Mẹo tắt âm thanh, tắt rung trong Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger là một trong những ứng dụng tích hợp hỗ trợ trò chuyện, chat tin nhắn trên Facebook. Tuy nhiên, việc quá nhiều người nhắn tin tới, ứng dụng sẽ báo rung và âm thanh vang liên tục và về lâu thì rất khó chịu. Vậy nên, bạn có thể dễ dàng tắt âm thanh, tắt rung trong Facebook Messenger với vài thao tác đơn giản chia sẻ ngay tại bài viết dưới đây.

Bước 1: Đầu tiên, để tắt âm thanh, tắt rung trong Facebook Messenger, bạn hãy mở ứng dụng Messenger lên, nhấn vào https://rotec.com.vn/may-ep-thuy-luc biểu tượng hình cái bánh răng ở góc phải màn hình.

Bước 2: Sau đó, bạn ấn vào mục thông báo và âm thanh.

Bước 3: Lúc này, bạn hãy bỏ tick rung, đèn, âm thanh.

 Facebook Messenger


Bước 4: Khởi động lại Messenger.

Như vậy, thao tác tắt âm thanh, tắt https://rotec.com.vn/may-nghien-rac rung trong Facebook Messenger đã thực hiện xong rồi đấy. Thật tiện gọn đúng không nào. Nếu bạn nào đang trong tình trạng này thì hãy bắt tay vô thực hiện liền ngay nhé. Cảm ơn các bạn. Chúc các bạn thực hiện thành công.

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Last updated: April 4, 2017

Mẹo tắt âm thanh, tắt rung trong Facebook Messenger
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Zalo is a social network is not inferior to Facebook, in Vietnam, to meet the increasing information needs of the Zalo is faster and faster.

A recent user of this app has released a new feature called Zalo Charging which is getting the attention of so many people.

However, it must be said in advance that bán máy ép bùn băng tải giá rẻ this feature is only used for the TP power sector.

HCM detached.

First, to check the electricity bill with Zalo, go to Zalo> go to Contacts> Official Account

Select “Find more official account”

Click the Search > type “EVN”.


EVN HCMC > then Send a message

Click the Search button, select any feature you like.

You will be asked to enter the Customer Code (PExxxxxxxxx format) . You just enter this code the first time, the vincity đại mỗ next time you can use the function as usual.

Besides the ability to view the outstanding fee is how much, you also see the diagram of the power consumption of his family, then adjusted to reasonable.


Zalo is a social network is not inferior to Facebook, in Vietnam, to meet the increasing information needs of the Zalo is faster and faster.
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Taking items from Google Chrome accelerated by blocking animation

Taking items from Google Chrome accelerated by blocking animation

In order to limit costs RAM status, as well as computing resources to speed up Google Chrome, the blocking animation ( also known as gif) are believers each transmission technology and applied effectively. If you are interested, the same Prime Real Vip learn at this article dentist.

Step 1: First, to block images on Google Chrome, you access the following lines:  to access the utility Animation Policy.

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Then proceed Add to Chrome (Add to Chrome) and Add extension (Add gadgets) into the browser as usual.

Step 2: After successful implementation, utility Animation Policy will inform icon lightning appears at the end of the address bar. This utility will control the entire operation of the animation, which allows users to easily turn on / off everything at will.

See also: máy ép bùn giá rẻ xem tại Rotec Việt Nam hoặc https://rotec.com.vn

Step 3: When you click on the extension icon, will have three options:

– Allow all animated images (allows running animation).

– Allow animated images, but only once (allows running animation, but only once).

– Disable all image animation (block entire animation).

Step 4: Once selected, users need to press F5 to refresh the web page and apply the changes. So, now that you have been able to speed up Chrome by blocking animations already. It’s convenient is not it.

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Move all JavaScript into footer in WordPress

Taking items from Google Chrome accelerated by blocking animation
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See photos in Slideshow mode on Windows 10

Before his article with instructions on how you how to Windows Photo Viewer for Windows 10 also in this article is 1 small tips for you to view photos in slideshow mode or slideshow on Windows 10

Some beautiful wallpapers on villa architecture for window 10.


Screened or Slideshow mode available on Windows 10, but you do not need to install any software or other application.

How to see your photos of this type are often used to review the entire folder of photos to have a great experience more vivid when it full screen without obstructing other components.


View images in slideshow mode or the slideshow on Windows 10

To view photos or images an entire folder option in slideshow or slideshow mode on Windows 10 you follow a few simple steps.

1. In the folder containing the image you should see

2. Images can be viewed in slideshow mode, if the default is not checked, it will screen all important image folder. Click Manage as shown below, and select Slideshow

3. In the slideshow mode you can use the keyboard back and forth to see the fast or so it automatically switches were (automatically moved with the slide 3 Slow, Medium and slideshow Fast slideshow you are sharing right click shows set this book)

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To exit the slide show mode, you press the ESC image in the left corner keyboard.

