See photos in Slideshow mode on Windows 10

Before his article with instructions on how you how to Windows Photo Viewer for Windows 10 also in this article is 1 small tips for you to view photos in slideshow mode or slideshow on Windows 10

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Screened or Slideshow mode available on Windows 10, but you do not need to install any software or other application.

How to see your photos of this type are often used to review the entire folder of photos to have a great experience more vivid when it full screen without obstructing other components.


View images in slideshow mode or the slideshow on Windows 10

To view photos or images an entire folder option in slideshow or slideshow mode on Windows 10 you follow a few simple steps.

1. In the folder containing the image you should see

2. Images can be viewed in slideshow mode, if the default is not checked, it will screen all important image folder. Click Manage as shown below, and select Slideshow

3. In the slideshow mode you can use the keyboard back and forth to see the fast or so it automatically switches were (automatically moved with the slide 3 Slow, Medium and slideshow Fast slideshow you are sharing right click shows set this book)

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To exit the slide show mode, you press the ESC image in the left corner keyboard.

Oke, so that they have little to guide 1 TIP You can view pictures that are convenient than the conventional view mode Full screen and not have to.



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See photos in Slideshow mode on Windows 10
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