Onpage SEO tips & Offpage 2016: +100 SEO tips

Content in SEO Tips 2016 You’re doing SEO?

You do not know how I should SEO in 2016 this?
Or want to update the SEO tips their outdated thinking and change SEO?
Then the article ” Onpage SEO Tricks & Offpage 2016: +100 SEO tip ” This will be a good foundation of knowledge for you to SEO in 2016. these procedures have been adjusted to guideline Google for the 2015 Webmaster and Google’s latest update to the end of 2015 this.

Hopefully, this document will be good for your baggage SEOer next step on the way this upcoming 2016 SEO.

Because translation is quite long, so I have created a list of posts as a link to jump, to help you can immediately go to the part that I’m interested in.

And finally, be sure to read to the first part of the documentary about the 2016 SEO tips Ahrefs: The structure and layout of the website .

Part 1: The structure and layout of the website


1. Clear layout and focus – Website layout needs a clear, visible to the user is not too difficult to find out what’s on the page. Key issues that need to be put in the fold of the page, so that users can see without having to scroll down.

2. Avoid too many ads on the site header – Although display advertising as a sales channel bringing necessary for many sites, however, too many ads on the top section can impact negative to the user and the website ranking. So you need to ensure all display ads are clearly separated with page content.


3. Create a hierarchy of content – A hierarchy of content – sitemap clear, coherent can keep the content on your site pagerank organized and made more efficient flow of the page. And helps administrators identify and focus PR for important sites.


4. Optimize the navigation bar on the page: The tool will help users navigate and search engines easily capture the location of your position on the page.

5. Nofollow the link & exchanged paid links – All paid links and link exchanges are required on the rel = “nofollow” added.

6. Using SEO friendly urls – these links should be created easy read – both by Googlebot and web users and is created in a form template logic. The short url contains target keywords (separated by hyphens) has always been considered the best for SEO Url.

7. Make sure you have clear communication – Information contact details (address should be both true and not just email or other online addresses) must be placed in a conspicuous position on page.

8. Introduction page and privacy policy – This is an important site can help you increase the trust from both users and search engines.

9. Reduce cramming text – Reduce duplicate content in the page layout (such as sidebars) to a minimum.

10. Add your address on the page if you are SEO Local – not only the physical address, you should also give Googlebot and users a detailed information about the address you are trading, if you are targeting local SEO

11. Use www. or www – whether you choose any type, please check to make sure that your website is performing well (can be accessed and indexed) as www or not www. You also should set the preferred domain (www or not) in the Webmaster Tools – Google Webmaster Tools.

Part 2: Keyword Research

12. Select keywords – Keyword research continues to be an important part of SEO top. Use Google Keyword Planner, or other tools such as Long Tail Pro to evaluate and select the search volume keywords you should SEO.

13. Choose a main keywords for each page – Every page on your site should target a single keyword. Avoid targeting the same keywords across multiple pages.

14. Seize the target user psychology – Although the general keywords, popularity can bring a large amount of traffic, however, consider carefully the user’s query, whether they are one , no matter what their keyword searches can also bring great attention of users to the products / services you.

15. Research opponents – you just use Google search on keywords is possible in the hands of a list of opponents you need to pass. And the competition will contribute to your keyword sets a large number of important keywords.


16. SEO analysis of keyword difficulty – Consider the possibility of SEO keywords and how natural search results you can float on top, crossing the paid results and recommendations reviews from Google. In addition, you should also consider the competition from competitors with SEO that you are about to encounter.

17. Competition hot keywords of competitors – You can use Alexa to analyze whether or Ahrefs keywords are bringing SEO visit his opponents. Since then, the main competition on keywords visit there by the content more useful.

18. Regularly monitor your keywords ranking – because you can top up any time lag, not only because Google algorithm update, but also your SEO competitors are getting stronger.

19. Manage click-through rate – CTR – will be a big question mark as why you higher top opponents but with low clickthrough rates. Does your title or description of inferior quality. Poor attract readers. Your results or drowned by the more outstanding results? Resolving this question means you have to find ways to increase traffic and ranking of sites.


Part 3: The title tag


20. Keywords appear in the title – Try inserting your target keywords as close to the beginning of the title tag as possible.

21. Avoid truncated – The title tags and headers 512px length will be truncated if it exceeds the number of pixels. To avoid complications, you can keep the length of the title tag around 55 characters or less. However, in rare cases, your title may still exceed the norm even though less than 55 characters.

