Work to do for Google friendly website

Work to do for Google-friendly website

Google friendly is the way to do to get SEOer rank highest search results on page 1 of SEO Google, here I want to mention one aspect of seo people do not talk to the code, the website source code . By the work that your web designer to grasp because it is their rice and clothing pieces that.

website thân thiện với google

Give your visitors the information they’re looking for

Provide high-quality content on your site, especially your homepage. This is the most important thing to be taken. If your pages contain useful information, its content will attract many visitors and entice webmasters to link to your site.

In creating the site useful, information-rich, write the description page and clear precise your subject. Think about the keywords that users would type to find your pages and include those words on your site.

Make sure that other sites link to your website

These links help your data collection process we found your website and can help your site appear higher in the search results of us. When returning results for a search, Google uses text-matching techniques to display complex and important sites suitable for each search. Google analyzes a link from page A to page B as a vote by page A for page B. Votes from the pages “important” more convincing and helping other pages also become “critical. ”

Keep in mind that our algorithms can distinguish natural links than the links are not natural. Natural links to your site develop as part of the characteristics of the web when other sites that your content valuable and that will be helpful to visitors.

Unnatural links to your site are placed there specifically to make your site look more popular to search engines. Some of these types of links (such as link schemes and doorway pages) are covered in principle by Google Webmaster, if these doorway pages or links are useful, the information you recommended mention will be very effective and vice versa is considered spam so incalculable harm.

Only upon natural links are useful for the indexing and ranking of your website.

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Make your website accessible

Build your site with a logical link structure. Every page should be reachable from at least one static text link.

Use a text browser such as Lynx browser, to check out your site. Most of the information gathering process will see your site much as Lynx would. If features such as JavaScript, cookies, session IDs, frames, DHTML, or Macromedia Flash keep you from seeing your entire site in a text browser, then spiders may have trouble news crawl that page , so be limited as much as possible if those features are not really useful for the user.

thiết kế website thân thiện với google

The actions should be avoided

Do not fill your page with lists of keywords, attempt to “hide” the page, or the page up “only the data collection process.” If your site contains pages, links, or text that you do not want visitors to see, Google will review these links and pages deceptive and may ignore your site.

You are not required to purchase the service search engine optimization. A number of companies committed to “guarantee” high ranking for your site in Google’s search results. While legitimate consulting firms can improve the flow and content of your website, other companies use deceptive tactics in an attempt to fool the search engines. Be careful; if your domain associated with one of these deceptive services, it could be banned from the Google index, and then you will know why it.

Do not use images to display names, content, or links important. Data collection process we do not recognize text contained in graphics. Use ALT attributes if the main content and keywords on your page can not be formatted in regular HTML.

Do not create multiple copies of a page under different URLs. Many sites offer friendly version printer or written on it only includes content like pages containing multiple images corresponding graphics. If your site has the same content and can be accessed via different URLs, there are several ways to determine which version of the standard (preferred) of a page. More information on standardization.

Do not use a content source 1 for many websites, it is considered as spam content and google will be extremely picky in this matter.

Use text, readable font, font size just right not too big or too small, between the lines there is a certain distance separating the line and the bottom line. Should use the “” to denote a footnote or a paragraph to clarify meaning.

In the article there are more bold or italics to highlight content, rational use of h1 to h6 tags to change the passage intentionally, to emphasize the content of the article. Do not use white font coincides with the background so google will assume you are trying to cheat the reader.

Always check the content, seo tools such as ahrefs, MOZ, or ranksingals … to check for errors or events in your website. Before you upload your data to website optimization in a standard computer the size and reduce the amount as much as possible, while ensuring the integrity of the content.

During the writing process should not use too many words many times repeated use of synonyms, the same meaning to the phrase or the need to articulate coherent and understandable and less boring the reader.

Use the dot, comma separated logical question, to avoid too long paragraphs, do not follow the logic.

Check possibilities friendly mobile devices. using the following link:

Prevents unauthorized access

Protect the site safe from hackers by regularly updating any software on your site. If management tools your site can send notices about security, make sure that you are in the mailing list to be able to perform timely updates on security.

Content blocked by interstitial application settings

Some sites have started advertising apps for their mobile devices by opening interstitial ads pop up when users browse their sites on mobile devices. This is a bad user experience for screen space on mobile devices is limited; in most cases, interstitial content obscure and often very difficult to ignore.

If you want to promote an app for mobile devices on their website, consider using iOS Smart Banners, Posters original application for Chrome or indexing applications to display buttons set for your application directly in Google search results.

Viewing window with a fixed width

This report shows the page view window can be set according to a fixed width. Some web developers view by identifying windows of fixed pixel size to adjust a page that does not respond to suit the screen size of mobile devices normally.

To remedy this, use responsive design for pages on your site and set the viewing window matching the width of the device and extending respectively. Read more about how to set up the viewing window.

kiểm tra website thân thiện với google

The contents have not been set for the viewing window size

This report shows the pages that need to scroll horizontally to view text and images on the page. This occurs when the page using absolute values ​​in CSS declarations or images designed to show the best with a specific browser widths (such as 980px).

To fix this, ensure that it uses the relative width and position values ​​for elements CSS and also ensure that the image can be enlarged. Read more about sizing content in the viewing window.