Oke, so that they have little to guide 1 TIP You can view pictures that are convenient than the conventional view mode Full screen and not have to.



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Thiết Kế Biệt Thự Cổ Điển Đẹp – Biệt Thự Kiến Trúc Cổ Điển Cao Cấp

> Thiết Kế Biệt Thự Cổ Điển Xa Hoa Nhất Hà Nội

>  Máy ép thủy lực máy phun bi máy ép bùn băng tải

Some beautiful wallpapers on industrial plants


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Refer to how to shut down a laptop using the Run command virulent

Free IObit Smart Defrag Pro software 5.4

7 practical method to increase the Domain Authority

See photos in Slideshow mode on Windows 10
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Refer to how to shut down a laptop using the Run command virulent

The game automatically plow or downloading movies or something makes you wait too long while you are too sad can not wait to sleep a full night to turn off the computer. Time to do? Rest assured, something is simple, has a small tips will help you make an appointment with the Run command to shut down your laptop is simple but extremely effective. To thoroughly understand, so let us find out in this article offline. Note, this guide applies to Win 7 whiff.

In order to shut down a laptop using the Run command, first, make sure to save the default statement

This is the default statement you will have to use when performing this procedure: shutdown -s -t 3600

Where: shutdown means off the computer ; s : is acronym shutdown ; t : is stands for time (time); 3600 : is shutdown timer time in seconds . You understand and use.

Now we begin to take action to shut down a laptop using the Run command offline.

First, on Win 7, go to Start at the bottom left of the screen, then select Run or manipulate the Windows + R key combination to open the dialog box.

Next, type shutdown -s -t command line 3600 into the frame Open dialog box, remember 3600 parameters may vary according to your wishes offline. Note, the time must be converted into in seconds. You can see a few more hints we have available the following calculation:

For example:

• 5 min: shutdown -s -t 300

• 10 minutes: shutdown -s -t 600

• 15 minutes: shutdown -s -t 900

• 30 minutes: shutdown -s -t 1800

• 1 hour: shutdown -s -t 3600

• 2 hours: shutdown -s -t 7200

• 3 hours: shutdown -s -t 10800

• 4 hours: shutdown -s -t 14400

Then, you click OK. Ending perform the operation.

At this time, the computer will display a small notice: notice that your computer will be turned off at what time, for a few minutes, a few seconds, how many days … So, the work set hours off Run the machine with the command succeeded already.


If you want to remove the timer has done, how?

This is also simple enough for you. Like the original, go to Start, then choose Run or manipulate Windows + R key combination to open the dialog box.

Then, at the Open line, copy this command into Light: shutdown -a


You click OK, so, the process of canceling the original schedule was made. Computers will notice with the words logoff is canceled (ie, turn off the computer Setup was canceled).

Thus, just a few simple steps that you can make an appointment shutdown without having to install any software support for the complex. Interestingly, right?

Refer to how to shut down a laptop using the Run command virulent
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Free IObit Smart Defrag Pro software 5.4

IObit Smart Defrag Pro Software 5.3 defragment function system files effectively, helping your system tidy up the process of accessing shared files quickly optimize HDD performance helps PC your smoother.

Software free is more than 300 days of use you can quickly activate the software with a few simple operations.

Note: If you use SSD (solid state drive) do not install any software defragmenter then, it would harm the hard drive your!

Some features of IObit Smart Defrag Pro software

  • Defragment the hard drive with one click
  • Smart Defrag with many options such as: Analyze, Fast Defrag, Defrag & Optimize, Large Files Defrag, Free Space Defrag, Defrag & Prioritize Files
  • Boot Time Defrag
  • Game optimize
  • function automatically defrag
  • Subscribe to the hard drive health (temperature, speed Read, Write speed ….)

Free software IObit Smart Defrag defragments Pro 5.4

To receive free licenses IObit Smart Defrag Pro 5.4 follow these steps:

1. Download IObit Smart Defrag Pro 5.3 Security and installed on your computer.

Supported OS: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP (32/64-bit)

NOTE: When installing the software provides more Adware so please pay attention when installing, do not pick on 3rd extension offline.

2. IObit Smart Defrag Activate the PRO version using the following license key:



The activation step IObit_Smart_Defrag_Pro to version PRO

Step 1: After installation is complete IObit_Smart_Defrag_Pro you click on Enter the code


IObit Smart Defrag

Step 2: Enter Key as shown above to below.

Step 3: Enjoy defragmentation software is great! ^ ^

Hope IObit Smart Defrag Pro will help your PC performance increases, meaning that your job performance will be improved.