22. Catchy title – You can see how to write the title of the newspaper, or refer to a headline that we have shared.

23. Separate – The title is presented separately, unique can make you excel website on search rankings.

24. Do not bother adding your brand – The further your brand name at the bottom of the title page is not required – Google often will automatically add to your brand. Except:

25. Optimize your homepage for your brand – Home is where your title should be keyword optimized brand.

26. Minimum stop words – Top Word is the word commonly used, is used to link like that, then, is, that, is, on, in, or, was, with, … Moreover, the space was cramped capital (approximately 55 letters), you also should not let words like that reduces the appearance of the main keyword in the title.

27. Do not repeat the title. Do not repeat the title. Do not repeat the title – You do not see too burdensome and tedious when repeated throughout the day such a title form stars. Try to write so really unique and novel offline.


Part 4: Tag description


28. Sell ​​your own content – your description tag is like a short blurb that you can send to your potential users in the ranking of search results. Write a description tag describes compelling and unique for each page on your Web site.

29. Avoid truncated – Please write your meta description tag to about 155 characters in length (maximum) to avoid being cut short description on the search results panel.

30. Insert the main keywords in the description tag – Although inserting keywords in the description tag is no longer present a direct influence on the ranking website as before, however, there are key words in the description tag bolded in the search results can help to improve the percentage of users click on the page.


31. Change & Experience – You can experiment with changing the title tag writing templates for different pages on the site, from which to select the sample written description tag with the highest CTR rate on multiple pages to apply to other pages on your site.


Part 5: Tag heading


32. H1 tags unique – For Googlebot, H1 tag which acts as a main topic on the page. Therefore, to avoid Google said that the content on the page you are duplicated, each page on your site should have a separate H1 tags, unique.

33. H1 tags contain the main keywords – H1 tag will continue to play an important role on the page and should contain keywords you should SEO in this article.

34. Secondary heading tags contain keywords parts -The secondary heading tags like H2, H3 is the location on the page gives you a good opportunity to target keywords and keyword long side.

35. Avoid using the title tag in the web layout – Many of the templates currently heading the card inserted into different locations on sites indiscriminately. The insert so most are aimed at heading style used for that position.

And this will make Googlebot’s difficult to understand the content on the page, diluting the content. You can replace them with CSS style sections in divs card.


Part 6: Contents


36. Insert the keyword in the first paragraph of article – If possible (do not try stuffing it), please use keyword and stressed the goal of the article in the first paragraph on page content to increase the power the topic.

37. Content length correlation with high rankings – Many studies have concluded that there is a correlation between long-form content with having a high ranking. Despite having a long content does not mean that quality articles – useful to the reader. However, you analyze and delve into a subject would make the article is more focused on target keywords, and get your credit rating from Google.


(The length of the contents of the Top 10 search results)

38. Forget about keyword density – You will not need to take hours to edit, cramming for optimal keyword density on a page. Think about the topic you’re writing, think about the target user and write a more natural way. And make sure you get a keyword density optimized a natural way without having to think about it.

Even just to make sure you’ve mentioned main keywords at least once!

39. Use the keywords LSI – LSI keywords are the words that the semantics of it is related directly to the main keyword. They give you lots of benefits including strengthening the article topic, and distinguish them from the same sound but different meanings.

You should do a little research before you start writing about a certain topic. Because most likely, users will find to your subject through the LSI keywords without primary keys.

40. Diverse kinds of content on the page – Please complement your post content such as images, video, slides, infographic, … to make it more attractive, easier to share and get more links from other sites. The diversification of content on the page can also give you some immediate SEO benefits.

41. Increase the amount of internal links – Internal Links – Internal links help to the strength of the site is easily rotated through all the pages on the site, at the same time, to help you increase your time on site Bounce Rate readers and reduction as well as Exit Rate.

42. Link out – That you create links to high quality, reputable and relevant to the content you are talking to has can build a good relationship with this website. At the same time increase the credibility of your website in the search engines eyes. A little advice for you is to have the outlink open in a new window to reduce the bounce rate for your website.

43. Keep your content updated regularly – Regularly update the old content on the page to always keep them fresh and more relevant to the reality and value in ranking the rich. (Read more)

44. Prioritize quality over quantity – except you’re SEO to its pages or the pages of the daily published a large article, then almost all web sites will benefit more when focused on the quality of the content, as opposed to quantity.

