Importance of ssl certificates for seo 2017

Importance of ssl certificates for seo 2017

Information Security is a concern of the whole world, especially for Google Chrome Google to help users browse the web more securely, Chrome will have a security icon in the address bar browser to inform users about the security of their information.

Google Chrome will add a clear notice about this issue when users visit websites not using HTTPS mode. Starting in January 2017, Google will have both announced to webmaster tool about the dangers of unsafe security to users. And this ability is also seen as a sign of Google SEO for website promotion.

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Previously Google Chrome just yet a neutral thing for customers between sites with https and no, this is easy to cause customer confusion. Neutral reflection that will not appreciate the reality of the current state of the web site.

Currently under Google most major sites have switched to HTTPS to secure better information for users. Research shows that users are not aware of a common site unsafe for a more secure site. Google’s plan is beginning anwm 2017 labels and safety evaluation index for the website. Especially in these pages with the Form collect user information, such as login, newsletter sign ….

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First in this plan is labeled unsafe and continue to be mounted red warning icon will even plan to change the entire security regime for non-HTTPS pages and will inform the risk components insurance.


Google will continue to update and perfect features, so Google to alert the webmaster about this trogn webmaster tool. Hope the webmasters can quickly update it.


HTTPS stands for “Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol”, It is a combination of HTTP and SSL security protocol or TLS allows to exchange information securely over the Internet.

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HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, is a combination of HTTP and SSL security protocol or TLS allows to exchange information securely over the Internet. HTTPS protocol often used in sensitive transactions need strong security.

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HTTPS protocol using port 443, which ensures that the following properties of information:

Confidentiality: use encryption methods to ensure that the messages exchanged between client and server is not a third party to read.

Integrity: using hashing methods to both the client and server can be confident that they are getting the message that there is no loss or edit.

Authenticity: uses digital certificates to help the client can trust that server / website they are visiting is the server / website they want to, not been tampered with.


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The resort to 3rd party (usually CA) to authenticate the identity of the website plus the attention of the user that the Web sites that use HTTPS and SSL certificate valid it will help eliminate completely the risk of phishing desktop.

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Importance of ssl certificates for seo 2017
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36 How to optimize the speed Load WEB page on the advice of Google

How to optimize the speed Load WEB page

Improved web page loading speed

There are many people who use the phone to read and find information. The number of users use smartphones to search for more information using the computer user to see the importance of developing a mobile website with high download speeds to meet demand the higher of the user.

Mobile users have very high expectations 74% of users will leave a site if the site is lost> 5 seconds to load, 52% of users expect a site to load in 2 seconds and 88% of users will not back to the site if the site that the user has a bad experience.

A major challenge for publishers today is a balance between optimizing the user experience for more users and make money.

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As users increasingly higher expectations and tougher so how fast loading website is a very important thing to ensure user retention to your website and increase sales AdSense coming from your website.

Currently, one in every three users share the page load speed is most important when using mobile sites and 74% of users will leave a site if the site takes more than 5 seconds to load. In a survey of user experience when asked what you do not like when viewing a website on mobile, those surveyed gave the following reasons:

  1. Video not run –14%
  2. Mobile site navigation on the homepage itself – 13%
  3. advertising site displays too much – 16%
  4. Website to wait long to load — 46%

This shows once again the speed factor is the issue be put on the top. In the race for search users and new users on the internet, within what’s causing you to fail.

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When placing a comparison between the speed of download sites in 3s and 5s with the mold is in the 1s, the download site for downloading see website pageviews 3s less than 22% of conversion of less than 22 % bounce rate and more than 50% nhie

takes 5 seconds to load web page is less than 35% of pageviews amounts less than 38% conversion rate and bounce more than 105%

These data suggest that intimacy with the download speed of web page views, conversions and proportion of users away pages

When the page loads in just 2.4s, the bounce rate is 13% when loading web pages in just 3.3s, the bounce rate is 20% and when the site took 10 seconds to load, 58% of users will leave site.

Here are some examples of famous sites in the world, but more time is still not optimal loading speed of your site and the page takes more than 10 seconds to load.

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Sometimes it’s not your website loads quickly how users perceive when viewing your website.

Google have some tools to help you measure your page load how

For example: Speed ​​Index measured the average time that the web part displays before the eyes of the reader. This tool is measured in milliseconds and the second measurement unit good to see your pages display properly display the relevant sections whether

More tools like PSI score means of measuring scale of 1 to 100 tell you your pages load fast or how slow if your site you should point 85/100 watch carefully the specific recommendations how to fix and speed up page loading.

should be a combination of both tools and PSI Speed ​​Index score to be able to track and measure the operational quality of your website and can make sense to users as web pages load faster, you should see preload components considered in the upper half of the front page so that users can see the front and gradually resume downloads other components later.

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You need to make sure the content on the screen the user can see the download is completed and displayed within 1s can call this method as lazy loading means that the load gradually during the user drags the mouse to the bottom. Besides, you should use CSS inline CSS to split into two and use inline CSS for the upper half of the screen, the main content loading before downloading a third-party widgets to back.

Experts Google suggested the marks on the engine site on 85 PSI, the new website is said to be a good download speeds.

