Free IObit Smart Defrag Pro software 5.4

IObit Smart Defrag Pro Software 5.3 defragment function system files effectively, helping your system tidy up the process of accessing shared files quickly optimize HDD performance helps PC your smoother.

Software free is more than 300 days of use you can quickly activate the software with a few simple operations.

Note: If you use SSD (solid state drive) do not install any software defragmenter then, it would harm the hard drive your!

Some features of IObit Smart Defrag Pro software

  • Defragment the hard drive with one click
  • Smart Defrag with many options such as: Analyze, Fast Defrag, Defrag & Optimize, Large Files Defrag, Free Space Defrag, Defrag & Prioritize Files
  • Boot Time Defrag
  • Game optimize
  • function automatically defrag
  • Subscribe to the hard drive health (temperature, speed Read, Write speed ….)

Free software IObit Smart Defrag defragments Pro 5.4

To receive free licenses IObit Smart Defrag Pro 5.4 follow these steps:

1. Download IObit Smart Defrag Pro 5.3 Security and installed on your computer.

Supported OS: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP (32/64-bit)

NOTE: When installing the software provides more Adware so please pay attention when installing, do not pick on 3rd extension offline.

2. IObit Smart Defrag Activate the PRO version using the following license key:



The activation step IObit_Smart_Defrag_Pro to version PRO

Step 1: After installation is complete IObit_Smart_Defrag_Pro you click on Enter the code


IObit Smart Defrag

Step 2: Enter Key as shown above to below.

Step 3: Enjoy defragmentation software is great! ^ ^

Hope IObit Smart Defrag Pro will help your PC performance increases, meaning that your job performance will be improved.

Video instructions on how to install and activate IObit Smart Defrag Pro


Free IObit Smart Defrag Pro software 5.4
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