After a long time of practice and experience SEO, you will see that signing a quality article will be worth much more than the publication of the article banal every day.

45. Create structured data – Set up and create structured data on the site to help Google better understand content on your website and increase efficiency for SEO


46. Create rich snippet – In addition to adorn the search results on Google Web Search, rich snippet for your website will also help benefit more from Google are displayed when adding other links on your site, increase rate click on the page.



Part 7: Eliminate the bad stuff


47. Canonical pages with duplicate content – Canonical path of pages with duplicate content on the site of a single page to notify Google that is where the original article and should ignore any post. Thus, these pages will not be considered Google duplicate content.

Typically, there are many websites selling similar products, differ only in color will require this feature.

48. Noindex, nofollow pages or less valuable – You can use SEO plugin by Yoast (old version) or some other plugins to no-index or no-follow low quality pages or no value , is to inform Google which pages you want to remove (no-index) or the page is not worth anything on site (no-follow).

49. Goooglebot block access pages on the site especially – You should block access to the bots of the page that says “sensitive” on the site such as admin page admin. These are the types of content very sensitive and should not let the bots to access data obtained by external Googlebot, we also have a range of other bot, including the type of danger.


Part 8: Optimize the user experience


50. Reducing dropout rates page – Bounce Rate – For most sites (except for certain intermediate site is used for the purpose of rotating the user – the user to be moved to another page) then a low drop-out rates and a large page pageviews per session is something any administrator are desired.

And while, this index is still causing much debate about whether Google can use it (the value displayed in Google Analytics) as a factor in ranking a website or not (there are many possibilities Google uses performance indicators for measuring it is quite detailed in Google Analytics), the dropout rate is an index page is still concern for the SEO practitioner.

Because a high bounce rate we see that a lot of users who have left the website after reading the first page. Your site can not meet the search needs of the user information, or give them a poor experience.

51. Use Scroll map – Software Scroll map will show you how users went away on your page. Scroll map will be very useful for those content pages long, and users had to scroll down to read all the content. And help you keep track of the migration process of the reader and determine why they had left the page before reading all the content on the page.

52. Using heat map tracking – Heat map tracking is a tool to help keep track of user clicks on the position on the page. This tool will help you figure out exactly where the user has clicked the cell or the links are not getting clicks on the page. This tool will help you optimize the maximum conversion and user navigation.

53. Pop-up ads – Although advertising can be one of the tools that provide the most conversions for the site, however, it is also a two-edged knife makes the user can exit immediately and “a go no return”.

54. Be careful with these types of ads interstitial ads – Interstitial ads (roughly translated as advertising interruption) is the kind of advertising often appears after you’ve been on a certain time. If you use this type of advertising in the form of spam (continuous and ad appeared fully covered screen), a website may be subject to a certain penalty from Google.


55. Website optimized for mobile devices – This is the job you should place top priority, if you do not want to miss out on a huge amount of user access from mobile.

56. Check the availability of the website on different devices – not only friendly mobile device, you need to check the availability of sites on a variety of devices, operating systems and sizes different screen.

57. Readable content – All the content on the page including text, image, text in pictures, … there needs readable page and have a visible font. Note: Say no to spell that!

58. Create Page 404 reader-friendly – you can not be 100% sure that your website does not have any broken links on the page. Therefore, to ensure that users are pushed to a blank page and not have any what content, create a 404 (not found error) is friendly to navigate visitors to other content concerned that they might be interested in, avoiding bounce rate increases.

59. Minimize downtime – Use a reliable hosting with minimal loading time (ideally 0) and, more importantly, do not be stingy cost for hosting.

60. Registration SSL – The registration your SSL – security standards for encryption of communication between the Web server and browser server (browser) should be mentioned priority grace. Because as we all know, Google has announced priorities for HTTPS pages and possibly in the future, search engines also spend more incentive for HTTPS web.


61. Find a “quick victory” – Through Google Webmaster Tools, you can find a niche keyword search volume and not too much competition. These keywords will pave the way for you to go faster to win in this traffic contested battleground.

62. Check and fix – This work should do regularly by Webmaster Tools is a direct communication tool between Google and the website administrator. Therefore, once the error Webmaster Tools, Google also means is that the website is there a need to correct the error. These errors can affect directly or indirectly to the ranking of the website.