Video instructions on how to install and activate IObit Smart Defrag Pro


Free IObit Smart Defrag Pro software 5.4
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Learn how to create an online signature on Mylivesignature

Just visit a Mylivesignature page, along with 5 simple steps that you can create yourself an impression signature unique in style, size and color. And not only that, you can use a signature created on this page applies to the signature section on Gmail. From your Gmail that will inevitably attract, and more professional in the eyes of many people. Really.

First you visit Mylivesignature.com

Step 1: Show dialog box and you fill out your name in the directory, then click Next Step Name.

Step 2: A Font dialog box appears signatures, a total of 120 fonts to choose from. You select a font discretion and also press the Next Step.


Step 3: Select The Size dialog box appears, similar you select a Size. Then click Next Step.


Step 4 : Select The Color dialog box appears, choose the color you like that, then click Next Step.


Step 5 : You choose the type of display (horizontal, inclined …) Set The Slope is complete, then click Next Step.


And finally the results come up, one signature image files as you wish. You can right-click the photo and then save the signature or click on the Download link.


After uploading photos of you please upload this signature to the signature section on Gmail that’s it. It’s simple is not it. Now quickly done offline.

Learn how to create an online signature on Mylivesignature
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4 Extensions personalized help, beautifying your Chrome browser

Google Chrome is increasingly common to use both on PCs and on mobile because it is a very powerful software, great experience. We also switched from Firefox to Chrome so long for that day shows Chrome Firefox runs very smoothly but also the more updated version is even slower :(. Say happy as that, if you are working with your browser, surf many have never felt alone Chrome’s interface is too boring, you want more tools to further the launch this browser. Please also find 4 we tool that helps you personalize, Chrome browser beauty today offline.

You start to see where the Chrome browser and home page is too boring, then please install Bing Wallpaper, it will proceed to download wallpapers from Bing and set it as wallpaper for Chrome page on your Home page . Photos taken from Bing very good quality, updated, constantly changing according to one certain time period will help you feel interesting each time you open the browser on it

Live Start Page is an application that allows you to set a wallpaper especially .gif animated wallpapers on home page of your Chrome browser. Live wallpaper always create a unique style for its users instead of as normal static background image. In addition to this extension also supports real-time display, quick access pages, weather, to-do list. Very interesting is not it?

Be Limitless is a great extension of time tracking and activity of your browser in a tab moi.Su use this extension, you can job scheduler (as the conference, duration), goal setting (daily, every year), and it will remind you from time to time. Not only that, it will analyze the sites you’ve visited and offer you detailed data . This will help you a lot to avoid distraction while working with browser.

Momentum is an extension that will give you inspiration, new motivation every day. It would be great if every day to open the computer, open Chrome on and you will find a very nice natural background with a famous quote inspires you? This extension allows you to set goal of the day helps you focus, show weather information and 1 famous saying at the bottom. Alternatively you can also access your applications from the Link top left of your screen, you can also set up a number of custom link to access quickly. Moreover m chili clocks and great wallpapers are the key strengths of this extension.

Above is Computer tips with 4 powerful extension that helps you personalize and beautify your chrome browser, depending on the needs of its user try downloading and experience light. Good success!

4 Extensions personalized help, beautifying your Chrome browser
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OneDrive turn into a network drive in Windows 10

OneDrive turn into a network drive in Windows 10

You have a memory data TB OneDrive with free goods, but you do not want to use the OneDrive app on Windows 10 because it automatically download the data in your sync folder. This will cause complete memory your computer very quickly. So today Chiasebanquyen.com will introduce a Windows 10 tips free OneDrive cloud help you turn into a network drive on your computer in parallel with the drive C, D others. The benefit of this is that it only shows the files and folders of your data in onedrive, only when you open it up, it automatically downloads new your device. This procedure also applies to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 offline.

First to do this you need to know the ID of your OneDrive account. For ID, you first log into your account and look up OneDrive browser address it in the form https://onedrive.live.com/?id=root&cid=xxxxxxxxxxx .

On the other xxx is your OneDrive account ID, ID-copy this link and add https://d.docs.live.net/yourUniqueID
When a pharmaceutical line link with ID, open File Explorer by pressing the key combination “Win + E”, select the Computer tab and select “Map Network Drive.”

In the Map Network Drive window, you select the drive letter for your OneDrive, paste the link of the form: https://d.docs.live.net/yourUniqueID into the Folder and click Finish to continue.

Even then Windows will conduct OneDrive connection.

Then you will be asked to enter your email and password Onedrive his account. Before you click OK, you be sure to choose an area of ​​the “Remember my credentials” for the next time you connect without having to enter account names and passwords again.

login process is complete, you will see the drive in the My Computer OneDrive right next to your other hard drive you.

