xxxxxxxxxxx .

On the other xxx is your OneDrive account ID, ID-copy this link and add https://d.docs.live.net/yourUniqueID
When a pharmaceutical line link with ID, open File Explorer by pressing the key combination “Win + E”, select the Computer tab and select “Map Network Drive.”

In the Map Network Drive window, you select the drive letter for your OneDrive, paste the link of the form: https://d.docs.live.net/yourUniqueID into the Folder and click Finish to continue.

Even then Windows will conduct OneDrive connection.

Then you will be asked to enter your email and password Onedrive his account. Before you click OK, you be sure to choose an area of ​​the “Remember my credentials” for the next time you connect without having to enter account names and passwords again.

login process is complete, you will see the drive in the My Computer OneDrive right next to your other hard drive you.

With Computer tips you absolutely can use OneDrive as a drive on your computer, all operations you can use as a normal hard drive. Very simple is not it /? Do not forget to like and share them with friends offline. Good success!

OneDrive turn into a network drive in Windows 10
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Enable Hibernate on Windows 10

If you do not plan to use the computer running Windows 10 her in a while, the first shutdown is the most effective solution. However if you are only temporary shutdown, you go out and want to save 1 slice batteries for laptops, use Sleep or Hibernate feature on Windows to put your computer to sleep state.

So the difference between Hibernate and Sleep on Windows is what? will conduct hibernate your computer off completely, but after opening up, you can still go back to the previous application is running. In contrast, after Sleep, the computer still running, only a small portion to maintain current operations computer, open up after you have returned to work earlier.

To do that, the Hibernate will proceed up the data from RAM to the hard drive, and then store the data Sleep on Ram. Default Windows 10 will only ShutDown or Sleep. If you want to enable Hibernate in Windows 10, follow the guidance of https://cheapsoftwaredownloads.biz below:

Guidelines enable Hibernate in Windows 10

1 First you go to Control Panel -> Power Options.

2. Then choose “Choose what the power buttons does.”

3. Then scroll down and choose “Shutdown settings” choose to “Hibernate.”

4. If this option is not selected print is blurry, pull wool over and choose “Change settings unavailable.”

5. Pull up on the option “Shutdown settings” and you will be able to enable or disable this option to Hibernate.

6. Save and check it has appeared alongside other options or not shutdown?

Remember that the process would take one little Hibernate machine time because, as stated above Hibernate will proceed up the data from RAM to hard drive after turning it back on, the data will be transferred from the hard drive of the Ram . Therefore Hibernate speed will depend on the speed of your RAM and hard drive.

So when to use and when to use Hibernate Sleep

This is an answer to difficult, depending on the habits and needs of your user, experienced https://cheapsoftwaredownloads.biz as below.

  • If you just shut down one time to go out or something, but when you want to work again soon, it should use the Sleep feature.
  • If you work very late at night and light up you want to return to work immediately, they should use Hibernate to save power for the first time do not use so long.

The above is Windows 10 tips regarding enable Hibernate in Windows 10 that you refer to, if there are any questions, any suggestions please leave a bottle Comments offline. Wish you success!

Enable Hibernate on Windows 10
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Copyright free 6 worth $ 233 from the Watermark-software

So again next summer and, recently Hanoi or thunderstorms in the afternoon accompanied by thunder is also signaling summer time has come for everyone. Watermark software side you also eager to welcome summer with a program that awarded free software copyright 6 best value totaling up to $ 233. You Alice inside Watermark Software today announced the promotions  about this and I also very excited to introduce to you.

Admin through a bit of watermark-software.com it is a software site with a lot of popular software, and they are very good especially with the promotions free software license value. If you keep track of your recent then he has sent to us programs like Free 4 software license key from the Watermark Software worth $ 115 .

The free software deals this time

  • Photory 8 – $ 29.9 : image editing tools help you edit, beauty, image information changes rapidly.
  • Ashampoo WinOptimizer 11 – $ 39.99 : The software helps speed up your computer by cleaning the computer frees your drive space, corrects errors on computer help computer you always work with the most stable performance.
  • SodaPDF 8 – $ 59 : This is an all-in-one tool to help you edit, create PDF files, convert PDF files to Word and many other formats . All that is required when working with PDF files you can use this tool.
  • PhotoToFilm – $ 14.99 : useful software to help you turn your photos into beautiful video downright photos and share them with friends and family easily.
  • PCTrans EASEUS Todo Pro – $ 49.95 : Software to convert the operating system from the hard drive to another hard drive in case you replace the hard drive, in addition it also helps your hard drive included splitting very easy.
  • Genie Timeline Home 2015 – $ 39.95 : The software helps you recover your data in case of deleted or deleted files virus.

Free Download Modular 6 software license worth $ 233 from the Watermark-software

Right now you can get a full set of 6 free software by visiting the promotional page here select the software you want and press GET IT FREE and follow the instructions.

NOTE: This program will end in the next 30-4. Be quick to download their software license immediately. Good success!

Copyright free 6 worth $ 233 from the Watermark-software
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Key AVG Antivirus & Internet Security 2016 Free 1 Year

AVG Antivirus and Internet Security is the line leading antivirus software for the Windows operating system. If you are a regular user web access as well as high security requirements for the computer, AVG Internet Security is a perfect choice. AVG Anti-Virus includes these features: Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Rootkit, Email Scanner, protective cloud technology, network and social protection. AVG Internet Security includes all the features of AVG Antivirus plus Firewall, Anti-Spam module and web acceleration.

