Top 5 free plugin for editing CSS in WordPress

Top 5 Free plugin for editing CSS in WordPress.

Looking for a plugin for editing CSS in WordPress a simple, fast and intuitive, especially right? This means you can choose components want to edit CSS and watch the changing of the interface blog / website in real time. WordPress no less the plugin can do that and more amazing is that they are completely free. Do not believe it? Take a moment to look over the following list and choose a suitable plugin offline.

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1. Advanced CSS Editor


Advanced CSS Editor is a very lightweight plugin that allows you to write the CSS code is different for each device (desktop, tablet and mobile) from the Live Customizer and you can see the results of their work in real time. All you need to do is select a device, custom CSS code and see the results immediately while you are editing.

2. Customizer Custom CSS


Easy override theme CSS right in Customizer and see its changes before saving. Customizer Custom CSS does not require any configuration settings and is very easy to use. With this plugin, you do not need to create child theme CSS only to change again.

3. Modular Custom CSS


Writing custom CSS for each theme, each plugin on a blog / website WordPress to Modular Custom CSS . You can easily transform the theme without losing customizations. Because, MCS have a place to store custom CSS for each specific theme and a place to store specific CSS for the plugin (be run on all interfaces).

Note: Modular Custom CSS only works on all versions of WordPress 4.0 or more.

4. SiteOrigin CSS


SiteOrigin CSS CSS editor is a simple but powerful for WordPress . It allows you to control and edit the interface elements of the blog / website visually and in real time.

5. TJ Custom CSS


This plugin will allow you to add or edit CSS right in the admin panel WordPress . TJ Custom CSS will automatically override any default CSS theme or plugin yet. It will be helpful if you want to add custom CSS for the look of the blog / website but do not want to edit CSS files of the theme or plugin.

You are using a plugin or any other tool to manage and edit CSS in WordPress ? Please share with us using the comments below frame.

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Top 5 free plugin for editing CSS in WordPress
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