Integrates Facebook Chat on blog / website WordPress

Guidelines integrate Facebook Chat on blog / website WordPress.

use facebook chat will increase the efficiency of information exchange between customers and us, bringing rapid response and reliability.

is undeniable is that Facebook are having a growing impact on e-commerce platform in the world in general and Vietnam in particular. Today, almost everyone uses their internet account owner Facebook especially young people. Many businesses and individuals also search whereby customers through social networks. If you are trading online, the integrated Facebook Chat ( Facebook Messenger ) on its website to enhance interaction with customers is a great idea can not better.

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Integrates Facebook Chat (Facebook Messenger) in WordPress

1. First, you need to install and activate the plugin WP Facebook Messenger .

2. Access to Settings => Facebook Messenger and set the parameters required for plugin.

In particular, note the following parameters:

  • Your Facebook Fan Page URL : address fanpage on Facebook of you.
  • Custom text for buttons : to customize the button text Messenger interface WooCommerce .
  • Upload icon or image : selected icon or image for the button Messenger .
  • Main Color : choose colors for buttons Messenger .
  • Custom Text Messenger app for open button : customize the text of the application button Messenger .
  • Language : select the language for the interface Messenger .
  • Display : the display options ( Display but all pages except – appears in all pages, except those you choose below; display for page … – display the page of your choice below).

The other items you do not need to be concerned because they are only for the PRO (paid).

Click the button Save to save it after completion.

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3. And here are the results you will achieve.

The symbol can be drag to any position on the left and right edges of the interface. When you click it, a window Messenger will automatically pop up, allowing users to send messages to your fanpage.

4. If you use WooCommerce to generate online sales shop, a button Messenger will automatically be added to the interface contact help customers more quickly.

5. If you want to add nodes Messenger in the sidebar or footer, use the widget Facebook Messenger .

And the result will look something like this.

It’s great is not it? I wish you success!

Are you integrate Facebook Chat on the blog / your website? You use any solution to do that? Please share it with us in the comments below frame.

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Integrates Facebook Chat on blog / website WordPress
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