Free copyrighted software 1 year 2:

There is currently a very attractive program, free license AVG Antivirus & Internet Security 2016 1 year’s free use. You simply download the installation package, follow the links below and the accompanying activation key can be used completely free of charge for 1 year from date of activation.

Download AVG Internet Security 2016:
32-bit: AVG_Internet_Security_x86_744.exe [222 MB]
64-bit: AVG_Internet_Security_x64_743.exe [245 MB]

Download AVG Antivirus 2016:
32-bit: AVG_Antivirus_x86_747.exe [221 MB]
64-bit: AVG_Antivirus_x64_746.exe [244 MB]

Note that this program only applies when you download and install them on the link provided above. No activation is for users to download the installation package from the home page of the software and the user has installed any previous version. Ie only for new users only. Thus you need to check offline. Wish you success!

Key AVG Antivirus & Internet Security 2016 Free 1 Year
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FLIPHTML5 donated 8 packages software license key worth $ 500

I just skim through and saw FlipHTML5 both free promotion of software license key 8 worth up to $ 500 is worth, so you do care about the soft of this phase can participate receive a free key for yourselves.

The promotion software in the program include;

  • FlipHTML5 – key 3 months: This is the software that helps users to post messages, published on the website or their magazine from PDF files.

  • HD Video Converter Factory : Convert video to over 200 other popular formats, supports download videos from youtube and other video sharing sites. Conversion speed is also very fast.
  • Focusky Presentation Software: Helps you create beautiful video presentation, a video with various effects.
  • Epubor Ultimate: Support ebook format conversion and help you remove DRM free reading.
  • WinX DVD Copy Pro: Copy disc, supports both disk fails these
  • Safe backup software: Supports data backup

Quick hands get free software license key

Some software recording time is 1/7 to finish so you can grab them participate to get free software license for her immediately offline.

Visit promotional here. Select the software to receive key and press the “Get It Free” and follow the instructions.

Remember to share this promotional program for friends to join you offline. If you have any questions please leave a comment below. Wish you success!

FLIPHTML5 donated 8 packages software license key worth $ 500
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Hello summer, received a free set of software license worth $ 860

These days in Hanoi the weather is quite hot, hot. But apparently the party software vendor you Jenny’s only summer wonderfox stars did. Today she has sent mail to notice an extremely promotions horrible totaling up to $ 860 for the summer party. Summer giveaway program takes place from today until the end of the day 2/8.

If you track before, Jenny is you represent the array of Wonderfox marketing and email frequently we inform about promotions of the company. During this summer perhaps this is the most spectacular show ever seen that we held firm.

Accordingly the program will take place in 2 rounds with a total prize value of up to $ 860 for a full set of software for more than 10 different firms. Specifically:

Round 1: Taking place from 18-6 to 24-6 today, you will receive free software includes:

  • Partition Assistant Pro $ 49
  • PCTrans EASEUS Todo Pro – $ 49.95
  • BurnAware Premium – $ 19.95
  • TotalMailConverter 6 months free – $ 29.95
  • Soda PDF – 99 $
  • Sticky Password Premium – $ 149.99
  • Easy Audio Mixer – $ 19.95

Round 2: Taking place from 25-5 to 1-8 include the software

  • Ashampoo Photo Commander 12
  • Wise Care 365 Pro
  • PowerArchiver
  • Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro
  • Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro
  • And some software will update later.

Indeed this is a very valuable program for everyone. The software is very useful and popular with everyone using computers to enhance basic words.

Quick visit promotional hand here and download the software yourself like that and you need to use offline.

Do not forget this promotion is limited and free of charge, please share them instantly with friends and family members to join them together using software license key Free this offline. Wish you success!

Hello summer, received a free set of software license worth $ 860
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Corel VideoStudio Pro Key X9 free license

Corel VideoStudio Pro X9 software is very famous worldwide for editing and video editing . It’s great when you join for free software license key today. Do not miss the opportunity.

1 Since this is the only place programs to user Germany, Australia, so you need to fake IP to those countries before offline. Here we use Zenmate VPN and IP transfer to Germany.

2. Visit the promotional here completed in accordance with instructions in the following picture frames offline.

Update 08/10 1 present further written responses to questions asked by the site launched, because the German is so difficult to answer. But you just got yourself one ntc list of questions with answers. You grab them offline

  • Letzte Seitennummer im im Heft 06/2016? – 114
  • Tier auf Seite 35 Fotografiertes im Heft 06/2016? – Katze
  • Seite auf Tier 100/101 Fotografiertes im Heft 06/2016? – Ameise
  • Objekt auf Seite 84-85 im Fotografiertes Heft 06/2016? – Hund
  • 3. Shortly afterwards you will receive an email containing the software license key via email.

    4. Finally download the installer software and activate it.

    Download Corel VideoStudio 32 Bit X9

    Download Corel VideoStudio 64 Bit X9

    Free Program key Corel VideoStudio Pro X9 can end up very fast, so you can grab them participate, be sure to share with your friends offline. Good success!

    Corel VideoStudio Pro Key X9 free license
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    Halloween 2016, receive a free set of software copyright 8 from WonderFox

    Copyright Software

    So the upcoming Halloween back then, and today there WonderFox email notification 1 deals with a lot of valuable software license. Currently there are 8 license free software and continue to increase so the track you remember the article for further updates.

    The program will run from now until the end of 6/11 so you can grab them for downloading the software and necessary love yourself even go offline. Do not forget to share this article with your friends and relatives to jointly use the copyright software for computers .

    Halloween 2016, receive a free set of software copyright 8 from WonderFox
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