Here is the best job to optimize the site and please download the document in the program’s page:

  • The first look is very important that what users see first when the page is loaded and to ensure the best experience for the user, we should avoid self-site directed to another page where the content does not expect this to create a science fair experiencing negative and affect your brand or website in the eyes of users
  • We should try to compress the image to reduce corruption seriously and choose the image that appears in the top really nice effect to appeal to users
  • We should prioritize content load above the first and then download the content from the left should be used inline, internal CSS and Javascript
  • We should restrict hit by enabling HTTPS server, HTTP2 and leverage browser caching to speed Web downloads the minimum time it takes to download a certain content. When text browser caching when users return to a site, many elements of the existing page and do not take time to reload
  • Optimize the display of content to minimize transfer time and the response from the server and compressed with gzip should

Here are some reasons for the download site becomes touch while on mobile:

  • Image too heavy after taking up 63% image storage sites and to fix the image, choose the right size needed and always have image compression
  • There are too many resource requests, improving load time is minimized from the server using a browser caching to only be called one time requests and connection pooling of resource to limit the number of times to work and connect to server
  • Using javascript too many lead to a requests to increase the complexity of the download site to download and parsed with the browser. We only use JavaScript when really necessary and important to examine the site to view the usage of this page JavaScript how
  • 50% of current mobile website using custom fonts, if not set up properly fonts or use fonts from external sources, the download speed will be affected web font need a lot more CSS code or JavaScript workarounds that we should use custom fonts on mobile devices. Only the fonts used in the header and the most important component alone
  • 20% of pages have more than 5 navigate to improve we should use SEO tools to check and find out the navigation and eliminate them if you do not need
  • Currently the site contains HTTPS has increased 5 times and the need for more handshakes HTTPS requests for additional verification of their authenticity which will cause network latency if the server is not configured correctly, can affect the load time to improve, then we can run its URL through an SSL server as ssl to verify server certificate and the other is setting the standard or not

tools for programmers to track and improve the loading speed of your site:

Presently users use mobile phones a lot and have a larger number of computers. It has changed the strategy of multiple brands and websites to access and interact with users in a short period of mobile web users grew 2.5 times, and still growing at twice the speed of previous .

To reach mobile users on the difficulty of the publishers is how to create a site that loads quickly save bandwidth internet connections using the site open and attractive offerings attract users guide.

I’ll introduce to you a software called AMP. With AMP Google wants to promote enhanced publishers can enhance the potential of the site open to help their content to appear everywhere and quickly across multiple platforms while ensuring the two weak important factors that meet the needs of users who want to view information quickly and retains business factors such as earning money from advertising.

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We’re going to learn the key elements of Google AMP HTML is based on four key factors:

An HTML page is HTML AMP expanded with scalable with custom attributes AMP some attributes required to use but some properties just adon but obviously the more you add more properties the more downloads, the site slowed.

JavaScript AMP is based on priority features intelligent content, which is basically the exact location of each element on the page so that when the page is loaded, we refresh these factors, calculated priority feature smart content also helps the on-screen content is downloaded first and then download the content at the bottom of this screen help readers spend a good experience easily read web content without wait for the download.

Another aspect of the AMP is no 3rd party JavaScript except AMP iframe, the layout of each element on the page has been calculated before loading and inline CSS are located in the publisher without a party three other.

Some custom fonts will slow web page loading speed, so some specific font will not be allowed here and AMP can host card and display all the pages and Google is headquartered located in many places around the world to keep the file and upload it to AMP quickly to any user in any location.

There are currently 20 countries with AMP results appear in the search results page oogle, AMP 4.2 million pages are created each week and more than 600 million document in the index from more than 700,000 names of google near 8500 South and programmers interested github and use AMP.

For you are using WordPress WordPress plugin, the AMP has also in recent times the log book can be downloaded at the link https: //

There are some cases where this plugin will be deleted Google Analytics code on the page runs AMP so you remember to manually code the Google Analytics code into the page.

Now google has expanded the display of AMP on the search results page and expanded into many areas, not just limited to news and you should note that the use of AMP will not affect to your site’s ranking on Google search pages.

priority for Google-friendly site with mobile devices and put these pages in the page ranking and use the AMP also considered friendly site with a mobile device interoperability self, not about ranking priority anymore.

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In addition, if you have two versions of the web is a conventional mobile version and a version of AMP when users search on Google will prioritize mobile displays the AMP and you will find that those AMP website that uses the search results pages of Google, it will be marked with the lightning and gray letters next AMP so that users know that the site has been integrated AMP and the user should know that this site will load very quickly so users will tend to click on pages with marked AMP thus increasing the rate of clicks and traffic to your site and help you to increase sales .

So with AMP placing ads different from conventional advertising bookings. Of course AMP HTML HTML is more technical requirements to ensure fast loading website will therefore affect other factors, including placing ads.

Ads run on AMP site must comply with the requirements of the AMP as AMP must use HTML elements, AMPs instead adtag conventional advertising on HTTPS connections must be search advertising must not monotonous resized, and not mask content articles, advertising is not used in full screen or zoom out unsolicited advertising.

The standard ad loaded AMP optimal way to ensure a balance between original web download speeds and ability to ad more people see.

Some best practices for placing ads on AMP that is you should use the advertising ad units separate form for easy targeting AMP for easy viewing and a separate report should put ads first immediately after the first one is usually around 700 pixels viewport.

advertisement Avoid heavy use creative templates for mobile works well as 300 × 250 size or ad display native and a display ad in any

Most advertisers follow the industry standard online ads are run on AMP eg direct advertising, text ads, video ads.

After the required technical factors and the effect that it brings his AMP hope you also feel his excitement and would like to integrate AMP on its website.

36 How to optimize the speed Load WEB page on the advice of Google
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