Above is some work to do to optimize google-friendly website, which brings greater possibilities for the top seo services you do, if you have any opinion, please comment below to exchange on light.

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Work to do for Google friendly website
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Google Quick Answer Box – Overview and How to optimize

How to optimize Google Quick Answer Box

During the past half year, Google is increasing the number of “Quick-Answer Box” – The answer automatically appear on the search query of the user information.

Since about 20% of queries are now Quick Answer Box in December 2014, Google has increased more than 30% within less than 2 years. That means 1/3 of the user queries will be affected by this automated reply box.

Therefore, the website if desired business and its brand is best to consolidate the human eye, the optimal reading this feature Google is indispensable. First, to optimize for this feature, let’s review a bit about this feature of Google.

Review some information about Google Quick Answer Box

Google Quick Answers What is Box?

Quick Answer Box – Hay is also known by a lot of different names such as Google Answers, Google Search Box … is a feature which automatically selects the best answers, the most abundant on the page briefly web to display the search query of the user information.


Features of Google Quick Answer Box?

A key feature of the “auto-answer box” this, is that they are direct quotes from the content on a prestigious site that Google believes that, and be visible to users who search Search by questions such as “what” (what is, is, ..) or “how” (how, how, …)

The role of Google Quick Answer Box

With the display “auto-reply box” for users, Google can make them read-only information in the search box, and skip looking for more information or to click the bottom estate any web page again. Therefore, this feature can make your visit more sites total is greatly affected.

Because there is such a huge influence on such rankings, they are becoming more and more important in the SERPs, and a lot of website administrators, and the optimal research SEOer.

Business will not be adversely affected from the Quick Answer Box

This is a realistic assessment of the report draws on a lot of website traffic in recent times. This is somewhat contrary to what we deduced above.

Theoretically, when the box FAQ appear on search results, users will definitely get a brief answer and complete for your questions, and they will lose work desired force or click on the website to read the information.

And this really happened at some sites such as Wikipedia, visit quantities greatly lagging due to the rapid growth of the Box Quick Answers.

However, the fact that there are also many sites get a lot from the visit of the Google features, even this is the new site, no more names on Google as well as on the market business by Google can retrieve the contents of any web page is displayed search result tables to display on the Quick Answer Box. (Although the majority of them coming from the first 50 results).

In fact, there are many websites that rank very low, on page 3 or 4 were present content in the quick reply box, and suddenly head of the search rankings after 1 night only . This has attracted the attention of users and rivals access to the website SEO. And this has a very positive impact on the success of the site.

Adobe is an example to benefit from Quick Answer Box, a growth of 17% thanks to the visit “quick reply box”, equivalent to millions of visitors in just one month.

So how to website you also get quoted on the Quick Answers Google Box?

3 Basic Steps to Success with Google Quick Answer Box

A) Step 1: Assess the situation your website

Based on research on Google Quick Answers from over 2 years ago, Stone Temple – a consulting organization of Digital Marketing in the UK said, to a site with a high proportion of the most cited in the Quick Answer worth, Web sites need meets four criteria:

  1. The site has more than 500 domain names introduced (the great prestige, 500 is just a general estimates)
  2. The site is ranked in the top 5 (highly relevant to user queries)
  3. less than 2,000 pages from the (brief, concise)
  4. coherence pages advanced users (optimal user experience possible)

Although 4 criteria are not the conditions required for your website cited in the Box Quick answer, however, these are the common features that most sites are criticized have resulted.

And all these factors are contributing to prove to Google that you are a reputable website are appreciated by users and content on the site is providing superior value to its readers. Therefore, if your website lacks the above criteria

B) Step 2: Find the best theme

Whatever you are doing field or industry, you can find these topics and is quoted on the Google Quick Answer Box when users search for that topic.

Typically, these are topics that users will be interested in and look for information about them. Based on keyword research, you will find which keywords have high search volume keywords and questions and answers related to these keywords (keywords inquiry on the subject that the user is interested ).

Then, try to search the keywords you’ve found, if these keywords have quick responses, analyze and find ways to create better content of that page.

C) Step 3: Optimize website

For most Google can understand the content on the website, you will need to do a good job 4 follows:

1 – Optimize for “quick answers”: Just as the so-called Quick Answers, Google will choose which sites are providing a short answer, fastest, and the most complete for the reader to display on your search box. Therefore, create a brief answer (approximately 3 lines on the page to give a short answer your questions on the optimal).

2 – On-page SEO: not only helps you improve your site’s ranking, onpage optimization can help Google better understand what you are saying on the site.

3 – Off-page SEO: As discussed above, a highly respected website will have a higher chance to appear on the Search Box. And off-page work is one of the indispensable when you need to increase the credibility of the website.

4 – Technical SEO : Mark the data is one of the necessary work for Google or any other search engines can better understand the content you are providing on the site. Schema – structured data will help the search engine to quickly explain the components in the page content, and quickly find the best answer.

The above is the introduction and basic instructions for the administrator you SEOer same website on Google Quick Answer Box.

In the future, the optimal skills on Google Quick Answer Box can become one of the imperative need for the SEOer, when this feature is increasingly being applied more on the go a user’s search query.

Share more optimal experience Answers Google Search Box on Your Vietnamese query directly below this article.

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Google Quick Answer Box – Overview and How to optimize
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