What is Domain Authority? How to check the Domain Authority?

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority score ( competent point of domain website ).

is a term that is not new in SEO. But there are many people working on site management was not aware of it meaningful like.

Here are detailed instructions. In it you will find what you need to know about Domain Authority (including how to check Domain Authority score of the domain name you’re using). Along with these additional issues related to help you understand more deeply.

You should know, Domain Authority is one of the main factors to determine the ranking of your website on the search engines. Once you understand Domain Authority is. You will have a solid base to build yourself a competent website (authoritative website).

  1. So, What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is what? As a data (metric) was created by Moz (SaaS Company). With an aim to rank websites on a scale of 1 to 100 (100 being the best). So the website Domain Authority score higher it will rank higher in the search engines. Instead of thinking Domain Authority is a measure of effort in the SEO process. You see it is a measure to compete with other sites. So if you take points DA ( Domain Authority score ) of your website compared to other websites DA of you realized that he was at any rate.

included 40 specific manifestations of the site. As the number of links pointing to your site. The number of linking root domains (linking root domains). Basically, it is the number of other sites that link to your site. DA complete assessment of the authority of the site. Similarly PA ( Page Authority) is a measure of an individual page.

  1. How to check the Domain Authority?

There are several DA checker available online so you can check your site DA. The first is: Moz open site where you type the address or domain name address subdomain. It will show you the latest DA points to your seo website.

If you’re using Chrome or Firefox browser. Then you should install extensions MozBar (MozBar extension) of a project to test any site (recommended).

  1. DA Rank is determined by 40 factors. But there are some factors you can begin right now to improve your DA point.

First let’s find out what makes a good DA, through learning about MozRank and MozTrust

a. What is MozRank?

As data is measured based on the profile (profile) linked to a domain name. It is calculated for any web page on the Internet based on the number of links pointing to a site. Along with the quantity and the quality of links pointing to also play a very important role. A link quality (eg with high DA) to link to the site will be much more effective links quality (low DA) point to. MozRank calculated on a scale of 10 with 10 being the highest. MozRank average rating for a site on the Internet is 3.

b. What is MozTrust?

Like MozRank. MozTrust also assessed on the link. However, the appreciation of MozTrust very closely to make sure your site links to trustworthy Web sites on the Internet.

For example:

A government website or a web page .edu often regarded as the most reliable website. If you are linked in a box (ie a .gov sites linking to a site A, site A link to your site). You will be more likely to get the rank of MozTrust higher.

Think of MozTrust as a ranking of the link.

But it shows the gap between your website with a reliable source. MozTrust higher your site has higher reliability. MozTrust also rated on a scale of 10. You can increase the ranking MozTrust of you by getting links from websites with high reliability, such as Wikipedia, government websites, the websites of the universities. etc.

Factors affecting MozTrust

– The link to your website : Keep links to quality sites as possible. No links to spam sites or illegal.

– Domain Name Registration Information : It can also play an important role in building the trust factor for your domain. If you have 10 sites with the same information or to register a similar domain name. Including 8 pages do bad sites. That can make it difficult to generate the trust for two quality sites.

– user data signal : This depends on how users interact on the web and collect various sources such as: Google, Google analytics, Wifi free etc.

– Domain age : Let it big as possible because the larger Domain age better. You can not do much with it, but let’s try not to have to constantly change the domain name.

* Note

You can find a site that has high MozRank but MozTrust low. This may be because MozRank DC can improve a lot by building links in a short time. MozTrust also requires links to quality.

  1. How to improve Domain Authority?

Improved DA also means you have a chance to rank higher on the search engines. DA is a way of calculating the level of competition of a website in the search engines. These sites have a higher DA will more easily develop Web sites with low DA type. Similarly when you are building links to your website. You’ll have to try to achieve these links from trusted sites DA score high.

As a web master you should care about two factors:

– Find ways to enhance DA score.

– Search and links to sites with high DA.

