What are keywords? The 5 Most Important Things About Keyword Research SEO

What is a keyword? The 5 most important things about keyword research SEO

For SEO the job of choosing the right keywords will help the SEO person to properly navigate the article, the topic concentrates in the highest direction of the keyword.

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Proper keyword navigation will make SEO work easier and search related keywords as well as expand the topics around that keyword.

What are keywords? How to select keywords effectively?

1. What are keywords?

The keywords are those words or phrases describing the content. They can be used as liền kề thanh hà cienco 5 metadata to represent images, text documents, database records, and web pages.

Users can tag photos or text files with keywords related to their content. Then, these files dịch vụ thiết kế biệt thự đẹp can be https://kientrucac.com/ searched using keywords. This makes finding files much easier.

For example: a photographer can use a program such as Extensis Portfolio or Apple iPhoto to tag biệt thự đẹp his natural photos with words such as “nature.”

“Tree”, “flower”, “landscape” … Through tagging photos, he can later locate the location of all flower images simply by searching for the keyword ” Flower “.

The keyword is used on the Web in two different ways: The first is as search terms for the search engine the second is for the shoulders. Game words determine the content of the site.

The role of search terms for the search engines

  • Whenever you use the search engine to find something, you need type the keyword to help the search engine know. That you are looking for something and will give you relevant answers immediately.

For example, you are looking for used cars, you can type the phrase “used car” as of your keyword . After that, the search engine will pay you for results with all web pages with https://rotec.com.vn/may-ep-bun-bang-tai/ content related to your search term. The more keywords you type in, the more specific the results you get will be “delicious” much. Therefore, if you are looking for a specific used car, you can enter search terms like “used Honda Accord black car” to get the results. More accurate results.

Many search engines support operators to use with keywords to refine search better. For example, when you type the phrase “apple and computer” instead of the phrase “apple – apple” if you are làm sổ tạm trú kt3 tại hà nội looking to find the in https://duongquoccuongbds.com/dich-vu-lam-so-tam-tru-kt3.html electronic products of Apple, instead of the apple rich vitamins doctors usually I advise you to eat every day, the results are not bad at all.

    • Web content description role

In addition to playing the search terms for the search engines, the keywords also assume the content description role of a search engine. Site by using keyword declaration tag (keyword meta tag). This tag is located atin HTML and contains words that describe the content of the web page.

The purpose of the keyword tag is to help search engines identify and organize web pages, like the rotec việt nam examples of the photos in the section above. However, webmasters https://rotec.com.vn have been known to use inaccurate tags to get higher search engine rankings and now search engines do not place too much emphasis on keyword tagging when the index Pages.

2. How do effectively select keywords?

When Google pays special attention to the quality of your content so it can perform well in organic search, this means choosing the right keywords affects the success of the content you post.

The four most important elements of the essay attract visitors.

We, who do not want to attract a lot of traffic to your site, but in fact, the results are not unique to the increase in traffic. What we really expect is that all those visitors will become real guests who are interested in our products and services and are willing to pay to get them. To do this, we must choose the right keywords it will magnetize and connect your site with the right customer. ]

8 Things to create a good website that adheres to Google Adsense policies.

The process of keyword research is “hard to chew,” but once you do it right, it will bring amazing results for your inbound marketing efforts.

Here are 5 steps to help you choose keywords effectively:

1) Check your site with the eyes of a potential customer

This step sounds familiar, but it is often overlooked. When builds the keyword you need to make sure that the words and phrases you choose are closely related to your business.

The website will represent you, telling your prospects that you are selling or offering products or services. Start investing and think about how your prospects might be looking for your product in any way . Remember that terms or phrases that are relevant to your field will be very helpful as they will attract those who are interested or involved in that field.

2) Find out the keywords of your competitors

Once you have listed your main competitors, visit their websites and find out which keywords they are targeting . Are the keywords they are using similar to the keywords you are embarking on?

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One of the easiest ways to discover a few keywords is to look at the source code on each web page, first of all the source code on the homepage. This can be done https://duongquoccuongbds.com by right-clicking on the main content area of ​​the page and choosing to view the “page source” from the site. Once complete, enter chung cư thanh hà mường thanh the search function (command + f) and enter “keyword” in the search box. The results will show you the keywords that your competition is optimizing for each page.

3) Understanding long keywords

When embarking on your research, you need to understand that the actual keyword is hard to rank well and should not be used. Meanwhile, long tail keywords a combination of 3 (or more) words or phrases will yield far more positive results as they reflect the way a user’s search . Long tail keywords will help you better fine-tune your search terms to your site, attract relevant traffic, and provide a much higher conversion opportunity. Do not be discouraged by the fact that long tail keywords have lower search volumes, because in terms of actual performance they are much more competitive. At the same time, keep in mind that geographic formats are useful in creating long tail keywords because they only attract people searching for a product / service in a specific location.