63. Send sitemap – You need to add one or more of the sitemap page, to ensure that search engines can find all of the content on your site. In addition, via sitemap, you can tell the search engines know which pages important top priority sites through the property, and new pages are updated.


Part 10: Google Analytics


64. Sign up for Google Analytics – One of the top priorities when started doing SEO a website that is registered Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. The statistical data of Google Analytics is the most accurate numbers allow you to understand the user’s website.

65. Regular monitoring – Check the statistics of daily website and find out the cause if there is a change even the smallest abnormalities in traffic, the site / session, user, …

Part 11: Page Load Speed


66. Optimize page load speed – speed page loading page is one of the ranking factors Google websites. Moreover, judging from the user side, no one can accept a site that slow page loading speed. Therefore, you need to optimize and reduce page load time down to the lowest possible.

67. Check the page loading speed – Google Page Speed Insights is a pretty useful tool sent from Google in hopes administrators can optimize websites and increase the fastest page load speed. In addition to test and evaluate the page loading speed, this tool also provides some recommendations from Google to help you optimize page load time.

Part 12: Optimizing images


68. Make use of pictures! – Adding images to the content on a page can make your website more beautiful, more vivid instead of the entire text. Let’s bring the best content to the reader not only the content but also the form to make them more attractive to the content on your site and encourage them to share.

69. Optimize Alt tags – Googlebot uses alt tags as a replacement for the text content of the image. Therefore, whether you add alt tags will help Googlebot can better website ranking.

70. Optimize image name, image path – Make use of the name and path that can best describe your image.

71. Optimize Images – Using the popular image formats today, not too heavy image increases page load time as the note to remember to optimize the image on the page. In addition, you should also optimize the size and color, the content of the image to match the content on the site, so the image becomes a powerful tool to support the content on the page.

Part 13: Link Building


72. Link continues to be an important factor in the ranking! – Backlink will continue to be one of the main ranking factors that Google uses to rank web pages in this 2016.

73. Backlink from reputable domain name will become increasingly valuable – domain as prestigious and credible, then get backlinks from those sites will be more valuable in the ranking. You can use the index in Ahrefs DR and DA (Moz) or Flow Trust (Majestic) to determine the credibility of the website.

74. Backlink from relevant sites will bring efficiency in the ranking – Backlink from quality sites with domains continues to create value in 2016 to a high ranking.

75. Backlink located in the body (content) still has the highest value on the page – Backlink located in the body, especially the head of content continue to be the most valuable backlink page.


76. Backlink poor quality websites will make himself – The poor quality backlinks from sites will not bring any value to your website. There are even sites that bear some tasks manually launched by Google.

77. Diversify backlink profile – Continue to diversify and increase backlinks of the domain coverage to many other websites as possible.

78. Diversify anchor text – You should diversify your keywords are used for backlinks to the site if not webiste incur some penalties because no natural links from Google.

79. Regularly monitor backlink on page – This is one of those jobs that you can do SEO-day leader. Do not just check the number of backlinks have to, all information related to backlink should be considered carefully in order to detect and prevent links timely pumping dirty condition.



80. Social Media is increasingly important! – Despite Social Media does not have a direct impact on the ranking website, but through social networks, your content accessible to users with ease. Not only that, social media will help your content is spread and access to as many people as possible.

In addition, the visit from the social network remains one of the factors that directly affect the website ranking.

81. Use Social Media to share content with friends – Maintain and develop a list of you on social networks so that when you share a certain content, this content can appear on many newfeed possible.

82. Shows the number of content like share right on the page – The display of this serves as a proof of social network activity and can lead to many people like / share more.

83. Encourage readers to share content – By using the call-to-action calls for sharing, and displaying the social network sharing buttons in a prominent place on the page, you can make sharing becomes easier.

84. Add data Open Graph – The Open Graph data will make a share of the readers of the website is detailed as possible.

85. Add Twitter tag – Allows users to Twitter tweet content.

86. Add the button pinned on Pinterest – Increased traffic from Pinterest.

Part 15: Google Penalty and how to fix it


87. Manual Actions – The manual actions that impose on a website Google will be notified via email and text messages in Webmaster Tools. How to fix is ​​quite simple. You just need to fix all that Google mentioned acts and submit a request to reconsider and wait for Google to remove manual actions.

88. Check regularly visit – Visit the first sign that you may be used to identify sites were penalized by Google.

89. Do not write the content short – According to the latest update from the Google Panda, the short can content was removed from the SERP or de-index.

