Create responsive table plugin for WordPress with TablePress

Create responsive table plugin for WordPress with TablePress.

Talking about creating tables in blog / website WordPress it is impossible not to mention the plugin TablePress . With nearly 2 million downloads and over 500,000 are active site, this is the plugin to create tables that are used the most current to date. The reason TablePress is widely trusted because it is so easy to use, to meet the needs from simple to complex. However, a table created by the plugin TablePress has a drawback is not likely responsive.

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This means that the condition appears limited overflow table horizontally out of the console when the blog / website that appears on the small screen size and the number of columns in the table too much. So how to overcome the above? Today’s article will teach you how to do it.

Creates responsive to the plugin TablePress

It seems the authors of TablePress has recognized this problem and developed an extension called Responsive Tables .

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1. All what you need to do is download the utility here installation (through the upload) and activate the plugin like other normal.

2. Next, open the editor of the page or article that you’ve inserted the plugin shortcode TablePress earlier. Its shortcode something like this:

Edit it into a form:

Change mode by Flip scroll or collapse . Where:

  • Flip : change the layout of the table (the column barter or vice versa) and horizontally scrolling table.
  • scroll : scroll horizontally table.
  • collapse : collapse or expand the data in the table (via buttons hide / show) to fit the screen size.

Demo Detail of the mode (mode) this, you could see here .

Particularly with Flip the longer you can set a specific screen size when this mode is enabled. Using the shortcode following structure:

Change device by phone tablet desktop all . Where:

  • phone : horizontal screen size smaller than 768 pixels.
  • tablet : size smaller screen width of 980 pixels.
  • desktop : horizontal screen size less than 1200 pixels.
  • all : user mode Flip on all screen sizes.

It’s that simple, right? Absolutely not need intervention at the source of the blog / website at all. I wish you success!

You’re using any plugins to create responsive tables in WordPress ? Please share it with us in the comments below frame.

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Create responsive table plugin for WordPress with TablePress
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