4) Use the Google keyword tool

Google keyword tool is very useful and effective for keyword research. The first thing you should do when using this tool is create account and login . Creating thiết kế biệt thự kiểu pháp this account is straightforward. Start by entering the word or phrase you want to target. This tool will provide you with closely related search terms, local https://kientrucac.com/thiet-ke-biet-thu-co-dien/ and global searches made monthly for your specific keywords, and the competitiveness of your keywords (links only). Regards to AdWords). Be sure to test all three factors when targeting relevant keywords for your specific product or service.

5) Research your current SERP ranking

Once you’ve decided which keywords to target, it’s important to investigate your current SERP ranking. By enter the website URL and the keywords that you want to test, you will be able to discover which Google page you are ranking for each term. Using this free online tool will quickly help you identify which keywords you should target first.

Doing keyword research will bring a lot of benefits to you when you do it right. Hope these tips help you.

What are keywords? The 5 Most Important Things About Keyword Research SEO
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Plan your keywords for any website

Share for those novice SEO the way to plan keywords for any website. You can use any of a Mix and Match can also to give the the optimal solution for your website

With the new website should have clear plans keywords which are planned content always, this will help you manage the content of their website from the beginning to avoid duplicate content, as well as help you fully exploit the contents of the array, aspects of the field you

Plan keywords for any website

The first is Google Keyword Plan

The first tool that I want to discuss is the most basic tools to tell SEOer knows. It’s planning tool keyword ( Google Keyword Plan ) of Google. This is a tool for planning of Google Adword keyword to support the ads in the campaign planning to run your ads.

This tool is a tool that all SEOer are used, this tool does not show you the list of keywords related to the keywords you need to analyze, it also gives the amount of search / month, assess the needs of the user search by month and gives you an overall picture of the trends most searched keyword (search time and time most users demand the lowest). From there you can know when to accelerate key business to achieve the most effective.

What you need to do is visit the Google Keyword Plan (If you do not have an account, register it). If so, choose Log on Adwords.

In the next window select the new keyword search using the phrase, website or catalog. Get the keyword in the box below and select Get ideas at the bottom.


Enter your keyword analysis and selected box Inspired

Here GG will list out all of the keywords to the keywords you wish insole analysis as well as the average amount of monthly searches. And it also shows the total monthly search volume and display according to the year you have an overview of the trends of users.


You can download the relevant keyword list for ease of analysis.

If you save the file excel fails you can choose to save it in Google Driver will not be sorry and you can copy go freely.

From keyword list that you will select keywords that fit your keyword analysis. Note that your keyword analysis deeper (more keyword choices both both short-term), you will cover more content and thoroughly exploit your niche field.

However, to use this tool effectively, you need to analyze the keywords within the same array. For example, you analyze key “warts” then you need to add a key analysis of the search niche, but more like “symptoms warts”, “How to treat genital warts” … So shall get more comprehensive analysis with many more niche keywords.

Ex keywords have more searches:

+ thiết kế biệt thự   About 3,941,000 results

+ dịch vụ seo  About 2,790,000 results

+ máy ép bùn băng tải  About 1,890,000 results

And further as a result of the Google Keyword analysis Keyword Plan also somewhat scratch you need to analyze carefully the necessary array of keywords and remove extraneous markings ^^.

Followed by the keyword analysis tools in GWT

Log in to Google Webmaster Tools (Google Webmaster Tools) to item search traffic -> Keyword analysis


keyword analysis tools in GWT

Google will return for your keyword list strengths of your website, you can make use of it in order to find common array keyword rankings are good and promote it. This can help increase website traffic if you do well the array has filtered out from there.


keyword analysis tools in GWT

followed by a keyword search directly from the Google search window

When you search on Google, Google always shows the hint keyword search are many. You can make use of it to analyze your keywords and find the relevant keywords that people search. Since then added to the list of keywords for your SEO plan.


Take hints from Google

You can avail it by typing the keyword analysis should then add characters from a to z and experience the results. Every time you type a letter you will receive a list of suggestions from Google different. Please note that keyword immediately to complement your keyword list.

Add one more suggestions from Google that Google Related Searches

Every time you do a search on Google, you pull down the bottom of the search results you will see the keywords suggested by Google is the following:


Google Related Searches

Those tags are more interested users. You can take advantage of it to add to your keyword list.

Followed by the keyword analysis tools online

That http://ubersuggest.org/. What you need to do is enter a keyword and select Suggest this ^^ waited results.

Plus you can use the software to support analysis of keywords such as:

Long Tail Keyword map Pro Hay Pro

Both are tools to support effective keyword analysis. With Keyword Map Pro you only need to enter keywords and keyword list returns received by each array.