90. Removing low quality links – Purification of all poor quality backlinks from sites.

91. Disavow poor quality backlinks otherwise be removed – In case you were pumping dirty or have too much backlink backlink could not be removed immediately, please disavow them. Note, that just makes you disavow backlinks Google understand that you are refusing to receive this backlink, backlink and this still needs to be removed completely.

92. Check out the link on your site – you need to consider all LinkOut off site to ensure that your site is not hacked or suspicious LinkOut.

93. Request Review – For the punishment manually, you should submit an application for reconsideration only when sure that all the spam phenomenon in the site was no longer to be able to get rid of the task fastest craft.

Note: The website you are recovering from the penalty does not mean that Google’s website, you can immediately return to the old location. You should also be careful when removing backlinks and pages on the site was de-index, … to avoid causing loss to our precious resources. You also need to note that Google is expected to transfer all anti spam algorithm to ‘real-time – real time’, makes the identification of the sites are getting penalties will be difficult to than.

Section 16: Promoting content


94. Find content is concerned more and develop it – You can create quality content and received a lot of attention from readers by doing this. Let’s inheritance and development of popular content before, and done better.

Another great thing in this strategy is that you already have a user paradigm, we means attention to complex topics, and you can reach them in order to promote newly created content.

95. Promote your content on the site – Do not ever belittle promoting content on your site. Spend a lot of time to promote the content just as if you create content that, unless you have a large number of followers crowded so no need to promote the website, or you choose to be less competitive areas competition and great demand (just write and they will come to read).

96. Email marketing – Email is a medium that can help you reach the reader quickly and efficiently today. It is also the means by which the latest reading will always be readers know and create a re-visiting of regular readers.

97. Add the number of all shares – Unlimited number of shares would be worth reading as a quality certification to the reader, encouraging them to continue to share and link to the page.

98. Share content from others – Share content with your partner and mutually beneficial.

Part 17: The job of maintaining SEO


99. Find and fix broken links – Broken links are one of the risk factors adversely affecting the user experience and SEO. Look for and and fix them daily.

100. Moderate comments – You need kiemr review all content that contains at least one link to avoid bleeding power of the Web to low quality sites or spam.

Part 18: Tips & Advice for SEOer


101. Do not just focus on an array – A good online marketing campaign should always diverse channels to attract traffic to the website, do not just rely on one source only traffic from SE.

102. Never stop learning SEO – Knowledge is power, and inexhaustible source of strength, has always been part of this increase SEOer await you as well as SEO professionals to discover and use.

103. keep yourself updated – Everything in SEO is always active and ongoing development. So please keep yourself always keep up with those changes. Remember: “Change or lag”

104. Be patient – An effective SEO strategy should always hard work and time. The more you look forward to the result obtained soon SEO, your accomplishments as unsustainable. Be confident and patient work. Great achievements for the effort and wait awaits you.

A small relay Unveiled for your belief that SEOer according to a study by HubSpot, the SEO is one of the channels can provide Online Marketing ROI (return on / cost money), the highest in all marketing segments.


105. Do not attempt legal risk – Lach Google Code or any other search engine can give you a great advantage or even huge. However this advantage completely unsustainable and could collapse at any time. Just like when you build a tower that the first bricks through the speakers you choose to build fast, then all the effort you have put in to build the upper floors of the tower that will become sponges when it collapsed bricks shoddy foundation.

106. No spam – Note and remember: “No spam!”

Above is the latest SEO tricks together Ahrefs advice is conveyed under the knowledge and enthusiasm of the translator. Often return to this article to get the latest updates on SEO tips for 2016.

Do not forget to leave a comment and share this article to your friends. Please like and share the posts in place of encouragement for extra motivation for us to continue to send to you read the next quality work.

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Onpage SEO tips & Offpage 2016: +100 SEO tips
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Google AdSense Tips 4 optimized to increase income

See the Google version AMP

Next section we’ll find out about the level of user interaction and the key tips for us to create a good traffic to your site, especially at the end of this year, the information this second section will be very important for publishers of Vietnam since the end of the year is a chance that advertisers will increase the advertising budget runs so you will find yourself running AdSense revenue at the end of the year will increased in almost all countries in the world so I wanted to share with you at the end of this year so that you can learn more tips to optimize the level of human interaction used on its website:

Tip One: Make sure the website article content related to the user’s preferences, the article topic you choose is really important to be meaningful and relevant to what subjects your website users are concerned, you also have to remember is that you only know your users are and how they are approaching your content is not enough, you also need to know what they want to see and want to see where.

