30 citations and tips from Matt Cutts

Matthew “Matt” Cutts (born 1972 or 1973) is an American software engineer. He is the former head of the web spam team at Google, but is now working for the US Digital Service as the director of engineering. On January 20, 2017, he will become the acting administrator of the USDS. Matt had previously worked with Google as part of the search quality team on search engine optimization issues. (Source: wikipedia)

Matt Cutts is the head of Google’s webspam team. In the world of SEO he was the representative of Google. All the changes in Google algorithms such as Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, the mobile emphasis, guest blogging … all through the hands of Matt.

Therefore, to SEO highly effective, all over the world SEOer “listens” see Matt say? One way to capture the changing trends of Google as quickly as possible. If not backward in marketing.

He gave very practical advice with SEOer in life as well as on his blog. Let’s see the quotations and following his advice.

  1. “The objective is not to ‘make của vẻ natural links’; the objective is đó của links are natural. “

This is one of the famous words of Matt is quoted verbatim. Its meaning is quite clear. That your efforts to create links to your website that is not natural. Sooner or later you’ll get a sanction of Google . They are pushing you, create the quality content to achieve the natural one way links as possible.

  1. “If you do not cung adequate disclosure of paid content, we’re willing to go up to and Including Removing the publication from Google News.”

You can understand this quote it seriously illustrates Google’s ideal, that they will remove elements “money” out of search engines. That is, they do not want to have a website just because it dominates have more money to advertise, build links or pay for content . It was quite a difficult time, but Google is doing a lot to keep a balance as possible. Especially for the newcomer.

  1. “Guest blogging is the sort of thing có bạn thinking about doing nên in Moderation.”

  2. “Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using blogging as a way to guest links gain in 2014, you shouldnt có stop.”

The two cited above have related to each other. All talk about the abuse Guest Posting of link building strategies. Quote No. 3 says that Google has sought to punish those sites overuse problems. Quote No. 4 has confirmed the collapse of the abuse of guest posting. It was cited in a famous article by Matt. An article greatly affect the SEO world, no less than the change in the Google algorithm.

  1. “You shouldnt always have a well-rounded portfolio of Ways to get leads.”

Diversification of sources cum traffic always a right way. That made the Blackhat became a joke. As they always Google sanctioning of violations. It is like the way that you do not put all your eggs in one basket. From there you can overcome the penalties provided by the strategy. And you can build a high quality website.

  1. “We’re not going to update PageRank rất throughout the rest of the year.”

This is quoted in a speech by Matt Cutts in October 2013. But come December, Google suddenly publicly update. He was criticized for this statement. But then two years in a row when his statement completely true. Because of this 2 years without a PageRank update, and apparently never made public any more updates.

If you are paying to get links from the domain PageRank, it should stop. Because it will not bring any benefit, only costly for your budget key.

  1. “I would not worry about going ahead and Disavowing links if you do not have even level a Webmaster console in your message.”

  2. “If there’s any site you do not want to be associated with, you can just do a disavow.”

  3. “Sometimes Disavow là người có think be all and end all, the panacea that’s going to cure all ills có.”

The above quotations are talking about stuff Matt Disavow (Deny). Matt had for it as a panacea dose for website has been sanctioned by violating rules during link building. Matt also said that it is the most powerful tool for Blackhat do from the beginning. He explained that there will not be a real punishment when using the tool. However, he also pointed out that there are too many people see it as medicine without seeing that it is also a step in the recovery process.

  1. “We’re working on Becoming more transparent and giving more examples with [Reconsideration Request] messages as WE CAN.”

  2. “Over time, We Are going to give more and more information in những [Webmaster Tools] messages”

The two cited above said that Google will provide more information to the Webmaster via Webmaster Tools messages. Matt also said the team is working more aggressively to make clear the violations. Since that would give many examples of the links in the messages they received. The webmaster will receive these messages to understand why they are being punished. It also is a way to remind Google that they are not caught up in mistakes in link building campaigns.

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  1. “Typically, internal cause, the website link: Will not you any sort of trouble.”

This quotation shows Internal links (internal links) are favored more than external link (link offline) . Many webmasters are afraid that you will be charged when using multiple internal links. Matt also makes sure that it will happen when you overindulge. But these internal links will always be respected.

  1. “If there is a link selling sites and chúng get caught for selling links, and just happen to be chúng linking to you, the value of that link was nếu là site, it just goes away.”

Quote on still talk about the link. Matt said that when you buy from a website that offers links that the website was discovered by Google. Then you will not get any benefit from those links. Because when a website was found to act PageRank selling links is reduced and lost “trust” of Google. However, Matt also said the meager benefits that you have achieved before other sites are detected and will not be considered.

  1. “Mobile is Important, and most coal Faster People coming in this room realize.”

  2. “U.S. Nearly mobile Internet traffic doubled this year (2013). A good 2014 resolution? Get ready for mobile! “

From 2013 Matt gave affirmation importance of Mobile for SEO . Testament to this, only a year later in 2014 Google has implemented mobile-friendliness as a factor in search ranking. So far, this factor is increasingly taken seriously. With the strong growth of digital devices, the smartphone has become online by popular than ever. Matt said that if you’re not ready for this you will lose a lot.

