Google AdSense: 10 Methods of optimizing revenue for Web page

Optimize revenue for mobile website

Today 21% of users worldwide using only the phone to go online. Google search system had to revise algorithms to help users find the best sites for mobile and tablet algorithm will prioritize the sites were optimized for mobile devices. Its very good for seo top google

Creating a well-designed website for mobile helps the reader easy to use, search is important because 61% of users will leave the start page if they do not find what you are looking for

Tip 1: helps users easily access:

This factor includes an easy to use (simple beautiful design), easy interaction (the user will be taken to the right content they are interested) and readable (legible font fit)

Tip 2 Test your site

social Source: shares, load speed, load time, the level of interaction of the user interested

visitors: download speed, load time, while users on the site, number of pages viewed per visit

Tip 3: Consistent on different screens

Ensure that users access from a laptop, tablet or mobile phone, the user experience remains the same

Tip 4: Make the site run faster

74% of users will move over the page if the page takes to load 5s

The best practice when placing ads on mobile

Tip 1: when using the advanced features in the ad text, reduce unwanted clicks by placing advertisements content away 150px

Tip 2: Revealing advertisements in half on site to increase user experience and maximize revenue

Tip 3: Change advertisement by 320 × 50 320 × 100 ad templates to give opportunities for higher eCPM

Tip 4: put social networking to link users to easily share

Tip 5: use 300 × 250 ad templates to increase fill rates and eCPM ads

Benefits ad formats for mobile web

format ads jute Responsive ad format that we just have to install code on the web and it will automatically resize to fit each screen, so the ad size will be optimized according to size screen size

ad format ads Anchor size 350 × 20 will fixed at the bottom of the screen when the user drag the screen down to see the content below the ad will slide along and still resting there, if users do not like, they can click the ad and hide away so this ad will not affect the user experience. When I put this advertisement on mobile anchor is ad code will not count against the limit is 1 ad on a mobile screen

Format: Vignettes are covered in full screen ads when a user clicks the phone moved from one page to another.


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Google AdSense: 10 Methods of optimizing revenue for Web page
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Google AdSense Tips 4 optimized to increase income

See the Google version AMP

Next section we’ll find out about the level of user interaction and the key tips for us to create a good traffic to your site, especially at the end of this year, the information this second section will be very important for publishers of Vietnam since the end of the year is a chance that advertisers will increase the advertising budget runs so you will find yourself running AdSense revenue at the end of the year will increased in almost all countries in the world so I wanted to share with you at the end of this year so that you can learn more tips to optimize the level of human interaction used on its website:

Tip One: Make sure the website article content related to the user’s preferences, the article topic you choose is really important to be meaningful and relevant to what subjects your website users are concerned, you also have to remember is that you only know your users are and how they are approaching your content is not enough, you also need to know what they want to see and want to see where.

For example: Along the sports lovers but there are people who just love to see the important points summarize the main ideas of a game that they just love to see the results of matches game, but there are people who like to see the details of each game and like the posts detailed narrative developments that game.

Interests: No longer limited to the Google AdSense Ad Unit on the website

Each type of content that the user is interested in a very important and necessary here are some questions you can ask yourself if you know the answers to these questions or not. Google There are free tools that can help you collect behavioral data on a user’s preferences and utilize these data to optimize content and increased traffic posts access to your site:

  1. How many people visit your site?
  2. Frequency of access the user’s web page?
  3. The post of your most popular?
  4. search phrases that people use to find you?
  5. your visitors come from?

tool that you want to share today is Google Analytics data that Google Analytics provide will help you develop content for your website . Google Analytics recorded a lot of information as to how users find your site, what content users are most concerned with three main benefits that Google Analytics gives you:

  1. Helping you optimize your website based on the information from the opportunity to report from the traffic origins and geographical reporting statements … browser, you will have to your data be able to understand more about our users from including reasonable strategies to optimize web site.

addition Google Analytics will help you improve your user experience will know which pages users have viewed and which pages when users leave many interested users understand and pay attention to what they have, but that you will be effective advertising strategies to advertise in the article, or the location that users can see.

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Finally Google Analytics will help you increase sales because when you have a better understanding of your users, you can make changes to increase revenue from the website as improved frequency of users return to the site to improve web design and placing advertising.

Here are four tips to unlock your website data by Google Analytics

Tip 1: Set the dashboard, also known as Dashboard if you want to see instant one or more data items that every time you log into Google Analytcs you can set up a dashboard containing key information you want to see.

After you are done it will be very easy for you to find all the things you need to watch whenever you visit Google Analytics future

Tip 2: As traffic you need to know where the user originated from the continent example is the state, country, or city for example, you can rely on the reports of origin access to a lot of people know the content of your site visitors from abroad then you can consider localization table more languages ​​website or create content articles with more international.

