New website SEO plan in 3 phases

New website SEO plan in 3 phases

In the previous article SEO shared Journal of do when receiving a website has been SEO by others . In this article Journal of SEO will share about what to do when a new site SEO as well as the new website SEO plan in stages.

Some things to keep in mind when getting a new website SEO:

  • what business your company?
  • Check domain
  • Users looking for something
  • Plan SEO for the website

what business your company?

First bird to learn about business areas of the company. And you need some time to learn about the products as well as competitor currently ranked in the first page of search results. This work aims to help you track and review the company’s strengths to provide service to users or the best. And you can add them to the content to users faster access to your company. Competitor analysis and also help you set goals for a more reasonable SEO plan.

Check domain

Prior to taking a look at information on the domain that the domain has no criminal record forever what to avoid SEO and domain did not stick to the previous sentence, the court should have a plan if the remains removed domain. Domain purchase completely new unused, you can rest assured ^^.

2014 Matt Cutts had shared articles on the how to avoid buying a bad domain . Longish article and rambling, stuff you just do:

  • Search for domain on search engines: In order to check whether the domain has nothing scandalous not previously had any information on this domain or domains they say about it.
  • Use Internet Archive : this is keeping the historical sites of the website activity, you can enter your website and if there is information you will get snapshots of previous activities Web sites.

If you see any suspicious you should double-check to plans to develop a reasonable domain.

Users searching what

This is a stepping stone for you to plan keywords for that website. You can refer to the article Plan keywords for any website to refer to a number of tools and keyword analysis, needs analysis search How users. Since then planned to site specific keywords in order to avoid duplicate content and help you better manage content.

This is also the initial preparatory steps before proceeding to the website SEO plan. I usually divided into 3 phases planned

Planning SEO new website

Phase 1: Onpage and earn traffic (one month early)


This phase will complete the planned keyword + Onpage + for traffic for your website.

Depending on the field of the company and the needs of users looking for that you will plan appropriate keywords. And you need to divide the right keywords, ie keywords array difficult short, long keyword array, the array brand keywords, keyword array local …

After planning keywords, usually will be transferred to the editorial team and editorial team will perform a post based on keyword planner that you have prepared. If small companies do not have enough personnel how you can use thanks Collaborators (can be rented – Cost is not high) help, but alone it will be difficult.

During the first 10 days of waiting for the content to the content, you can enlist Onpage the page, category … and preparing resources to get ready for the next step.

After 10 days of steady starting onpage website content for articles. This is very important to carefully edit: title, description, tags, photos, post cards and insert H in reasonable internal links. All just for your article featured on the search results, content to bring value to the user and navigate to insert internal links redirect users to click when they see something they need.

Search traffic:

In the remainder of Phase 1 in combination with the onpage website you combine with other social to natural search traffic volume and increase the popularity of the website. As in all quality backlink sources shared his popular Social usual you can consult at the bottom of that article. And note to the social sharing feature and split do not share the same time (eg a shared day 5 post would be better that you share 50 posts a day). This helps maintain a steady amount of traffic and avoid being seen as spam: P.

End stage 1 so you have quality content has been optimized stability and steady amount of traffic a certain nature. Themselves to one month, depending on the amount of manpower to do and if you can stabilize time changes accordingly. Transition 2.

Phase 2: Branding (next month)

brand is an important part of effective business decisions of enterprises. At the scheduled tag has an array tag is a keyword that brand. Often the brand keywords will be included on the home page. Imagine your site is a tree and your Home page is the root, the primary keys are large branch of the tree, … so on until the top. And the branding also helps you to build the tree so. Complete your resources should invest more to Home page. And a tree to survive and advance sustainable storm, there must be strong and eat roots deep into the ground: D. So if your plan is SEO portfolio, you should not focus on that right which should develop roots before.

Depending on the purpose and duration of website SEO company you for a reasonable balance. And note that the content will still be up, if the first month of this month to the main content you need the editor or collaborator to write content for websites attract traffic. (Related stories, reviews compare …) May 2 1st post more or less depending offline.

In this plan will take a month to your brand keyword SEO and all words related to the home page. Flexible auto light, for example if the main keyword SEO SEO to your web site, you can combine various SEO and brand to increase the power of the domain

And during this time if sufficient manpower and resources you can combine SEO keywords in the table plan and remember which one is easy to split before. Can incorporate brand + keyword SEO keywords for effective long quicker.

End of Phase 2 if done well, the results will be obtained from the original source of traffic SEO have something to report I got you: P. Also included are the original building was okay and topped with key brands continue to recruit through the next phase only.

Stage 3: Focus on primary keys

The previous phase is essentially just be prepared to step in at this stage. At this point, the resources were also stable and to do SEO the keywords are just the necessary (depending on priority, for example, at this stage the key to SEO before you focus on it). And depending on which division of human resources for reasonable SEO keywords for SEO effectively and avoid too many words lead to unfocused and ineffective.

Although the main focus on keywords but also do not forget the addition of links to the original in the period before. SEO and keyword combinations long

And at this stage, depending on your field of business can be scheduled between 2 and 4 months. Can ease the keyword field to faster, harder, the field also need time to tag and climb budge first page of search results.

If you need additional sources of backlinks for your SEO plan you can refer to the article quality backlink sources . And on the forums a lot of people share 4rum, every day you can register to add 5 to 10 new 4rum complement your backlink sources.

And do not forget to care anymore backlink downstairs offline ..

Haiz! Well then who is holding a reference, the new website and embarked on yet done away ^^. Should SEOs who do not know how or where the reference SEO offline. And who does not need the help nhé ^^ glance. Who have questions or comments about it to leave a comment below to discuss and help more complete article nhé ^^. And now there are many ways and many shared, you should refer to that article and look for your self how best suit each project and each domain offline.

And note that more time and work will be different for each area and each SEO team (depending heavily on human resources, and more). Should absolutely be able to shorten the time as well as stepping up work to complete projects sooner offline. Wish you keywords that are not up offline.

New website SEO plan in 3 phases
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