  1. “In the long term, having good social signals is a reflection of being an authority; a reflection of the sort of person có người muốn listen to. “

This quotation, Matt said that the Social crucial signal in ranking. But, more importantly, he wants to talk about is the reflection of the search results signal through Social. Google does not really too concerned about the number of followers or number that you like. But through which they seek high-value account an easier way. And of course that is the acc provide valuable information. We will have a rightful place in the league.

  1. “Make your links from blog comments genuine.”

This quotation is Matt comes to spam links in the comments on the blog or website. He advised that should never do that because it does not work, do not bring you a little benefit. Because they want to do this, you first have to find a site that allows comments. Then you have to make sure that the website allows you to send links in the comments. When you post links in comments, please make sure it passed the spam filter and run the sites. Through all of this you also have to ensure that these links are nofollow still. Matt said that this is a process that is a waste of time, not to be effective.

  1. “Make your assumptions explicit and question added.”

This is like the advice of Matt’s life. But it applies in particularly good SEO. By deploying an SEO plan you can be put into a certain path. Your assumptions made based on evidence or the data is outdated. Or the arguments you make are not consistent with reality. There will always be a reason to “take a step back” and redefine the assumptions you make in order to implement the plan. And to make sure that the assumptions that have a factual basis to convince. Know where you are in the process of looking back to discover something new breakthrough.

  1. “If you make something ích, some weird or bad things happen along with the good Will.”

In business there is always the risk, or in other words the business with certain vicissitudes. Matt said that you can not make a better product on the Internet or over. And you can not do everything soared in overnight. There will be ups and downs in your business process. However, there will be surprises, miracles will happen. So, always open to surprises and better prepared for the unexpected worst.

  1. “Think about what a user is going to type.”

In the context of optimization of the Google staff, Matt gave speeches. Quote on the main point he stressed in his speech. It also applied a very effective way for website. Matt advises that Think about your typical customer, think about what they want to get Internet access. Put yourself in the customer’s position, think about what they would type on the keyboard. From which to build sound business strategies to meet the needs of customers.

  1. “A lot of People get caught up in description, meta keywords, thinking about all kinds of things những, but do not just think about the head, think about the body vì body matters as well.”

This is a warning that Matt made at a press conference. By having too many marketers are caught up in the technology aspect of SEO as the general description, keyword density, … But they do not realize that they can improve site rank better just by creating a lot of quality content.

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  1. “There are different Ways to Assess bạn could try the quality of content.”

Quote on talking about Google’s view of their evaluation of the quality of content on a website. When a content index, Google will look at it in many different aspects. When it separated itself, it is how? When it is combined with the remaining part of the content on your website it will be like? Compared with similar content on other websites, including your competitors. They even look at the historical aspects of the content. Google will aggregate to evaluate every aspect of your content.

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  1. “Rather coal scrolling down the page past a slew of ads, users want to see content right away.”

Matt is reminding us about customer psychology when accessing the website. Placing ads at the top caused a lot of offensive to customers. Instead why not put them in the middle part of the content? Thereby Matt also wanted to remind us of the harmful effects of the abuse put banner ads on websites. The consequences will be very serious when customers leave the site when faced with annoying banner ads.

  1. “In principle, there’s nothing wrong with the concept of an infographic. Concerns What types of things me là người có are doing with added. They get far off topic, or the fact checking is really poor. The infographic lẽ neat, but if it’s based on the information giản is wrong, then it’s misleading People. “

Matt’s quote was not just talking about infographics forms of marketing, but it also applies to any other form of marketing. Infographics have enormous strength and Matt also enjoys this form of marketing. However, like any other form they are carried out incorrectly, or abused its upward share counterproductive.

  1. “If you have an outstanding product, world class content, or something else sets you apart có, then you can step back and start thinking about How to promote it.”

Matt advised us to promote our strengths on which to obtain certain advantages before competitors. Fully exploit their own strengths, leverage it to create quality content that you can.

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  1. “Everybody thinks có website is above average.”

Quote this as a reminder of Matt for SEOer. Do not be satisfied with what has been achieved in the present. Always put yourself in a lower position to continue to improve and do better. Your website may have achieved certain results, but do not rush to satisfy the SEO world because no quiet as you think.

  1. “It does not hurt you if you use a 301.”

301 redirect is a very popular method to make our website more user-friendly to the search engines and help users navigate. As a method of redirecting URL, when users visit Urla will be transferred to URLb. Matt confirmed 301 redirect is not dangerous to SEO, but also to avoid abuse. If there was also fined fined by the overuse and not related to the operation of the 301.

  1. “We want người doing white hat search engine optimization (search engine optimization or thậm no at all) to be free to focus on creating in amazing, compelling web sites.”

This quotation Matt mean a healthy community. Google’s position is not to create a level playing field in which there is a certain path. They want even those who have no idea about SEO can succeed only with the hobby, passion and high-quality content.

  1. “Will only get harder SEO!”

technology development, life goes on, new tricks to be found and applied in order to overtake Google SEO. The battle between the black hats and Google will continue as an arms race and becoming increasingly fierce. So, SEO will become increasingly more difficult.

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  1. “We’re making smarter and smarter Google. We’re going to keep trying to figure out how to add more value for users and for Searchers. “

In this quote, Matt confirmed to everybody Google will become more complete. Also means that SEOers must also do our utmost to complete the acumen to the new changes. To be able to offer our customers the best value they need.

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