Tip # 3: you can use Google Analytics for the report to understand the type of device the user is accessing the site from any device and from there the multi-device strategy suited to meet the needs and habits of users.

For example: You probably know 70% of users access the site from your smartphone, you need to optimize the site experience on a mobile device to help people mobile users to easily navigate and search for content and you always have to make sure that the site is optimized for all types of devices that users use.

Tip 4: Use Google Analytics to discover the best content and the worst of you.

For example: when you posted a useful article that the amount of users to view posts increased significantly and the average time on site increased 2 but when you post articles on a negative topic that almost very few people see it based on that you can see what users are interested in the content so that you can focus on the posts and promote it on the website their society.

  1. Diversification content strategy includes content and content sales trending blue
  • Contents forever green is always relevant content regardless of the time it is accessed, it is the content that the user is always interested in finding and reading about it, the amount will rise view over time

Example: The household tips, recipes, themes about children …. you should ensure that you have stored this article and share this article on the social networking site of your

content that the user is suddenly interested in a certain time can use Google Trends to find out if the user is interested in what topics? Are hot topics and current vogue word of inspiration to help you create articles, content related to correct the prevailing theme.

There are many publishers worry characteristics of their website content inconsistent with the prevailing eg a web page often published articles on politics seriously but it stands is not suitable vogue then the stars can make use of the content that is sometimes heard were inconsistent with their site characteristics, it can absolutely improve you can write these commentaries, reviews from your perspective on trends, trending content.

Another example is when you use the tool Google Trends and find keywords is University Courses when you select the countries like India, US, Nigeria to track user trends in these countries and you can create posts with topics on closely with the trend looking to increase traffic and engagement to your content on the website

  1. Make content easy to understand

Today 21% of Internet users worldwide to use the phone only in Internet search system Google had to modify the algorithm to help corruption user searches designed websites on mobile and tablet devices and also the priority algorithm to rank web pages optimized for mobile use, the ranking of these sites will be higher than those other sites.

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Thus optimizing the site will help users easily search readability is extremely important by 61% of users will leave the site if they do not see mourning what you’re looking. For optimal site, we need to note a mobile website to help users easily access. The ease include: easy, interactive, and easy to read.

  • Easy to use: nice compact design, suitable from young people to old people from a competent person using the phone to the user very slowly can also be understood that they are web design read and easy to find right information they are interested
  • Easy interactive: which means we must ensure that when the user clicks a button or an icon in the website that they would be taken to correct the article or information they are interested if the icon is too small and placed too close together, the users will very hit or hit without being mistaken
  • Readability here is the font should be carefully chosen and the article is not spreading to confuse the readers.

Google has the tools to help you be able to survey the level of friendly mobile site on your Mobile-friendly called Test and you can easily find it on Google . it gives you hints on how to edit your CMS platform built website.

Google AdSense Tips 4 optimized to increase income
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No longer limited to the Google AdSense Ad Unit on the website

Welcome came with an online seminar Google AdSense organization. If you do not see me in the last seminar, I would like to introduce ourselves as professional manager Van is the strategic partner for Google AdSense and Google AdMob in Vietnam market and its main job is to help publishers and app developers to optimize Google AdSense revenue from AdMob and Google. Today I was very happy to see you again to share these tips on optimizing for your AdSense account.

Firstly I would like to thank you for taking the time to attend a talk today with your Google AdSense and professionals throughout the duration of this seminar if you have any questions want send to yourself, then you please click on the button in question on the website of this seminar and its experts will try to answer as many questions as possible during the program. Also if you are interested dowload the document of the seminar today, then you click on the download button at the site of today’s program.

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And now I will begin the discussion today, the content includes the following topics:

1. Update new Google AdSense policies

2. The level of user interaction: 3 key steps to create better traffic

3. Improving site speed

Today I want to update with the new policy you are the experts AdSense changes related to limit the number of ads on a page.

Previously in the old policy that you are running AdSense knows that on each site only allowed to place up to 3 advertisements recently this policy was updated and professionals spent part of AdSense policies limits go so present on every page you can place more than 3 ad.

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As long as the ad rates in line with the content and the need to ensure website content is the focus disproportionately more ad rate policies are called policy-related inventory has its value has to say about the links in this article to all your slides if available, you can download click on this link to learn more details.

According to this policy, though limited to three ads on a page is no longer available, but experts still can suspend or disable ad serving on pages with little or no value to the people use and put too many ads, the site will be suspended, the ad runs until the change is made to ensure the site’s content and must proportion is the main focus of the site.

No longer limited to the Google AdSense Ad Unit on the website
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