For example: Along the sports lovers but there are people who just love to see the important points summarize the main ideas of a game that they just love to see the results of matches game, but there are people who like to see the details of each game and like the posts detailed narrative developments that game.

Interests: No longer limited to the Google AdSense Ad Unit on the website

Each type of content that the user is interested in a very important and necessary here are some questions you can ask yourself if you know the answers to these questions or not. Google There are free tools that can help you collect behavioral data on a user’s preferences and utilize these data to optimize content and increased traffic posts access to your site:

  1. How many people visit your site?
  2. Frequency of access the user’s web page?
  3. The post of your most popular?
  4. search phrases that people use to find you?
  5. your visitors come from?

tool that you want to share today is Google Analytics data that Google Analytics provide will help you develop content for your website . Google Analytics recorded a lot of information as to how users find your site, what content users are most concerned with three main benefits that Google Analytics gives you:

  1. Helping you optimize your website based on the information from the opportunity to report from the traffic origins and geographical reporting statements … browser, you will have to your data be able to understand more about our users from including reasonable strategies to optimize web site.

addition Google Analytics will help you improve your user experience will know which pages users have viewed and which pages when users leave many interested users understand and pay attention to what they have, but that you will be effective advertising strategies to advertise in the article, or the location that users can see.

See also: Instructions for installing and using the latest Google Analytics 2017

Finally Google Analytics will help you increase sales because when you have a better understanding of your users, you can make changes to increase revenue from the website as improved frequency of users return to the site to improve web design and placing advertising.

Here are four tips to unlock your website data by Google Analytics

Tip 1: Set the dashboard, also known as Dashboard if you want to see instant one or more data items that every time you log into Google Analytcs you can set up a dashboard containing key information you want to see.

After you are done it will be very easy for you to find all the things you need to watch whenever you visit Google Analytics future

Tip 2: As traffic you need to know where the user originated from the continent example is the state, country, or city for example, you can rely on the reports of origin access to a lot of people know the content of your site visitors from abroad then you can consider localization table more languages ​​website or create content articles with more international.

Tip # 3: you can use Google Analytics for the report to understand the type of device the user is accessing the site from any device and from there the multi-device strategy suited to meet the needs and habits of users.

For example: You probably know 70% of users access the site from your smartphone, you need to optimize the site experience on a mobile device to help people mobile users to easily navigate and search for content and you always have to make sure that the site is optimized for all types of devices that users use.

Tip 4: Use Google Analytics to discover the best content and the worst of you.

For example: when you posted a useful article that the amount of users to view posts increased significantly and the average time on site increased 2 but when you post articles on a negative topic that almost very few people see it based on that you can see what users are interested in the content so that you can focus on the posts and promote it on the website their society.

  1. Diversification content strategy includes content and content sales trending blue
  • Contents forever green is always relevant content regardless of the time it is accessed, it is the content that the user is always interested in finding and reading about it, the amount will rise view over time

Example: The household tips, recipes, themes about children …. you should ensure that you have stored this article and share this article on the social networking site of your

content that the user is suddenly interested in a certain time can use Google Trends to find out if the user is interested in what topics? Are hot topics and current vogue word of inspiration to help you create articles, content related to correct the prevailing theme.

There are many publishers worry characteristics of their website content inconsistent with the prevailing eg a web page often published articles on politics seriously but it stands is not suitable vogue then the stars can make use of the content that is sometimes heard were inconsistent with their site characteristics, it can absolutely improve you can write these commentaries, reviews from your perspective on trends, trending content.

Another example is when you use the tool Google Trends and find keywords is University Courses when you select the countries like India, US, Nigeria to track user trends in these countries and you can create posts with topics on closely with the trend looking to increase traffic and engagement to your content on the website

  1. Make content easy to understand

Today 21% of Internet users worldwide to use the phone only in Internet search system Google had to modify the algorithm to help corruption user searches designed websites on mobile and tablet devices and also the priority algorithm to rank web pages optimized for mobile use, the ranking of these sites will be higher than those other sites.

See also: 4 Method Web Accelerator on SmartPhone 2016

Thus optimizing the site will help users easily search readability is extremely important by 61% of users will leave the site if they do not see mourning what you’re looking. For optimal site, we need to note a mobile website to help users easily access. The ease include: easy, interactive, and easy to read.