With Computer tips you absolutely can use OneDrive as a drive on your computer, all operations you can use as a normal hard drive. Very simple is not it /? Do not forget to like and share them with friends offline. Good success!

OneDrive turn into a network drive in Windows 10
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Free 1 Year Software Wise Care 365 PRO

Wise Care 365 PRO program is a simple and powerful will remove junk files, folders from computer yours. It is one of the software all in one computer to help you achieve peak performance.

Wise Care 365 PRO improves performance of the computer and extend your computer’s life, just install and click a few times is the software automatically optimize system for you. Moreover, the software also supports system monitoring tool, thoroughly remove software from windows, protect your privacy when browsing history to delete or hide files, secure file destruction, management optimal boot defragment … help stabilize and accelerate efficient system.

Summary feature Wise Care 365 PRO

  • Check your PC with one click: Scan and display visual system errors after the scan and fix them, the scale of 10, depending on the state of the computer
  • function cleanup: Clear out clutter, registry, system, applications, web data, cookies, together with management always find files
  • Refine the system function: Tweaking registry to optimize performance, speed up network (LAN, DNS, Connect servers, Ethernet …), speeding up the system (memory optimization, Aero snap, disabled pagination and reduce disk I / O, disable the autoplay feature …), Stabilization system.
  • Protecting Privacy: Clear web history historical view photos, videos, files
  • System Monitoring: Monitoring programs are running with the misappropriation how many% CPU, Memory, Place settings

Free 1 Year Software Computer Care Wise Care 365 PRO

To be used PRO version you download Wise Care 365 PRO at this link:

– Wisecleaner.com/WiseCare365.exe

Then your settings are automatically used the PRO version, upgrade to new versions of software if required!

Update version Wise Care 365 PRO version 4:26

User Name: thuthuatvip.com
License Key: DD47-1E3C-161307-7D9F-E16E-FE36

Update 11.24.2016

Visit the website http://www.wisecleaner.com/giveaway/thewindowsclub.html then enter the First Name, Last Name and email, then click Get License Now key to get

Update dated 10.25.2016!

Visit the following website promotion http://www.wisecleaner.com/giveaway/wonderfox.html then enter the First Name, Last Name and Email and then press Get License Now

Quick hands up, limited quantities!

– Software compatible with: WINDOWS 10 | WINDOWS 8.1 | WINDOWS 8 | WINDOWS 7 | WINDOWS XP
– Supports both Vietnamese should be very easy to use.

Good Luck!


Free 1 Year Software Wise Care 365 PRO
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Enable Hibernate on Windows 10

If you do not plan to use the computer running Windows 10 her in a while, the first shutdown is the most effective solution. However if you are only temporary shutdown, you go out and want to save 1 slice batteries for laptops, use Sleep or Hibernate feature on Windows to put your computer to sleep state.

So the difference between Hibernate and Sleep on Windows is what? will conduct hibernate your computer off completely, but after opening up, you can still go back to the previous application is running. In contrast, after Sleep, the computer still running, only a small portion to maintain current operations computer, open up after you have returned to work earlier.

To do that, the Hibernate will proceed up the data from RAM to the hard drive, and then store the data Sleep on Ram. Default Windows 10 will only ShutDown or Sleep. If you want to enable Hibernate in Windows 10, follow the guidance of https://cheapsoftwaredownloads.biz below:

Guidelines enable Hibernate in Windows 10

1 First you go to Control Panel -> Power Options.

2. Then choose “Choose what the power buttons does.”

3. Then scroll down and choose “Shutdown settings” choose to “Hibernate.”

4. If this option is not selected print is blurry, pull wool over and choose “Change settings unavailable.”

5. Pull up on the option “Shutdown settings” and you will be able to enable or disable this option to Hibernate.

6. Save and check it has appeared alongside other options or not shutdown?

Remember that the process would take one little Hibernate machine time because, as stated above Hibernate will proceed up the data from RAM to hard drive after turning it back on, the data will be transferred from the hard drive of the Ram . Therefore Hibernate speed will depend on the speed of your RAM and hard drive.

So when to use and when to use Hibernate Sleep

This is an answer to difficult, depending on the habits and needs of your user, experienced https://cheapsoftwaredownloads.biz as below.

  • If you just shut down one time to go out or something, but when you want to work again soon, it should use the Sleep feature.
  • If you work very late at night and light up you want to return to work immediately, they should use Hibernate to save power for the first time do not use so long.

The above is Windows 10 tips regarding enable Hibernate in Windows 10 that you refer to, if there are any questions, any suggestions please leave a bottle Comments offline. Wish you success!

Enable Hibernate on Windows 10
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