Taking items from Google Chrome accelerated by blocking animation

Taking items from Google Chrome accelerated by blocking animation

In order to limit costs RAM status, as well as computing resources to speed up Google Chrome, the blocking animation ( also known as gif) are believers each transmission technology and applied effectively. If you are interested, the same Prime Real Vip learn at this article dentist.

Step 1: First, to block images on Google Chrome, you access the following lines:  to access the utility Animation Policy.

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Then proceed Add to Chrome (Add to Chrome) and Add extension (Add gadgets) into the browser as usual.

Step 2: After successful implementation, utility Animation Policy will inform icon lightning appears at the end of the address bar. This utility will control the entire operation of the animation, which allows users to easily turn on / off everything at will.

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Step 3: When you click on the extension icon, will have three options:

– Allow all animated images (allows running animation).

– Allow animated images, but only once (allows running animation, but only once).

– Disable all image animation (block entire animation).

Step 4: Once selected, users need to press F5 to refresh the web page and apply the changes. So, now that you have been able to speed up Chrome by blocking animations already. It’s convenient is not it.

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Taking items from Google Chrome accelerated by blocking animation
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4 Extensions personalized help, beautifying your Chrome browser

Google Chrome is increasingly common to use both on PCs and on mobile because it is a very powerful software, great experience. We also switched from Firefox to Chrome so long for that day shows Chrome Firefox runs very smoothly but also the more updated version is even slower :(. Say happy as that, if you are working with your browser, surf many have never felt alone Chrome’s interface is too boring, you want more tools to further the launch this browser. Please also find 4 we tool that helps you personalize, Chrome browser beauty today offline.

You start to see where the Chrome browser and home page is too boring, then please install Bing Wallpaper, it will proceed to download wallpapers from Bing and set it as wallpaper for Chrome page on your Home page . Photos taken from Bing very good quality, updated, constantly changing according to one certain time period will help you feel interesting each time you open the browser on it

Live Start Page is an application that allows you to set a wallpaper especially .gif animated wallpapers on home page of your Chrome browser. Live wallpaper always create a unique style for its users instead of as normal static background image. In addition to this extension also supports real-time display, quick access pages, weather, to-do list. Very interesting is not it?

Be Limitless is a great extension of time tracking and activity of your browser in a tab moi.Su use this extension, you can job scheduler (as the conference, duration), goal setting (daily, every year), and it will remind you from time to time. Not only that, it will analyze the sites you’ve visited and offer you detailed data . This will help you a lot to avoid distraction while working with browser.

Momentum is an extension that will give you inspiration, new motivation every day. It would be great if every day to open the computer, open Chrome on and you will find a very nice natural background with a famous quote inspires you? This extension allows you to set goal of the day helps you focus, show weather information and 1 famous saying at the bottom. Alternatively you can also access your applications from the Link top left of your screen, you can also set up a number of custom link to access quickly. Moreover m chili clocks and great wallpapers are the key strengths of this extension.

Above is Computer tips with 4 powerful extension that helps you personalize and beautify your chrome browser, depending on the needs of its user try downloading and experience light. Good success!

4 Extensions personalized help, beautifying your Chrome browser
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