Also with Long Tail Pro it Google Keyword analysis is based on Google’s Plan, you simply fill out the account information that will get results.

About 2 software support, you can consult and down on Google.

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Plan your keywords for any website
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The keyword research tool best for SEOer – 2017 Edition.

See the Google version AMP

Keywords (keyword) is one of the content, and the most important part of SEO . We can say the basic foundation of SEO is keyword research (Keyword Research) . Then to other factors such as: optimization, quality of content, interface, and more. There are many corporations, the company has spent thousands of dollars for keyword research.

But you do not need to do so. Read this article content!

First you need to know: The keywords you choose to focus on SEO, is an important driving force in improving your website ranking on search engines .

Not easy to choose the right keywords is an . You need a lot of data to know that the keywords you select are appropriate, effective or not?

If you are a beginner to learn about keyword research tools and keyword research process. You need to learn a number of issues such as: The importance of keywords in SEO or basic guidelines about keyword research …

Once you have learned the basics of keyword research. You will realize its worth giving your website.

Very lucky there are a lot of keyword research tools available. We can help you figure out which keywords work best for the overall strategy on your website.

We would like to introduce you to some keyword research tool is best for 2017.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

This is a keyword research tool is completely free.

As one of keyword research tool is most commonly used on the Internet. The only reason for this is that it is completely free and integrates directly with Google AdWords .

To start using this tool, you must create a Google AdWords account (for free).

Advantages: The biggest advantage of the Keyword Planner Tool is that it provides in-depth information on Google (the largest search engines).

Limit: If you want to know your website, or a certain keyword is doing on a search engine, it will not show up here.

Price: Use free.

Keyword Planner is a pretty good tool. Is the basic tool to more easily process deploy SEO strategies.

You can start at https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner

  1. SemRush

keyword research tool easiest for SEOer is what ? The answer is SemRush.

SemRush not a keyword research tool features, because it not only keyword research, it also offers a lot of other related information.

With the tool, you need to add keywords to research on it. Here you just type in your URL or the URL of the competitors. It will give you all the keywords that the website’s ranking.

That makes it easy to find short-tail and Long-tail keywords to achieve or beat your opponent.

addition you also receive in-depth information on: Traffic stats, search engine reports, Adsense CPC, and many other important details of managing a SEO campaign .

This is a highly recommended product use. Download the trial of https://www.shoutmeloud.com/recommended/SEMRUSH-Trial/

  1. LongtailPro

LongtailPro is a keyword research tool for keywords excellent long (LongTail keywords).

With the release of “platinum” you can get a keyword analysis feature is really great and very detailed.

On it you can also find out about the competition, so you can easily choose effective keywords.

You can start at https://www.shoutmeloud.com/recommended/SEMRUSH-Trial/

  1. SECockpit

SECockpit is a popular and appropriate tool for the Maketer.

Effects: SECockpit can be used for a variety of tasks related to SEO, including the planning and improved website rankings.

Features: SECockpit have different modules:

keyword research module (Keyword Research).

– Ideas for keywords through Google Suggest, and Google Related Search.

– Step by step SEO strategy projects.

– Remember PDF Reports.

Limit: The new interface so you have to take some time to get acquainted.

Price: Approximately $ 40 / month and 30 day trial.

This product is a good solution for those who are researching keywords for Niche market (market rigid) or commercial website Amazon.

30-day trial at https://secockpit.com

  1. SpyFu

SpyFu is one of the software products optimization SEO best on the market. It’s really helpful when you’re working on a niche market.

Effects: SpyFu very useful for two important reasons

– So you see and understand the platforms of competitors SEO.

– Discover the untapped services or emerging markets.

Features: SpyFu also has several modules

– Compare website

– History keyword.

– History Domain

– Tag.

Limit: The program does not show us the depth of information by keyword, can not see information about competitors. Also data is updated monthly SpyFu rather than real time.

Details SpyFu in https://secockpit.com

  1. WordTracker

WordTracker small businesses often use to keyword research, building new links, and developing SEO strategies.

Effects: There are three main tools in WordTracker

Keyword Tool (keyword research to help you).

– Link Builder (which can determine the future potential of the link).

– Identify strategies and plans (Strategizer): Helps you look back on all of your SEO strategy.

Features: There are some features that are “cool” in this product

tool builder links are included here only, you can not find in any other tools

– Strategizer give you a panoramic view of the SEO strategies that you can not get from any other product.

Limit: WordTracker usually returns fewer results than the other tool and intuitive interface.

You start with WordTracker

We do not recommend that you select all of the keyword research tools above, but you should choose 1 or 2 products matching your SEO strategy.

The keyword research tool best for SEOer – 2017 Edition.
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