Keyword rankings change – Google is updating Penguin?

 Keyword rankings change – Google is updating Penguin?

Recently, if wandering the SEO 4rum I guarantee you will see many similar topic “ Google rankings update dated 01.09.2016

Typically the topic discussed at Idvs: Google keyword rankings updated 9/1

And many other discussions taking place on Facebook or another group such as Skype.

Additionally, if you monitor, you will see Mozcast temperature is very hot these days certainly something Google is updating.

And surely most SEOer upon receiving such information to check keyword rankings project for which they are responsible. And the phenomenon of multiple classes to be dropped from the series is locked phenomenon that many SEOer encounter.

This article  dịch vụ seo will share with you some cases can make keyword rankings plummeted as this time.

Keyword rank changes – Google is updating Penguin?


Penguin might be the first reason that comes to mind in this moment

First: As you know Google has not been updated for a long time Penguin algorithm . And they’re trying to improve the algorithm to officially release new updates of the algorithm in order to improve the quality of the SERPs. SERPs gives users the quality, safety and the best fit. And Google said Penguin will run in real time . This means that your website can be visited Penguin anytime when it discovered your site violates the principle of the algorithm. So most likely this session Penguin algorithm running led to a strong influence on the ranking of the website -> discharge phenomenon keywords ranking dropped a lot.

Furthermore recent period, we can say that Google has swept the Vietnam website and many websites penalty violates their policies. You can review “ Integrated systems and website received 2015 .” If you participate in multiple systems or sites on which the quality of backlinks to your website will be reduced and if you depend on the system or that too many sites, it is likely you have been silently Penguin had led to th website rank reduced.

Second: If the phenomenon is reduced rank your website suddenly several orders of the day or perhaps for several days. This phenomenon may be due to Google dance (dance keyword phenomenon – ie keyword ranking unstable rise and fall dramatically in a short time). Can in a short time that Google ranking on SERPs change in order to create opportunities for new sites have the chance to show the top of the search results so that users rated the website. But often this phenomenon occurs only for a short time and the ranking will soon return to stability.

In addition, because the website you may encounter some problems may be due to content or for violating some rules other Google quality without notice. Please check the website as well as how to do yourselves.

Above are some cases when sites may have encountered the phenomenon keyword rankings change of this phase. And tips for you to encounter such cases is as follows:

What to do when this phase lag keywords?

  • You need to track keyword rankings constantly in those days, if your keyword rankings back to normal after a few days, or (briefly), then maybe it’s just because the dance keywords . You do not need to worry, just do your job well and keyword ranking will get back.
  • If the Penguin update is due or you suspect you may Penguin review their backlink profile. Since then find the cause and remedy for each cause. Could be bad backlink removed, find new sources of quality backlink replace the old poor-quality source, or sources of backlink diversity ….
  • Or if due to other reasons, it should be based on time (updated SEO news see what new updates) and review the contents, generally review search the entire site and causes potentially causing reduced thereby ranking out countermeasures to regain website ranking and achieve higher rankings.

And finally, to avoid penalties algorithms as well as Google, the factors that you always know it’s quality content and quality backlink sources. Quality content then you should create Evergreen Content also quality backlinks then surely you already know what it is (from reputable sites , have high PR and PA DA concerned the same subject …) and share more with you secure quality backlink sources with time for those who less funding can leverage offline. Happy people soon get back to our rankings. Who is that people are increasing their lagging share their way of comment to help the rest lags offline. ^^

Keyword rank changes – Google is updating Penguin?

Keyword rankings change – Google is updating Penguin?
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