The following is a list of the factors that have maximum impact on DA and PA (Page Authority) of you:

– Expiration date of the domain name (domain name) :

This is probably something you easily recognizable and easy to fix to avoid affecting your DA. Expiration dates of domain names is not strong factor. But it is a decisive factor in setting up a good website. It pointed out to the search engines know the long-term reliability of the site. If your domain is being installed to expire next year. I recommend extended to 3-4 next year. You may have a higher cost just a few dollars, but it will help you in a long time later.

– Get more links to your website

This will be one of the factors that most strongly influence your score to the DA. Try to make the most of backlink you can. But to ensure that these are quality links. If you buy backlinks or get large number of links from low quality sites. You will harm your site more than good.

– Diversification of profiles link

Instead of getting tons of links from some low quality sites, then you should focus on finding quality links from different sources. This will include links from multiple locations (location), different domain extension, and the source (source) does not link together. No need to say more about the quality of the links.

– Topology internally (Internal link structure) :

This is an important factor that you can easily control. Have you recently accessed a Wikipedia page does not? You see the strength of their internal links is what? Make sure all your articles associated with at least 2 or 3 other people to visit your site. And when you post a new article, please link back to the old article. This will create the link, increasing the possibility of having links to new articles.

– Remove bad links (Bad links) :

Along with creating new links. You must also take into account the bad links pointing to your site. You can use a number of services to track backlink to receive email notifications. Whenever there is a bad link pointing to your site. Make sure that you get the message it is removed or tools you use Google Disavow tool to ignore the links.

– Become an authoritative source (authoritative source) of your Niche (learn more about niche)

The quality of your article is more important than its quantity. We only need 2 or 3 quality all in one week. Will be more effective than 7 post content mediocre people are not interested. Become a source of news. And make sure to keep the trust of readers on your site. This will greatly affect your ranking on search engines. Not sure it will make your score increase DA or not. But make sure that it will boost your site’s position on search engines.

Note that

DA based on 40 indicators and looked at the pattern of the Google search rankings. So if you work for Google, “fun”, the DA Your scores will also be improved over time.

– On-Site SEO (learn more about this keyword)

Make sure your website is search engine optimization. Since this control where the link will go through. The easy way is to let the search engine collects information on your web content. And how it became the center of the search engines. There will be an article about SEO On-Site so that you can better understand this problem.

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Here are some things you need to focus on with the On-Site SEO

+ Do not index cached pages (not IDEX tags, categories, pagination, author of the page …).

+ Sitemap file (There is a link in the footer of your sitemap file and in the robots.txt file). Make sure that you have submitted a sitemap file for the major search engines like Google, Bring …

+ Keep hierarchy header in the article on your site (learn more about this issue on Google).

– Make your web pages load faster

You should believe since inception. Google took the page load time as a major factor for ranking. You should start paying more attention to your site’s load time.

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You can use tools.pingdom page (or many others) to test the load time for your site. If your site is not loaded within 3 seconds. You should start to optimize speed:

+ Using a hosting company store quickly and reliably.

+ Compress and optimize your images before uploading them.

+ Using cache plugin such as Super Cache, W3 Total Cache or WP Rocket.

+ Using a CDN (learn more) to cater to your content, you can use free of CloudFlare.

– Marketing Communications and Branding

The media plays an important role in the ranking of your content. Whether the media there is a ranking factor for DA or not. But it sure is a ranking factor in Google’s ranking algorithm Search. Make sure your brand and your website has a presence in all social media platforms adults. Also try to ensure that your readers are sharing your content on social media platforms. This helps to increase the ranking and improve indexing (learn more about the index). DA will usually be updated 1-2 times / month.

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* Conclusion

If you do not care about DA score then that’s a mistake. At least, you must also take the time to look at some issues mentioned above. And check your DA score. If DA score your starting low, then you should take the time to improve it.

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What is Domain Authority? How to check the Domain Authority?
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