  • Easy to use: nice compact design, suitable from young people to old people from a competent person using the phone to the user very slowly can also be understood that they are web design read and easy to find right information they are interested
  • Easy interactive: which means we must ensure that when the user clicks a button or an icon in the website that they would be taken to correct the article or information they are interested if the icon is too small and placed too close together, the users will very hit or hit without being mistaken
  • Readability here is the font should be carefully chosen and the article is not spreading to confuse the readers.

Google has the tools to help you be able to survey the level of friendly mobile site on your Mobile-friendly called Test and you can easily find it on Google . it gives you hints on how to edit your CMS platform built website.

Google AdSense Tips 4 optimized to increase income
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SEO differences – Analyzing user behavior

Have you heard of “thinking different SEO“? This article will share some information about user behavior will help stimulate thinking and help you understand the users and ultimately help your SEO campaign achieved the best performance. And if you read all unread analysis “ Want to listen to good SEO Google and users ” will help you get better overview of our website.

Usually everyone working on optimizing keywords and groups of keywords for the website, which left a lot of factors that influence the ranking as well as the business performance of the enterprise. It’s Google ranking factor: user behavior. You can see that the optimization of user behavior metrics will help you consolidate ranking in SERPs.
listen to your users will get potential customers
Until now, Google has not said when explicitly about user behavior affect website rankings on search results. But Google executives have said on this issue, notably Amit Singhal said engineers with the Wall Street Journal that Google has and dangtinh adjust their algorithms with much better quality signal. He said: somehow a user interacts with a website is one of the ranking signals.

The better optimized user behavior not only affects the ranking of the website on the SERPs, but also enhance the overall quality score of websites, even if other indicators of poor website than other websites.

Here are 3 data to help you analyze user behavior that you need to optimize the website

Click-through rate (CTR)

There are no scheduled CRT level for any particular search, but also a range that depends on every query it will be different.

For example:

  • For brand keyword, click-through rates from the SERPs around 50%
  • For the query does not contain the results of the first brand about 33% click
  • And 15% said the results at No. 2
  • And 10% for results at No. 3

So how to improve the CTR?

  • Using the administrative tools to identify sites Analytic CTR pages above and below focus on those pages.
  • Make sure the title and description of pages that have been optimized problem. Eliminate cases of duplicate title, and optimizes them by keyword and user
  • URL Keep clear, understandable and friendly. For longer URLs, we review the use of Breadcrumbs, which is how do you replace the display URL on Google.
  • Consider carefully the needs of the user search and view descriptive bring value to them or not. Make optimum thoroughly described.


If the user clicks on your site, but quickly returned to the SERPs, it’s a sign that they have selected results (your main website) not quality. Pogo-sticking when the user to return search results, sites that quality will be reduced.

So how to reduce the Pogo-Stick?

  • Improved page load time. Users can quickly discouraged and back SERPs if page load time is too long.
  • Eliminate or restrict the advertising or pop-ups.
  • Add searched on the site, if the initial results do not meet the user’s query, the search box may have they will continue to search for content on the page needs without having to return results search. The search engine uses Google’s customized hcinhr is a good choice in this case, because they allow you to use Google Analytics to track the search and search to identify trends that you can respond by create new pages matching the search behavior of users.

Dwell Time

Dwell Time is the time from when searchers click on the site until they return SERPs. A page with Dwell Time longer is a sign that your landing pages worth. Indicates information on exactly what they are looking for.

Improved Dwell Time

  • Update content quality. Make sure each page is unique and provides the same information as what the title as well as your meta decscription shown on SERPs.
  • You can use a tool like WebSite Auditor to check for broken links on your site. You can try to repair or remove it.
  • Creating a content page as planned. Analysis queries like the first job of the series of steps of a plan. Provide other pages to guide users to the next step.
  • Entice people looking to stay in your site with links to help users more information about your landing page. For example, with the e-commerce site, you can let users see relevant products, encouraging them to discover if they can not find the information in the initial landing page or all items that they need.

Above are a few things to note about user behavior as well as some hints may be helpful to you in optimizing them. Think simple, you just need to focus on how to help searchers find what they are looking for. This is the only effective way to optimize the user behavior data to your website achieve the highest efficiency.

SEO differences – Analyzing user behavior
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