Fix number_format_thousands_sep in WordPress

Fix number_format_thousands_sep in WordPress.

My automatic updates in version 4.7.2. Shortly thereafter, the count of each user comments appeared format error status for thousands. It looks like 9number_format_thousands_sep896, which were supposed to show search is 9896. I have tried on Google it exposes you are experiencing this condition. By the way, let me share solutions always with you.

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Fix number_format_thousands_sep

1. First, you need access to the installation directory of WordPress through software FTP or Files Manager of cPanel / DirectAdmin . Find files class-wp-locate.php folder wp-includes and opened it.

2. Find the following code:

And change it to:

In particular, the comma (,) is signed separated self, ie 1,000 (one thousand). You can change it to a comma (.) To match the rules of the Vietnamese people are either blank.

3. Search to the following code:

And fix it:

4. After editing is completed, click the button Save Changes to save the file. Now access previous locations and faulty test results offline. I guess the problem was solved then. I wish you success!

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Have you ever encountered an error number_format_thousands_sep ? How did you overcome it? Please share with us in the comments below frame.

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Fix number_format_thousands_sep in WordPress
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