Guide processor 404 for websites

Error 404 why not?

Error 404 is considered to be one of the common mistakes when doing SEO, but not everyone is aware of this bug and treat them thoroughly. 404 errors occur when broken links and google can not find the boot contents when accessing the website. The fact that a site has too many links 404 will seriously affect the process of website and SEO your website.

404 Common Error messages will in the following form

  • “404 Error”
  • “404 Not Found”
  • “The cầu URL [URL link ] was not found on this server.”
  • “HTTP 404 Not Found”
  • “404 Page Not Found

Error 404 Seo can harm if not handled thoroughly, in addition to the online users are also very annoying bugs and making the site bounce rate increases.

The reason for the 404 on the webiste

There are many causes of this error:
1. Host dead and 1 series of pages that are not accessible.
2. Reinstall the new code the url for some reason it was gone.
3. 404 user misspelled.
4. Due opponent with a series of bad play false path of your domain.
5. …
his case, 404 appear daily, there are all sorts of reasons, generally very tired every day to check and delete unnecessary false paths .

How to detect 404?

To find out there are having 404 sites do not? Can apply SEO tips as follows:

  • Access google webmaster tool and error checking here:…
  • Use a free tool to find broken links, such as the Internet Marking Ninjas, Link Tiger, W3C Link Checker.
  • If the user can use wordpress plugin checks as: Broken link checker.

Guide handle 404

1. Create a separate page error message 404
harmonious design for this page impression is essential.
Eg png
2. Delete Page 404
Clear 404 pages have been indexed by webmaster tool.
Remove each link in…
3. Using command redirection (Redirect)
Use navigation commands to navigate the 404 pages about a specific item, usually on the homepage. Where reinstall a new web, there are too many 404 can use robots.txt file blocking notifications every other fault path.

Above are guidelines 404 error handling Common when SEO. One of the effective ways you can help your website to be cleared away all the broken links that the website crashed.

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Guide processor 404 for websites
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